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Hollow Earth's Radio Show Feb. 14, 2015 - Transcribed from Audio

From Hollow Earth Network: 

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Air Date: Saturday February 14, 2015
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Music Intro

Beginning Dialogue

Anne: Well, been waiting a long time to hear that song again. Good morning. Hi. It's Anne DeHart in southern Arizona welcoming you to a special call with Zorra from Hollow Earth. Zorra completed his almost 4 years series of regular two week calls on January 8, commenting that he’d check in on us in a month or two. And that's where we are. …and he is.

So let's get the dateline in. Today, is of course February 14, 2015. It's Valentine's Day. And we're expecting some wonderful energies to flood our planet today. And with that I want to welcome all of you. It's like old home week isn't it? And I see that hands are getting raised in the question queue.

We’ll have a full three hour call this morning with Zorra and his son Zaraya from Hollow Earth, and Zaraya's other half, Quazar. In fact, we will start out talking on the telephone with Zaraya and Quazar who are over in Nevada and before we know it Zaraya will trade his body for Zorra's. And Zorra will be speaking to us through Zaraya's body. And Quazar will trade her body with Saryya, Zorra’s other half. And Saryya will be speaking to us through Quazar's body. And Zaraya and Quazar will find themselves whereever Zorra and Saryya happened to be when the switch happened. Sometimes it's swimming with the Mer families, with the Mermaids and Mermen. Zorra and Saryya they love the Hollow Earth oceans and they love our oceans too, in fact that's where they swim with the Merpeople. That's where Zaraya and Quazar sometimes find themselves shape shifted and maybe many fathoms deep in the ocean with their friends.

So that gives you a little idea what kind of call were in for. But it's all very comfortable, we've been doing this for four years now. And with that in mind if you want to learn more about how this all evolved and how we made this connection, go to and you'll see a featured article there were Zaraya tells his story how he and his twin sister way back in 1951 were asked to come up here on the surface and establish a connection so that Zorra could do just what he's doing today: speak to us and enlighten us.

Everybody knows but us what's going on right now. The highly advanced civilization within Hollow Earth is in direct communication and interacts with the Galactic fleets above where there are ships that even from other universes that have come to watch the show. And what is the show? It's us folks. And that's what were going to learn about today. Things are happening on planet Earth that have never happened in the universe before.

I'll say no more. I'm going to bring it Zaraya and Quazar and let them take over from here, make any announcements, and introduce themselves. And before you know it they will have switched with Zorra and Saryya. So Zaraya and Quazar, over to you guys.

Zaraya: Invocation!


Anne: OH!!!! [All laughing] All right. I'll go ahead and put you back on standby. See? I was wondering if I would remember how to do a call. [laughing] Okay here we go.

IVOCATION -------------------------------------

Okay folks. Zorra has asked that in these last days we begin our calls invoking all the good energies to encompass every one of us here on this call. Things are a bit chaotic on our planet here in these last days.

And first of all were going to invoke St. Germain’s Violet Flame. This is actually a state of grace that was bestowed on those that have endured all that they have endured here on planet Earth; and the experiences they've had, some good, some not so good, some they wish they'd never had and they linger in their memories. Well we can get rid of those. We don't have to reprimand ourselves: why did I say that? Why did I think that? Why did I do that? That's what the Violet Flame is all about. It consumes and transmutes energies that are still lingering that keep us sidetracked and don't let us continue work in raising our vibrations. That's what's going to make… That's the tipping point folks. The higher we keep our vibrations and keep raising them, the closer we are to that apex point that Prime Creator talked about on January 25th call. And that's our work is to get the collective consciousness up high. And it can't be there if we get stuck in something we wish we hadn't done. It's over with and no one blames us for human mistakes so let's say right now the Violet Flame from St. Germain.

I like to stand. Feet flat on the floor or ground. The palms of the hands facing dear, precious Terra who we came to liberate. And then we say and we envision these beautiful soothing Violet Flames engulfing our whole body through the soles of our feet and the palms of our hands. And that we envision that. And here we go.


I AM the mighty Violet Consuming Flame, consuming and transmuting all past and present mistakes, their cause, core, effect
and Akashic record.

That’s it. And when I do it in my meditations I like to follow Peter Olsen’s advice and do it four times. It really sets it in.

But we were all together here on this and that Violet Flame, we continue now to allow it to keep flaming; and you encourage it just like you’re fanning a breeze on a flame and saying blaze, blaze, blaze, blaze, blaze, blaze, blaze, blaze, blaze, blaze, blaze, blaze. I did it four times. Okay and keep that flame blazing.

And as we continue to do that, we'll find that those old trigger points are gone. People can bring up a subject and it won't disturb us, it will be gone. We'll be free to raise our vibrations and add our high vibrations to the collective vibrations of the planet which is our work; nothing else. That's the only thing we can control is our own vibrations. All these other things we pass around on the Internet, we can't control them. We only disturb ourselves and others. There's only one thing we can control, our own vibration. That's what we're responsible for.

So now, we're going to go to our own higher self and were going to surround ourselves with a protective pillar of pure white cosmic light. This affirmation was dictated from Commander Ashtar, our beloved Ashtar, to his beloved twin flame Pallas Athena who is my beloved friend. And she very, very carefully takes every word, reads it back, makes sure there's no question about the words he gives her. And then she passes it on to me.

We’re going to call on the White Light of Protection that comes from only one source, our own Godself which is up above us. If you go to the Hollow Earth network website, and if you'll check in on Ascension Toolbox, you will see a picture of just that with this affirmation link there. So were going to call on our own I Am Presence. That's the part of us that’s our pure Godselves. And were going to call with our hands raised above our head, and I like to just draw this wonderful surrounding pillar – it's not tube, it's not a bell, it's a pillar, a solid pillar -- of pure White Light. I take my hands and I stretch my arms out and I just draw this right down around me from my own higher self. No one can put a pillar of Light over you. It comes between us and our own higher selves. Here we go.


