Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Hollow Earth Radio Show - September 6, 2014

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Words from Hollow Earth Network:

You could call this episode:  Advice on traveling to Hollow Earth

This call is chock full of information, from beginning to end!  Zaraya first offers a list of facts for us to explain, IF "the Earth is not hollow!" Very interesting! - He gives exact longitude/latitude of the North polar opening... how he and others have searched for land openings and found locked doors!  
Zorra joins the call with further advice for those planning a journey into Hollow Earth. And who is leaving in the next two months? Could you join him?  Zorra names those who have successfully been admitted to Hollow Earth and each of their entry points. He gives a book title with all the entry locations. What sight greets a new visitor?   

RV is "minutes away." Two governments delaying it. Obama's part: good or bad? - RV - Disclosure Announcements - then, look for ships, decloaked and appearing above capitol buildings worldwide. No fear - celebration! 
Q & A:  Do we really need trusts? Tax reserves?  Saryya:  You are the greatest teachers present. How to administer your RV Blessings, at home and abroad. There is a HEN (Hollow Earth Network) member in every country worldwide.- Healing Chambers locations and functions. -- What she sees in her house after dark, Zorra tells her to "Paint it!"  
Healing Pulse.
Telephone Replay:     1   209-255-1099 + 439724#  Ref: 59#
Please listen to our Featured Episode telling how this communication began.

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