Thursday, October 23, 2014

Hollow Earth Radio Show - October 21, 2014

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Words from Hollow Earth Network:

An exceptional, outspoken call, with specific detail of current involvement between our government, the Galactics, and the cabal.

The event at Vandenberg Air Base created surprise by NASA, as the returned shuttle contained photos of Ashtar Command with a stern warning to never again attempt to arm the space station! The nuclear warheads had been removed! - And, yes, a scout vessel landed on White House lawn - occupants appeared in Obama's office along with Secret Service! - Many changes in days to come - we are in for a surprise! - What is the relation today of China, Federal Reserve, and IRS? - China's Dragon Family is full on board with Ashtar Command. - China's plan for IRS?? - Cabal-controled media's days are now numbered. - How is our government to change? And... the NEW government? How about the UN? - What space technology are we using today? - "You are the mentors for the rest of the worlda!" - It is safe to bring forth new inventions - won't be "arrested!" Gag order lifted! - Ellenin's "halo" around sun. - The Gathering, Terra's transformation, and,,, the cities? The concrete and ashphalt? Who gets removed and out of harm's way? Where will we GO? - How can we prevent innoculations?? - The "Elimination Experiment??" - Obama's "superiors?" - Who gives Disclosure Announcement? - Hollow Earth Network under watchful eye of Homeland Security and FBI. - Can they force vaccinations? - "Sovereign People's drivere's license." Flight 370 passengers?

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