Beloved I AM Presence,
Intensify your protective pillar of pure white cosmic light substance in, through, and around me.

Charge it with your invincible protection, all-powerful and impenetrable that keeps me insulated from all that is not of the Light and keep it sustained.

Make and keep me ever sensitive to you and your direction, and immune to all imperfect vibratory rates.

I AM that I AM. I AM that I AM.
I AM that I AM. I AM that I AM.

As above, so below.
So be it.


And with that we’re all set for a beautiful three hours. I’m going back to Zaraya and Quazar. Welcome guys.

Quazar: Well hello there beloved Lady Nada. And Anne, it’s so nice to be back home again.
It is kind of old home week here… or old home day. And so we have a lot of questions. And I'm sure that beloved Lady Nada has a ton as well coming forth. And we're so happy to be here, we can't wait. We haven't spoken to… I haven't spoken to Zorra much either. Maybe a couple more times since the last time we all spoke. So we are all excited to be able to listen to him and Saryya today. But before we do that, I think that… I know that Zaraya has a couple of things that he'd like to share with you today. So here is my beloved.

Zaraya Assumes Affliction of Family Member

Zaraya: Hello everybody. My voice may sound a little bit out of sorts because I, well. What happened was I, um. [to Quazar] Explain about your grandchildren.

Quazar: Well here's what happened. This is probably about a week or week and a half or so ago. One of my grandkids, she’s in high school and all of a sudden… Well she's gone on a high school trip to Colorado. And of course that's the first time she's ever been at high altitudes. There was a group of them that went there. And anyways, long story short, she on her way back home she was even on the plane coming home, she began to experience some intense headaches as well as intense dizziness. And of course you know that really, when she got home she couldn't even really function. She had to stay in bed all day long. She couldn't even go to school. She was home for more than week. And finally she had gone in for an MRI. The MRI showed everything was negative. She went to her doctor. Doctor said you know all of her blood work is also fine. And so finally, Billie and I had decided during this interim we started sending her some love energies for healing. And so what we were talking about is you know sometimes when we go through life we know that certain things help, some of the things that were supposed to be learning from our experiences and you don't take that away from people. However, I'll have Zaraya finish this up now.

Zaraya: Well what I did was I took it onto myself. Being the compassionate grandparent …

Quazar: … Grand Being that you are …

Zaraya: Grand Being. So I took her affliction on to me so she wouldn't have to suffer through it. And now I’m getting over it. And of course it's taking me a little bit more to do that. So my voice is not up to par right now. Anyway, but…

Anne: Hey, let me interject something at this point, you sweet higher being; you great Granddaddy Being. [laughs] Everybody I talk to is sick. I’m not, thank goodness!

Zaraya: I’m not sick.

Laminine Offers New Product IMMUNE

Anne: I know! But I'm going to remind people that Laminine has a new product that is named Immune and it handles three different functions to boost our bodies up so we don't have to deal with this. So if you're already registered with Laminine it's easy to go ahead and order it. And if you're not, it's easy to get registered by going to the Health Programs page on Everybody's loading up on this Immune and that way if one in the family gets it you don't have to pass it to everybody else. They can take their Immune. So that brought that to mind and I just thought I’d better tell everybody and now I will back off and let Zaraya and Quazar can continue.

Quazar: Well Anne, that does bring up a question in regards to Laminine. Is that still part of the original Laminine so somebody could order at that particular …

Anne: It’s a separate product. It's a separate product. We still have our Laminine. Yeah. And they have the Laminine Omega which we haven’t promoted because we get our omegas through Rain, through our Soul product. We get those precious fresh oils, you can’t beat that. So the Laminine – I just took three of them this morning. I've been taking them – I'm not such a demanding schedule right now trying to recover this website – I just took three of them again this morning. But that is the product that Zorra spoke of and told all about and I've never even talked to him about it or mentioned the name. And he told it like I had just heard from the doctors when I went to a seminar. And he told us it was developed by the Agarthans. And since then, because on the label it says marine product that means from fish – from shark cartilage I believe is what it is -- and from the white of the chicken egg. Well vegans don't want anything that have to do with animals or marine life. And Agarthans treat every single bottle every single capsule as it's manufactured, and remove any vibration that connects to anything that has to do with the animal or the fish or whatever it went through getting into the capsule. It's totally cleared and replaced with seaweed; very healthful Japanese seaweed and endorsed by the Galactics.

So I take it – I couldn't get along without it – and I'm in my third year. I couldn't be better. So that's our Laminine, but the Immune is a whole new product, strictly for this flu season. So don't let it travel through the family. It's a separate product. Yeah.


Quazar: Oh, I see. Okay, well thank you so much for that.

Zaraya Did Not Interfere with Path of Healing

And I was telling Zaraya, I said you know when I noticed that he was catching you know what we call a cold … symptoms. And I said, and as it got worse I said I've never seen you sick like this, at all. I've heard him cough once in a while but not this ill so to speak. And then that is when he told me what he done. So this is not for all of you Lightworkers, empathics and healers that are out there to do. It was something that he felt he wanted to do so she could be more functional. But still, she has to go through her own recuperation and healing as well. So she's still undergoing some physicians’ support at this time.

So anyways, with that I do think you wanted to share a couple of things with our wonderful family now that we're back. So here.


Excerpt From Passport To Eternity

Zaraya: Well what we’d like to do, I want to read a couple of excerpts from the book called the Passport To Eternity. And it's a very interesting book because it was written way back in 1959. By, oh what was his name? Laurence W. Foreman. It's an autobiography of his life or experience of what happened to him. Basically, [reading]

“In the latter part of March 1960, I was mowing my lawn on a Saturday morning when I got a compulsion, which I could not resist. I packed my gear and headed for the desert. After leaving Los Angeles, I had driven about two hours when something told me to turn off the highway. There was no sign of trail or road there, but I drove up a dry creek bed as if someone else was at the wheel.

