Sunday, November 30, 2014


Hear Our Plea

We, Lightworkers incarnate on Terra, Planet Earth,

here by our own choosing, bringing Love and Rescue to Dear Terra,

Call to You, Beloved Prime Creator

Throw open the Doors to our Blessing!

We call for our Abundance now!

We call for our New Governance now!

We call for our new Financial System now!

We call for our Reunion with our Galactic brothers and sisters... our Galactic Families... NOW!

Even as we send our Love and Blessings to those still in the dark who, until now, have continued to block our Blessings... and full well knowing they were once of the Light... some, our beloved brothers and sisters, caught in this dark web...

We choose to go forward now, and
intend disempowerment to any further actions on their part intended to prevent our Joyous Abundance, Prosperity and Ascension.

We initiate this call to action from our incarnate presence within the current dimension of Beloved Terra.

We know, too, that we can still bring our lost brethren yet to the
Light, with full enjoyment and completion of their original Loving Missions.

So Be It.

As Above, So Below.

Your Loving Children of Light, incarnate on Planet Earth - joyfully receiving our Blessings of Abundance, Honorable Government, Financial Freedom, and Joyous Reunion with our Galactic Families.

We open our Hearts in Gratitude and deepest Love to you, our Beloved Prime Creator.

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