Sunday, October 5, 2014

Ideas for Quan Yin & the Ancient Chinese Elders

Zap, heres two ideas that might help in occupying the pigs:

Start empowering the lightworkers around the world.  Speed up the RV or the revaluation of currencies because at the moment the revaluation is in extreme slow-motion pace.  If you can travel from the East to the West in a blink of an eye with the use of an aero ship then do the same thing with the RV.  Get it started in a snap!

1.) Setup an Exchange Center in HongKong & Moscow - which will begin accepting Foreign Currency exchange transactions.  People can then flock  to these exchange centers and their currency exchanged to a higher value.  With the combined forces of China and Russia along with the Galactics, the powers that use to be dominant will not be able to touch these two initial locations centers.  And once the lightworkers are empowered through exchanges they can then help accelerate the occupation of the pigs (as you called it).  They can do more things and reach out to as many people as possible because people naturally trust the people they already know more than the mass media of television, radio and newsprint.  Word of mouth and news from friends are more effective than the mass media in many ways.  And when the exchange centers are up and running, then the news about it will spread around the world.  And then all the banks in the world will have to follow the trend otherwise they will miss out one of the worlds largest financial transactions in the history of the world.  they will never want to miss that.  And so they will update themselves and begin trading with the new revalued rates of the currencies (such as dinar, dong etc.)

2.) Make a complete list of the People who works for the Powers that be along with their Minions around the world and make it available for the whole world to see.  It must be complete with Addresses, offices and whereabouts of their secret hideouts including those underground and mansions.  Include also their photographs and all their businesses both small and big.  And when the complete list is done then the people of the  world will  then have a conscious choice to either continue or stop patronizing their businesses , products and services.  People from around the world will then perform investigative inquiries and reporting about these people.  And with that they will be extremely overwhelmed by the sheer amount of people waking up to the truth!

This is how you make the smart move of doing the "Checkmate" operation of these ancient organize criminals.


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