Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Commentary on World Events

Commentary on the New Cold War between Russia and the US.

Although the sour and bitter relations between these two nations are not as bad as it used to be decades ago, but the exchange of unfriendly gestures continues today.  It all started with their disagreements with Ukraine and ended up the US and its allies giving sanctions to Russia.

In the past, such move could cripple the Russian economy along with the fall of oil prices and the decline of Russian Ruble. But a startling turn of events, Russia is not the same as it used to be. Russia is still going strong! The Russian President must have learned from the past and was able to turn the tables around! The move made by Putin was brilliantly executed:

1) Identified the people within Russia who are massively in large quantities buying/selling US dollars.
2) Pulled out most of the offshore investments they have abroad and brought it back to their country.
3) Demanded that payments for their products/exports such as oil, gas & etc. should be paid with the use of physical gold.

Obviously, Russia is very much aware that most of the western currencies are not backed by gold and is just fiat. By requiring them to pay with gold is only going to make Russia even stronger economically in the long run; this especially true next year when the full worldwide implementation of the Basel III agreement takes effect wherein all countries of the world should have their currency backed with tangible, verifiable gold. And with the GCR that will reset the value of each countries currency based on their actual productivity and the demand for products, currency.

The only solution for those privately controlled governments is to either start a world war or just give up trying and allow the winds of change to take effect for the betterment of everyone in the world. As for their war mongering tactics, this too is no longer effective as it used to be in the past. The secret controllers of the world who operates based on greed; their secret is already out.  According to the Americans that they know now for sure who started the bombing of Pearl Harbor during the early days of World War II it was the secret government who did it by flying fighter planes that are painted to look like Japanese fighter planes. Witnesses recall the origins of those planes. They did not originate from where the Japanese are coming from. And the look of those planes are different from the Japanese.

But the world have learned from the past.  This move by Russia shows that they will not fall prey from the war mongering tactics.  The world is not interested with wars anymore.  Everyone wants peace and economic stability. All the efforts and ideas that the west come up with in starting a world war all of them had been ineffective.  Furthermore, with the help of the Galactics which we call extraterrestrials or ETs are helping in preventing the war from taking place. The Galactics that had been around since the early century of the 1900s and is assisting humanity towards peace. The Galactics have had meetings with President Eisenhower and JFK. But these were prevented from being known to the world by the secret private government who thrives under fiat money supply around the world.

The regions of Russia and China now has a few populations of ET humanoid beings. And the lack of information about this is part of the cover up the western media as they are blocking it from being known by the rest of the world. These secret governments have attempted several times in the past in bringing nuclear weapons in space as they wanted to bomb the Galactics who are cloaked in outer space. All of these efforts had been thwarted. The Galactics had made it clear that they will not tolerate the naughty aggression from these secret governments of the world who remained defiant in their selfishness and greed. This is the reason why those rockets either operated by private companies or by NASA were not successful in their recent launch.  It has been confirmed by the Galactics that those shuttles or rockets do contain nuclear warheads that can be assembled in space which is why they stopped it from achieving its purpose.

And so those countries who have more gold are the ones who can print more money.  This will prevent the worldwide financial cartel who privately and secretly control the money supply of the world by just printing fiat currencies which has no value and only creates debt and inflation.

Not only Russia but China and the rest of the BRICS countries are also spearheading the move towards freedom from fiat currencies and from the dollar dominance.
Today, these BRICS countries are now doing trade with each other without the use of the dollar.

If these trend continues in the future, it will definitely redefine who sets the rules and the balance of power in the world will be adjusted in favor of those nations who are more transparent, fair and honest.

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