The trip proved to be almost too much for my car. It led over some of the bushiest, rockiest, and sandiest country I had ever traveled in an automobile. After about 15 miles of this road, and minus 1/3 of the paint on my car, I was led to a big stretch of windblown sand, up against a massive granite bluff. This was one of the most isolated places I'd ever been in. It did not seem that there had been a man there in 100 years. But I still have the feeling that I was being watched.”

Okay now the next excerpt to that is… now let me see here … yeah …

He met a gentleman in the desert. And there was an incident that took place there about, let me see if I can find it here … ah, here we go.

“So I prospected a little -- crossed a couple of the ravines -- and started back to camp for lunch, coming in from a northerly direction. Across a stretch of sand, I ran across something that, -- as kids say – “made me really flip my wig.” It was a set of tracks; but WHAT TRACKS! They were at least two feet long and 10 inches wide, roughly in the shape of the human foot, and were about six feet apart. This lead across the sand away from my camp, back, generally, in the area from which I had just come. Believe me, I did not follow them but raced back to camp; packed my gear and got out of there in a hurry. Whoever was watching the must have laughed, but I didn't care; I was really scared. It was a good thing that most of the trail was down hill because I cut a few corners getting back to Los Angeles a day ahead of time.

So he was kind of upset seeing those tracks. And so then he goes in to after he had met the gentleman, he said that what he wanted to relay to Laurence was a little bit of the history of human kind.

Quazar: So, if I can intercede here. So this individual apparently was from another planet – off world – and the prints that he had seen there were not actually his own [foot] prints. It was a machine that he had worn – this Galactic being had worn and had walked around where he had camped. And so after that of course he did get a chance to meet this being and okay – so these are just little short excerpts but it's a really fun book. It's funny as well as informative. But here's a good excerpt that I think will be beneficial for everyone.

Zaraya: Okay. [Reading]

“After lunch Bill gave me one of those cigarettes, (Bill was the extraterrestrial.) and as I hesitated, he said, ‘Go ahead, it won’t give you cancer.’ That wasn't my reason for not smoking, but I asked him how he knew it wouldn't give me cancer. Then -- as if explaining to a child -- he delivered one of his lectures which I was beginning to enjoy, even if I didn’t understand half of what he said. This is the gist of what he told me. Cancer in animals is a virus, or small seed, which attacks a weakness left over from when they were plants. ‘You mean all animals were once plants?’ I asked him, because this was a little hard for me to swallow, since I had been taught that animals evoluted from a bunch of cells floating around in the sea. ‘Use your head,’ he said, an animal is nothing more than walking plant. The stomach and digestive organs of an animal or human take the place of roots in a plant. They extract the nourishment and strength from the food eaten and transfer it to the blood in practically the same way that plants roots extract food from the soil. A person's body just handles it quicker, that's all. Any poison of that will kill a tree will kill a person. Lungs correspond to leaves of the plant.

Let me get my glasses here. Got to put on my reading glasses here. Okay. Now this is really interesting guys cause he's talking about that humans in actuality are plants. That's kind of hard to swallow isn't it? [Laughing] Okay, let me see.

“If the surface of your lungs were spread out they would cover a tennis court. Since you cannot go around with your lungs spread out like a tree, they are compressed in your chest with a mechanism like a bellows to blow the air in and out. An animal -- in breathing -- gives off carbon dioxide, and a plant, oxygen. That is what caused the great bifurcation.

‘What do you mean by great bifurcation?’ was my next question. He explained that it meant splitting off or forking like the two forks in a road -- a body becoming two identities. The split was forced because the plants were not getting the carbon dioxide they needed; therefore the split, and our side of the family started breathing oxygen and giving off carbon dioxide to correct the balance. We are fortunate that such a thing occurred, otherwise we would not have mobility nor the vast superiority which we enjoy over the plant kingdom. The oxygen requiring plants evoluted faster and more efficiently than their original ancestors, but they still retain a marked resemblance to each other.

The blood is red because it contains iron, and the sap of the tree contains aluminum which makes it light green. I asked him where the heart of the tree was and he said it was built into the whole tree itself. In fact some cold blooded animals had the same circulation as a tree.

‘You could go on for hours comparing the finding resemblances.’ was his next declaration, ‘even including diseases, of which cancer is one.’

‘You mean,’ I said, ‘that with all the research going on the scientists don't know that?’

‘It took them thousands of years to discover the wheel and the zero; what makes you think they are so smart now?’ [Zaraya and Quazar laughing]

That last retort got me; he was right, so I resolved to quit asking foolish questions and listened.

‘It is – under certain circumstances or conditions – possible that an animal can catch a disease from a plant: for instance, the gall from an oak tree is a form of cancer. People and animals that live in oak forests are infected with gall, especially people who burn oak in their fireplaces, have far greater incidences of cancer than those living in – say, pine forests. Wheat and rye have a cancerous disease known to you as rust. Animals that eat these diseased grains have a greater incidence of cancer. Humans heat their grains in the cooking process and kill a great percentage of the seeds, consequently there is less cancer among humans than among animals eating the raw grain; this is especially true regarding cancer of the stomach and intestines. To cure cancer, you have to understand it. In the first place your scientists say that it is a condition where the cells go wild; that is wrong, it is a parasitic plant where the cells resemble animal cells, but are not. Cancer is a living, growing plant inside its host which grows until it smothers whatever it feeds off of, as does – what you call – mistletoe. For instance, if you examine the cells of mistletoe, you find that it resembles whatever plant it is growing on. If it were a wild cell, how can they tell whether or not it is cancerous? There is a definite difference and as soon as they wake up and treat it with an herbicide, or one of the germ-killing dyes such as iodine – which your thyroid glands use – they will be able to kill it.’

