Saturday, February 7, 2015

A Personal Message From Father God…Woohoo!!!

Alexandra Silby-Meadors
Galactic Connection

February 6 2015

Hi Everyone!

I had one of the most restless night’s sleep last night and I kept getting messages, conversations, and Light Beings talking to me. They were so tenacious that I was prompted to get up and write down the following message to share with The Ground Crew at 4:44 a.m. and this was after pumping a tank of gas that evening which totaled $44.44:

They began the transmission with a vision of an enormous portal opening up above me which appeared as a clear opening within a cloud layer like the altocumulus clouds we have seen. I was told The Light will pour through this portal onto the planet. Here is what was said:

Me: “That portal looks an awful lot like the one I saw in Botswana.”

God: “This portal opening is similar to the work you did in Africa (in Botswana when we closed down the Congo portal) where we extracted all of the dark ones.”

Me: “Since the angels have descended in mass numbers into our realm, why not have them transmute the rest of the dark ones to The Light?”

God: “We have no more patience for their “game.” They are ingenious at hopping dimensions, making additional copies of themselves, etc. that it is difficult to track them down.This is quicker. There will be a peace like never before blanketing the planet once this is done.”

Me: “What about all of the “cling-ons” on all the people?”

God: “We help those who help themselves. Sorry but you all know what you signed up for when you took on this mission. This is all about learning and evolving from prior decisions that weren’t necessarily the best choice for you.”

Me: “Is this the same as what many refer to as The Event?”

God: ” This is just the next step of this mission. There will be others. People will become clearer about what part they have played in their own misery. This portal opening will magnify their realizations – push them to self-improvement – influence them to seek out help. Beware that the Sleeping Giant is stirring from his slumber! Now is the time for all those in the healing arts to get prepared! You will be needed. Essentially you have been prepared for this event as an on-going exercise for this moment in time. You will receive plenty of Guidance when you ask for assistance in clarifying your next step of the journey.

This is truly the open door you’ve been waiting for. A time of Jubilee! An era of celebration! Wars will begin to cease. The only wars will be those that are within the individual now. We can help but we can not do this for you. This is the beginning stages of The Clean Up Operation. You are at the front of the line of those to follow your footsteps.

Make choices wisely, with caution, with discernment, with concern for your fellow citizens of Planet Earth. The time is now to step up to the microphone and proclaim your desires and get going! TAKE ACTION!”

I was also told some major things were going on last night in the skies and heavens. It appears it was officially a full moon on February 3rd at 6:09 p.m. and for those who are motivated to get out of bed in the middle of the night, there may be possibly visuals.

Hope this makes your day like it did mine!



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