Friday, December 19, 2014

Hollow Earth Network's Blogtalk Radio Show Dec. 18, 2014

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This was our last Wednesday call before Christmas, as Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve come on the next two Wednesday's. UNLESS - Zorra can arrange an interview with Santa Claus! We will let you know.

Today's call began with the Invocation - Zaraya spoke about "Giving" with regard to his personal gift to us, and that he would do it again because "You are worth it." ZORRA - talks about Santa and his history. - Confirmation of upcoming RV and our need for supportive agreement and patience. SARYYA (Zorra's other half) speaks of "giving" amd those who have given so much: Sananda. - "Your true Mission is just beginning now." - A brief message from Prime Creator. - Callers speak of gratitude and why - Will we need trusts? Will they fit into the new governnance? - What about the strong new Masculine/Feminine energies arriving on the 21st? - Last week's energies were so high and fast! ...What to do?
Next call: Saturday, December 27th
Possible call with Santa before Christmas? If so, it will be announced.
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