At that point I wished that some of the doctors I know could have heard him, because he was sure talking over my head. Coming back to cigarettes, he said that some tobacco was affected with a cancerous growth, (known as gall) but where cigarettes got their cancer-causing agents was in the way it was cured and from a total lack of sanitary provisions in the manufacture and curing of the tobacco. He said that he did not recommend anyone smoking, but if the tobacco was treated properly it would not cause any more cancer than any other organic substance, [Quazar: Hm, okay.] and if it eased man’s path along his way – used in moderation – it was not harmful. I asked him how he treated cigarettes to render them harmless without destroying their taste and quality. He said, “It is simple. I will explain it some time.”

And I think that’s sufficient right there.

Quazar: Okay. Well that was very interesting.

When Putting Down Roots Means A Whole Lot More

Zaraya: Yes, and it is true. We are, in essence, plants. We are one with the plants. We are one with Mother Earth so think about that. That’s hard to swallow. But whoever gets a chance to get a hold of this book called the Passport To Eternity, you’re going to be educated, greatly, greatly educated because it goes into more detail later.

But still what we need to realize is that we have kinship with every plant on this planet. It’s a little more than just the plants it's the rocks, and whatever you know and animals. We are part of them and they are part of us. When my father says we are one, we are one living organism. We are all parts of that organism. So, therefore, we are one.

When he says we are one it's hard to grasp that understanding. So when you cut the tree down you are cutting one of your brothers down or you're cutting one of your sisters down or whatever. We are just a higher more advanced form or plant if you will. And that's really hard to understand. And that's really hard for people to understand.

[ PDF copy of Passport To Eternity at]

Quazar: Okay. Well, how about… Was there anything else? Otherwise perhaps maybe we could be expecting your dad. Okay. All right. We'll get Zaraya a couple of seconds over here and will be listening to our beloved Zorra. And Billie is getting over his thing that he got from Emma so. Okay. Everybody take a nice deep breath and relax.

Zaraya: Start your recordings and also start your notetaking because you should be taking notes.
[Quazar and Zaraya laughing]

Quazar: So as for us just a quick mention to backtrack a little bit, it has given Billie and myself a chance to kind of do some inner work as well as take care of some things personally that we’ve had to put on hold for a little while. But it's wonderful to be able to come back together again as a huge family that we are. And so with that, here is Zorra.


How Did We Fare During Zorra's Absence?
And what we should be doing

Zorra: Indeed beloved masters. It seems that my beloved child has what is termed as a little bit of an affliction and so I will do my utmost to sound normal. Anyway.

So, I have been observing many of you – all of you actually – and my question for those who have had questions, ‘what have you been doing since we last spoke?’ That is my question to you. What have you done to improve your situation? What have you done to improve your understandings? What have you done to improve your education? I am not speaking of Earthly education, I am speaking of the mind education.

Now, what have you been doing to change your situation? Have you been sitting and waiting and expecting it to happen for you? Or have you been steadfastly working to achieve your goals that I have set forth in the beginning?

The answer to that is yes and no. Many of you have done what is termed as to go to other sources, as I have told you not to do. Understand, your tools that we have given you that are written down in Anne’s website, the HollowEarthNetwork. Everything you need is there. Everything. All the answers to all the questions that you have asked have been answered. They are there in the archives. So why do you go to other sources to get different answers that only confuse you?

So, the answer is this: go into your selves. Go in and make contact with your God selves.

Now it was said in that publication that you are plants. That is so hard for people to grasp, but it is a truth. You are, you are all forms of plants in essence, and before that you were rocks. So, the evolutional process in each millennium takes a different form.

Why be on Ascension Path only to succumb to virus

And timelines that were pertinent at a certain time are not pertinent for now. One of my brothers, beloved Ramtha, made a prediction about viruses and things of this nature that were going to become rampant upon the Earth. At that time they were pertinent. They were for that time. Being that timelines have changed, they are no longer that pertinent. Do not worry of them they are not going to decimate the Earth. So why would we do what is termed as the Earth in a state of what is called the path of Ascension only to bring about the plague? It is ludicrous to think so. It is not going to occur, so put your minds at ease. You're not going to have zombies walking all over the Earth. (A little bit of humor!)

That is a creation from the mind for entertainment, not a reality. It is just for entertainment and video games if you will. But anyway, the Earth – plants on the Earth, all the plants on the Earth – all had medicinal/medical properties. And all have certain, within them that will prevent a pandemic. So do not worry of this apocalypse as you term it – Armageddon. That was an idea that was written down just as the ideas of what is called germs that are going to annihilate the surface of the world/peoples.

You have built in resistances in your bodies to those germs. You have what is called bacteria or anti-bacteria that eliminate those germs. And there is no virus that can what is called survive against certain elements in your body. So you have more immunity, if you will, to these super viruses as they are so termed. They are just scare tactics. Do not worry of them.

So, that being said, I hope that I put many of your minds to rest and fears to rest. You need not fear any of this. You have, your bodies are extremely superior to the germs that they are creating. So do not be in fear that you are going to have what is called a bio war as you term it. As we have said, you're not going to have from this point on you are not going to have what is termed as any type of decimation of the planet because you are on an Ascension path. So remain on your Ascension path and you will have nothing to worry about.


Quazar: Zorra, thank you so much for being here with us. We are all so excited that you are here. So as you said, you see that many people have kind of strayed and some people have stayed on course and have actually gone forward … going forward with their bringing forth of their working on their goals and missions, etc. Right? Okay. Maybe you could just say something more about that and then maybe you could give us a little bit of an update now that we are … First of all happy Valentines. And I don't know what everybody's doing for Valentines in Hollow Earth but it's a great love day for us here and maybe you could give us an update on what will be coming forth in 2015.


Prepare For The Landings With Endless Love

Zorra: Prepare for the landings. That is a simple way to put it. Yes, when I say prepare for landings, that is what you are to prepare for. Because you are Galactic family, what are eager and willing and eager to become have a reunion with you. And that is what is in the works now. And when I say to you to prepare for your landings, keep steadfast in your thoughts, in your understanding, and also give forth attitudes of love. Complete love, endless love. The more you transmit love endless love, the more your world will change. Endless – better than unconditional. Unlimited if you will. So, I'm doing what I am saying to do you will eliminate a majority of your issues, a majority of your problems and situations on the Earth. The more you transmit from your selves, from your auric fields the endless love that is within you each and every one of you, you will change the face of the planet. You can't help but do that. Indeed?


