Friday, December 12, 2014


Channel:  Ashtar/Pallas Athena
December 8 2014
3:45 AM Mountain Time

This is Lord Ashtar who serves the Most Radiant One (the Christ)
in his Mission of Love.

Greetings, Beloved Ones.  This is your brother, Ashtar.  :-)

I am happy to greet you once more.  It's been a while, hasn't it?

This is the time (moment) to let your Light shine.  When your world began, it was said, "In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth. And the Earth was without form and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep.  And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.  And God said, "Let there be Light.  And there was Light."
Genesis: Chapter 1, Verse 1 - 3.

The Cosmic Light is released from the Central Sun.  Cosmic Light is substance, definitely qualified by Cosmic Beings, drawn and projected in rays to do a specific thing.  The Cosmic Light, released, which is the activity of the substance of Light is not just a universal activity; this Cosmic Light is not the universal cosmic light, but, projected consciously from the Great Central Sun by Cosmic Beings.  It is consciously projected, self-luminous intelligent substance.  It is projected by Great Beings from the Central Sun to this system of worlds.

The cosmic light of science is not the Cosmic Light we refer to.  We refer to the concentrated Light from the Central Sun.  What science knows is accumulated cosmic light in the atmosphere.  Cosmic Light is self-luminous substance.  The light science knows is static, or still light.  Eventually, the Cosmic Light becomes the atmosphere of Earth.

In the release of the Cosmic Light is an impelling force; impelling each individual lifestream to take on a different activity.

The Earth, the wayward child, must come back; if necessary, by force. This Force is the power of the Cosmic Light which takes command of the feeling world and moves each one forward.

The release of the Cosmic Light to Earth has not only permitted assistance to be given Earth in transmuting the accumulation of the ages; but, it is the authority over the human and in its increasing action, it has made more and more achievement possible.

The Cosmic Light says, once again, "Mankind must be set free from the sweat of the brow for its livelihood."

Release of Cosmic Light means that we must hold a more firm control over ourselves.  Perhaps we may feel only a great calm stillness -- the rapidity of vibration being so great that we may not even feel it.  That will happen many times upon release of Cosmic Light in the future.

When the Goddess of Liberty (Spokesman of the Karmic Board at that time) gave Washington his Vision; then began the great spectacle. The Goddess of Liberty, Herself, went to the Central Sun to intercede for the Earth.  This Cosmic Light was sought out and brought forth by Her.  When these waves come, it is at Her call.  She is the outpost for them.

The students are calling to this mighty Cosmic Light that is being consciously directed by Great Beings from the Central Sun. The Cosmic Light has become the initiator for the New Age.  Dear Ones, mankind gets their initiations right here in the outer world in daily living, instead of in the Retreats, as formerly.  Their initiations are in the world of reality; there is this change in the action of initiation.  While in the Retreats, they were no less real to the individual; yet those images were conjured up for specific tests.

The release of Cosmic Light increases the energy in all life as well as in individuals.

Also, when we come into the understanding of our Individual Life's Presence, the Stream of Light from It is increased, whereas, formerly this took place only at the time of initiation.

Because of the calls from the students, more and  more Cosmic Light has been released.  This Light pushes discord back to its source, causing it to return to its creator for redemption quicker than before.  Discord causes distress and increased disease; discord is also outpicturing in storms and destructive activities of Nature.  This always takes place at the incoming of a New Age which causes fear among some of mankind.

These conditions can be handled,  minimized and transmuted by the use of Light Rays consciously directed.  One can project a consciously qualified Light Ray into the condition and hold it there.  Knowing it is the Light from the Presence and the Masters flowing through, producing a flame that does the work -- changes the condition.

Beloved Ones, it is not the personal will. The more one can completely let go and just enjoy it, the greater and quicker the results will be made manifest.  

In a park near Los Angeles in the early summer of 1937, it was noticed that the growth in some trees and shrubs were three times that of the previous years.  This was attributed to the release of Cosmic Light.

The Cosmic Light has said to Earth, "You must expand more Light."  How does the Earth expand more Light?  "The Light is expanded through its people ... YOU, dear Ones!"

There are cycles of Light which come at certain times during the year when there are greater outpourings than usual. These are the Christmas Season, from Thanksgiving to about the middle of January; Easter time, and around the latter part of September.

Beloved Dear Ones, we know you can light up your own Christmas lights with your Light expanding from your I AM Presence -- You!  We all, up here on the ships, are amazed and in awe of observing all of the brightness of your Light (Love) and how it is lighting up your planet and it radiates throughout all the Universe and beyond.

All of you, we congratulate, for keeping your promise and honoring your contracts, awakening to the Light of all Light - Cosmic Light.

Thank you for being who you are.  And thank you so much for being there on Earth right now.  Thank you for your Light and your Love.

We love you beyond all words,

Farewell, your brother,


Thank you,  Ashtar

Pallas Athena

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