Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Hollow Earths Blogtalk Radio Show - Dec. 27, 2014

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What is everyone asking? -- And Zorra's answers?  Here is a brief outline...

Invocation. - Nancy Tate channels HORUS, from the Porthologos Library in Hollow and Inner Earth who tells how we have changed our future, set in place for Eternity. Our choices, as a group?  It IS and will remain IS. Are Agarthans coming to the surface? Will we go into Hollow/Inner Earth?  And does Gaia support us? --  GAIA SPEAKS of her feelings about the surface people. Thank you, Nancy Tate. -- ZARAYA speaks of current RV status and today's window. -- ZORRA updates RV status. Zorra strongly reprimands us for... WHAT?  What are we doing wrong?  -- Tools given, and should be in use! - "Prime Creator and myself: making a decision regarding you... " --  Q & A:  Deb: Where did I go wrong? -  Barbara and how these calls saved her life. "Don't leave us!"  -  Tartus (Peter) has shown you the Quantum Beings you Are! - Christine: on dog and cat planets... carnivorous? - Vivian: Christ' second coming? Zorra:  He is here now, seated on throne in New Jerusalem (the ship) and will soon walk among you, but not as Jesus' second coming, but as SANANDA. - William: We can't see the stars... can you help? - Malvin: Is Buddha incarnate in Japan? - She wrote Santa and received Blessing - This was Santa's "last year" as such - Headband instructions - What if no tonsils? Adenoids? - Alice's three testimonials! - Zorra:  USE the products! What they do! - 26-week term baby... PERFECT!  - Zorra: Book: Hollow Earth, Raymond Bernard, excellent - Doctor: "This is YOUR heart??"  - "Disclosure" means ??? -  Golden Cities?? - She sees her still-born child, now in 5D.  - HEALING PULSE
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