Quazar: Okay, so what you're saying is we can expect Disclosure this year, 2015.

Zorra: Uh huh, I would say so, yes.

Quazar: Okay, so now we are in February, so what energies are coming forth that will help bring this about?

What Energies Bring Disclosure? LOVE!
Love is the answer to all situations

Zorra: Love! [Quazar laughs] You thought I was going to say something else? No. It is love. Love is the answer for all situations. As I have said there is no defense against love. None. Why would you want one?

Quazar: So how do you… Just on this level, this reality, could you tell us what you're seeing presently in the world and with humanity? Just generally speaking, what are you seeing?

Zorra: I have been observing in other parts of the country and other parts of the world a reaching out, an expression of love that has not been since the Depression days. And it is overjoying me to see it. It is overjoying the Galactics and Prime Creator. He is extremely happy that this is occurring. The message that I have been bringing forth these last four years -- one of love -- pertinent all the time. It does not waver, it does not change, but it does change you. It does change the way you think. It changes the way you live and the way you are given lessons if you will, experiences, events, things of this nature.

Cobra has been speaking of an event that is coming and people want me to speak of it. What is it? Because he has not become clear about it. It is the Great Awakening of planet Earth. That is all I need to say. It is a Great Awakening, the realization of knowing who and what you are. That is The Event. And it will be ongoing until the time of Ascension.

Many people have already ascended and many more people will.

Cabal Changing Their Spots: Going Into Light

Quazar: Talking about people ascending, one of our family members had asked a question. Were there 5 million people who went into the Light last Wednesday? There was information out there that 5 million people had actually gone into the Light that were of the dark, last Wednesday. Yes tell us more about …

Zorra: Yes, that is on-going.

Quazar: So there were.

Zorra: It is an on-going thing. In the numbers, well you couldn't count them. So yes there are many, many of the dark that are going into the Light and that is because you are issuing forth the Light. The Lightworkers are issuing forth the Light.

Quazar: Well, talking about the dark forces moving into Light or going elsewhere, one of the other questions has been that before the revaluation – I don’t mean to bring this up but -- before the revaluation it seems that all of the cabal, minions, etc., have to be removed completely before that occurs, that the ISIS war also has to be resolved before the RV again resolves, I mean comes into fruition. Could you just say a couple of words on the Zorra?

Zorra: It is done.

Quazar: Okay I guess we don't have to worry about those other two issues.

Okay folks…

Zorra: The love that you are transmitting from your beings, from your Godselves, it is balancing out the energies upon the Earth. It is putting right what was wrong. It is balancing out the imbalance between the dark and the Light, Light meaning the Love. The Light is canceling out the darkness and it's winning … which it shall.

Quazar: So I guess it sounds like 2015 is going to be a most powerful year for all of us.

Zorra: Every day becomes more powerful.



Quazar: We have a number of occasions coming up this year as far, for example, the energies that are continuing to descend upon all of us is lifting all of us into higher levels of consciousness and vibration, bringing us closer and closer to full awakening. And with all of that we also have the energies of the spring equinox and of course summer and then fall. How is that all coming into play as far as Disclosure, The Big Event, and The Gathering?

Zorra: Each of these events will quadruple in energy. As you get closer to the Ascension of the Earth, your energies are going to quadruple and get much more intense. You're going to feel these changes coming. You're going to feel them in your bodies. There's going to be less and less illness, less and less use for doctors. Because your bodies, once they are bathed in Endless Love they cannot become ill, they cannot retain illness, nor disease. You cannot have a sickness in a positive field. It cannot be and will not be. So as you draw closer to Ascension your bodies will retain more immunity to sicknesses and illnesses.

Quazar: You know what I'm presently doing, Zorra, is I’m also as I’m asking you some questions… you are already answering some questions that have been sent to us …

Zorra: I know that!

Quazar: [Cracking up!] Of course, you know that! One of the other questions is talking about physicians and things that we’re taking. One of our family members, again, had asked about HGH and whether or not those are amino acids or what they are.

Human Growth Hormone Can Help
Soul, Core, Laminine All Endorsed By Zorra

Zorra: Understand what HGH is. It is human growth hormone. When you are young your body creates HGH in large quantities. The older you become the reduction begins of the HGH. And at the reduction of HGH is the onset of aging. If you had high levels of HGH within your system, you would not age. [Quazar speaks off mic] Indeed. So that is what has happened in your evolution. So, you can take what is termed forms of HGH into your body to remind your mind to produce it in greater quantities. And you can what is termed…

Quazar: Lady Nada might have some information on there.

Zorra: Oh, I’m sure she would.


Anne: Well, let me just say something because I've been taking it since 1997 I believe. And Zorra one of the first lessons you taught us when we began these calls, everybody was in a twit about Fukushima. That was when you recommended HGH to everyone. And then I popped in and said well I’ve been taking it for years and it's a subliminal. And the lady that asked the question and most people are surprised to learn that I'm 82 years old. I've been taking this for almost 20 years now and I …

Zorra: You’re just a young lady!

Anne: Ha! I feel that way! And my gosh, how many 82 year olds work until six o'clock in the morning and then put in a hard day’s work with four hours sleep, you know?

Zorra: Not many!

Anne: And she took the HGH that I've been taking – and I can recommend it because I've been taking it that long and there's no adverse effects -- and you can see the product of the product: that's me! And she took it to her doctor. And I'm not in the business or anything I just buy it retail like everybody else. And she took it to her doctor and he said it was amino acids and a precursor. And she didn't know if that was good or bad. Well I said it’s good because a precursor, just like you were saying, the precursor stimulates I think it's the hypothalamus to make more of your own HGH. You don't want them to extract it from a dead animal or a dead cadaver or something. That's the other source of it. You want your own HGH. So the precursor is going to like Zorra was just saying makes more of it. And it's wonderful.

Zorra: Indeed. Everyone should take it that is over the age of 20. Indeed. Even though your body is changing you can balance your HGH levels and keep them balanced and you will not get any older. But it comes, also when the Ascension takes place of your body, the HGH levels will be level. Meaning you will never grow old ever again. You will be whatever age you desire to be for the rest of eternity.

So, is he good for you? Yes of course. Take it.

Now this other product that Laminine has put forth, Immune, take it. That's all I need say.

Quazar: And the Soul and Core?

Zorra: Indeed. It is also an enhancer of the body. And it does help to feed the body the nutrients that it needs as well. All these products that I am endorsing, I am only endorsing them and none other. (Quazar: Why?) Because the others are worthless. [Quazar, Zorra laughing] Well they are! A waste of time and money.


Quazar: Well here, let me ask you another question. And we're talking about supplements. We did get another question over here, this is the question: Billie could you ask this question of Zorra tomorrow. I have numerous vets as friends who have condition of posttraumatic stress syndrome and are taking all kinds of meds which does not help all that much. I also had a friend a week ago who committed suicide due to PTSD so I think this question could help lots of people. What does he recommend and so we can help them?

Zorra: I recommend the products that I endorse and no more. All of it. Soul will address that area. It does. And so will the Core and so will Laminine, so will Immune. It will address it all. (Quazar: It has to do with the brain.) It has to do with the brain, the mind. The heart-mind, not the storage vault of knowledge. Anyway. The Laminine, the Soul, went international, wondrous company. And the Life Pharm Global is what is Laminine.



Quazar: Okay well next to, the next question I have here is: are we being protected by the Galactics? It would be nice just to know how we are being protected by the Galactics. Apparently there was a Finnish physician that was bombarded by the high technology waves and that killed her. So how are we being protected?

Zorra: Understand beloved Masters, people say they are being bombarded by this or that. Understand they are reaching their time of Ascension. And they are not being destroyed by these things that they are speaking of, it is just their time for going. So she has Ascended.

Quazar: So was that a delusional interpretation?

Zorra: It was.

Quazar: It was?! That’s interesting.

Zorra: Indeed. Understand when your time comes for Ascension no matter what state of being you were in, when you reach that point and your Ascension calls you, you are going. But the main event will be bringing forth Ascension with the body, not without. So you all are preparing for your Ascension. And it is growing closer each passing day.


Effects of Meditations on Disclosure

Quazar: Well you spoke of great Event being The Awakening, Zorra. And could you give us an update on Disclosure. What's going on?

Zorra: The Galactics are pushing forth, and of course permission has been given to do so by Prime Creator. Prime Creator is observing just as I was observing the Earth and the goings-on in different parts of it. There has been what is termed in the United States a major impact from what is called meditations of the people's. Remember I told you or asked you to do what was termed as to, from that one Sunday, to meditate at 3 PM and from that point on until Ascension?

Quazar: No I think it was supposed to be until the RV …

Zorra: Or until the RV … is in your hands. How many are doing this? Not many.

Anne: I have it posted, Zorra.

Zorra: Indeed, I know you do. How many do it, religiously? Every Sunday. [Quazar speaking in background] Yeah, it is a reminder. This is a reminder for you to do that again on the Sundays instead of going to a religious event known as church, just meditate in your hobbles and do this. You will gain more from this than from going into a building and praying and listening to a preacher. You will gain more from the meditation. Your embodiment will become more happier and more fulfilled than two hours of a man preaching a sermon that he has compiled from books written by men that know nothing about what they're speaking of. [laughing]

Quazar: Zorra, as far as meditation – and I know that that was for the RV, so I don't mean to talk about the RV – but, did we do what we needed to do to bring forth the RV which is supposed to come any second?

Zorra: I would say so. Yes.

Quazar: This week?

Zorra: That is a plan. (Quazar: Ah ha!) That is what we are pushing for. So, now are we done with this?

Anne: Let me remind people that Zorra's song and Saryya’s Healing Pulse are also posted in our Ascension Toolbox. There are so many things that are posted there that are so easy to do. You know listening to Zorra sing in Lemurian … how many people have heard the real Lemurian language? And it's right there in the toolbox and the Healing Pulse accompanies it. And the waltzes, they attract our twins to us. And it's all easy to do. It's not hard things to do, it's just a new way of life, that's all.

Zorra: Indeed. Your meditation is in essence expressing your love. ‘A global campaign for raising vibrations’ is a bumper sticker that someone has made. Anne can explain that one to you. You wish to speak more on this Lady Nada?

Anne: I don't have it in front of me but with your permission I will post it. It's wonderful. Our editor of our Facebook page, Mary Kay, has designed these T-shirts that we can wear. It's a global – I can't remember the exact words ‘cause it's not right in front of me but Mary Kay you might raise your hand and tell us later on.

Zorra: Global Campaign For Raising Vibrations

Anne: Yes! Global to raise vibrations to raise love on the planet and you can wear a t-shirt. I’ll post that with your permission. I was waiting to hear from you on that.

Zorra: Go ahead! Go ahead and do so.


Zorra: Now let us hear from some of your peoples that have called in.

And before that I'm going to have my beloved come over. She is tapping me on the shoulder. On Quazar's shoulder. Anyway. So she will be coming forth straight away. Indeed. Quazar thought she was going to escape this.

Anne: Where did Quazar go? Where is Zaraya and Quazar now?

Zorra: Saryya can tell you.

Saryya: Hello there everyone!

Anne: Hi Saryya!

Saryya: Beloved Lady Nada, always a pleasure. It is wonderful to be here once again. To be with all of you beloved Masters, (Zorra: gods and goddesses) gods and goddesses. Indeed. Oh so much we have observed going on. But know that the Light is actually rising because of your vibrations and your intentions. Your intentions of love, your intentions to bring peace and joy to your beloved Terra that is overcoming the dark.

This coming year or so is going to be full of wonderful events. And you have started the momentum. You have been doing that now for quite some time, especially since 2012. And all of you still feel like if you look back perhaps maybe you haven't realized how far you have come. Energetically we see how much you have progressed and we love you dearly and we thank you from our hearts to yours. Of course you would know that because we are one.

We have seen how much many of you especially during … well, let's just go back over the past month and a half when we left and were observing how you would progress. And at the beginning many of you were at a loss, maybe felt slightly abandoned, and kind of floundering a bit. But, you came to it knowing that yes, you could listen to others and of what is being said, discern what is good for your heart and leave the rest behind. We have seen many of you still struggling, as you are traversing being in third and fourth dimension with many of the masses or being of fifth dimension and rising and moving toward sixth dimension. This is the transition that you are in. And you can say to yourself, I love you and I thank you to yourself because you are learning and you are experiencing this wonderful journey. Look not back at your past and say, “Oh, that was horrible, that was terrible.” Say thank you. Because from where you have been you have now grown / glowed so to speak and have gone further. And this is why you are where you are. Better individuals on this reality but you have coming the Masters that you know that you are.

That veil is now disappearing because you know who you truly are. As my beloved has always stated, you are gods and goddesses. You now can know the difference from having been in limited consciousness to knowing that you are unlimited; that you are limitless in your aspirations, in your beingness, in your knowingness, that is becoming more of who you are. Letting go, releasing, that is still ongoing. But it’s not as difficult as it was way back when. Even if you went further back from 2012. Do you see and feel how far you have come? We certainly do. And we honor you for how much you have achieved.

Yes, it is not over yet but you can see that more of the Light is coming. More of you really are staying as you say, detached from 3D and 4D and lower 5D thinking. More of you are learning how when that comes about to say no, that is not me; becoming more aware of that and say no, this is me. I am Love. Everything is Love no matter what dimension it is. And knowing more that we are all one. That is what we were looking for. To see if you could feel and realize that within yourself. That is why my beloved said, okay, as far as their meditations: the meditations that you need to do should be on a daily basis. For when you go within you can touch more and know more of who you truly are.

So if it is for you to find online or other Light Beings who have meditations, do so. It is for you to know who you truly are. This is part of the abundance that is coming forth in 2015. And it is part of the creative, it is part of the joy that you are realizing. It is now however, time for you to become more creative in that venue; in that path now that you know that you are manifesting. Hmm, say more my dear.


Be Aware of What You Ingest Thru Reading Other Sources and Sites

Zorra: Indeed. Well, a bit of a hard act to follow. Indeed. Understand beloveds when we tell you not to go to… when I tell you not to go to certain elements or certain sites, it is because they are not bringing or uplifting you. They are bringing you down or they are trying to confuse you. So, hold fast to that that brings you joy, that brings love, that radiates love. All other: resist and disregard. If it does not bring joy into your being and joy into those around you, that are surrounding you, do not heed their words. But if it does bring joy and happiness into your being, into your heart mind then hold fast to it. That is all you should be listening to. Anything that is negative you should throw it away and not heed to it. If it brings joy and uplifts your being and enlightens your mind for the good, for the love that is coming forth, and it agrees with it, then by all means, listen.

Anne: Zorra? (Zorra: Indeed?) Sometimes people don’t realize … I’m getting questions about some people are still following our old messenger and instructions are being given to them and they’re asking my opinion. I will not even read those messages. It leaves them in confusion. It appears that it’s giving them good instructions but it leaves them in confusion so they come to me to straighten them out. Well confusion is the same thing as negative; it’s not joy and happiness. So, is there anything you would like to, you know, say about that?

Zorra: I would say this to them. I would say this to them: go into the archives and listen to them. Listen to the archives. Listen to the tools that they have been given. And do not worry about messages that are being given now. As I said, if it brings joy and happiness and upliftment, it lifts them up, then hold to it. If it doesn’t and it confuses them, causes confusion; that is not of the Light. Indeed? Anything that is going to cause confusion in your mind about what is transpiring now on the Earth is not beneficial to you. Do not listen to it. Transmit love.


Saryya: … movie about the [fallen???] Earth that is for you …

Those Silly Scientists …
This is what’s real

Zorra: Indeed. I have witnessed a video on the computer about a core in a core. And this is remarkably hysterical and funny but it confuses peoples when it comes forth. As I have said before the Earth is hollow. 800 mile crust. On the other side of the 800 miles is where I live. So we could not be hot or we would not be able to be there. Anyway. Understand, when you are speaking of pockets of lava they are just that, pockets. There is not a layer beneath the Earth's crust that is completely molten lava!

Saryya: Or even beneath Hollow Earth.

Zorra: Well yes, but we do have volcanoes. But that is minor. But anyway it is not… Your scientists try to make you believe that beneath the mantle or beneath the Earth's crust there is a layer of molten lava, molten rock. And if that were so and it was molten, would not the mantle become molten? And then finally the surface as well? It is ludicrous to think of such a thing. Use your minds people. Use your understanding of how planets are made. They spin. And as they spin the lighter elements are thrown outwards from the center and they creative void underneath the crust. And within that void a civilization comes forth. Not on the surface.

Now, in the understanding… those that believe the Earth is solid then this is maybe a truth to them. But to those who know the truth and the reality, it is ludicrous to think it. Your Earths are not solid, they are hollow. All planets that are planets are hollow with civilizations living within them.

Understand that the surface of the worlds were meant for beauty to be pristine. As you would go to a national park, so would the Inner Earth beings come to the surface for recreation, for to enjoy the beauty and keep it pristine, and keep it full of vegetation and flora and fauna and flowers and things of this nature. Not concrete jungles. Not man-made structures and things of this nature. That is for the interior, not for the exterior.

As I said, the Earth was an exception. It was an experiment. And the experiment is coming to a close. And the Earth will be reclaiming its surface, Mother Nature/Mother Earth. What is called the trees will reclaim the surface. The jungles will reclaim the surface and turn it back to a pristine state; a Garden of Eden if you will, globally. There will not be buildings and man-made structures and things of this nature. They will be in the interior. When you come back to the Earth after The Gathering if you desire it come back to the Earth, you may abide on the surface but you will abide with nature. You will be with nature not against it because nature always wins. Understand?

Think if it were left to… If Mother Nature was to suddenly say ‘Enough!’ would the concrete jungles of New York, Chicago, and others have a chance at all? No. The jungles would overtake the cities and destroy the structures. Is it not so that you see plants growing up through concrete? Concrete is supposed to be powerful but yet a simple flower can work its way right through concrete.

Saryya: Indeed.

Anne: Zorra and Saryya, you mentioned the word "Gathering" and were always accumulating new listeners and that may not resonate with them. They may not know what you meant when you said after "The Gathering" you may want to come back. Could you tell us what you meant by that?

Think of it like family gathering for a holiday
We Will Finally Go Home

The Gathering....

Zorra: The Gathering is a time that is coming where all life on the planet, all living beings, shall be removed for the re-terraformation of planet Earth. When that occurs all of you on the planet will be going elsewhere. Some will be coming into Hollow Earth. Some will be going into Inner Earth. And some will be going off world as well.

On the Earth you have many civilizations, or representatives of civilizations that have incarnates on the Earth. Many are from different star systems, the Sirians, the Arcturians, the Alpha Centaurians, the Orions, there are many.


Even in what is termed as the astrology, all of those symbols are all civilizations. The Aquarians, the Sagittarians, etcetera, Virgos, they all are names of civilizational worlds and they will be reclaiming their incarnates. Meaning, it is written within your DNA that you have a certain destination. When that DNA is activated and the code is activated – that is The Awakening – then you will be going there, wherever the destination may be. If it be in Hollow Earth so be it. If it be in Inner Earth meaning in the crust of the Earth, so be it. If it be in what is termed the outer reaches of the galaxy, so be it.

And then the Earth will be free to reclaim the surface, meaning jungles will overtake the cities and highways and byways and things of this nature. And all reminisces of creation of man will disappear and it will be reclaimed by Mother Nature. And the world will become a pristine world once more as it was in the beginning. So shall you have a pristine surface world with no pollution, no chemtrails, or any of this. Totally pristine and pure as it once was before the time of Atlantis and Lemuria; it was a pristine world.

Anne: We're going to have to clear it up before we leave. We are the ones that allowed it to happen. And when the Galactics come with their higher technologies, they will have the technology but we're the ones that are going to have to roll up our sleeves and restore Mother Earth?

Zorra: No. It will already be restored. You will just be coming back as visitors.

Anne: No, I mean right now coming up. They’re going to be bringing … you know we let this happen, we have to do something to turn it around.

Zorra: Indeed, of course. It almost reached a point of no return. And that could not be permitted. So the time was set by Prime Creator for a what is called a stopping point. The stopping point is The Gathering. And when The Gathering occurs, those that are from Siria shall return to Siria. Those who are from the Aquarians shall return with the Aquarians; and the Arcturians and all of these; they will all return to their home worlds. And once they see the beauty there they will not want to leave.


Saryya: [speaking in background]

Zorra: Oh, that. You’re speaking of um.

Anne: Now we didn’t hear what Saryya was saying.

Zorra: I will let her say it him. [Saryya again in background: … so you could answer it.] Tell them what you said.

Clean House Between Disclosure and The Gathering

Saryya: I was just trying to explain further that the interim between Disclosure and The Gathering when our Galactics have come to be with all of you, and your mentors come forth with all of your awakening information as well as the technologies that our beloved Galactics are bringing forth and that will be so. So you will that interim period where you can begin to bring forth this next evolution of your beloved Terra. (Zorra: Indeed.) Go ahead my beloved.

Zorra: Well you summed it up greatly. Anyway. Though, you will be assisting the Galactic family in restoring the planet. And they will give you the knowledge that you will need to do so. So, is that what you're speaking of?

Anne: Yes, yes. Because they're already working deep in the oceans where we can’t see them and they're clearing the air, but when they can actually interact on the surface with us and put our man power to work as well we can accomplish a lot in restoring dear Terra.

Zorra: Indeed. And that will be done. So, you are preparing for your reunion, is what you're doing. So your reunion …

Anne: Umhum. We've got company coming so we have to clean up our house because we got company coming.

Zorra: Indeed! [Saryya speaking in background.] Yes. What is termed as Disclosure will be coming this year. And the ongoingness will continue on. At the time that Prime Creator has set forth then shall The Gathering occur. So, that is all that needs to be said that subject.

Saryya: I’m sure they have many questions.

Zorra: So let us now hear from people who have questions [Anne: Okay.] or what is termed as testimonials.


Anne: Yeah. Before we start, a lot of… We're getting a lot of indications that within days – were hearing the word days -- there is going to be energies, events, or an event, something within days. Is there anything that you can comment on about that?

Zorra: Wait and see.

Anne: [Laughing!] Oh, you were going to tell us where Zaraya and Quazar went.

Zorra: Ah, they are on my ship.

Anne: Oh, and where is your ship?

Zorra: Above Iraq.

Anne: Oh! Ummm. Boy, that's interesting. Well we're looking, you know, we are all, you spoke so much of love. This is our day of love. [Referring to St Valentine’s Day] And there is a plea by Archangel Michael …


Zorra: Every day should be a day of love.

Anne: We are trying to bring about peace, today. That's quite a large order but it's on the table.

Zorra: It is indeed.

LISTENER QUESTIONS -------------------------

Much Ado About Vaccines and
What Have You Been Doing While We Were Gone?

Anne: Okay we’ll go to our questions. When I call your number we’re asking that you immediately introduce your first name and your location and your one question. Don't extend it into a nice conversation with Zorra because the line is standing quite long behind you. So first person, show us how it's done.

706: Well hello everyone. This is Ruth. Have we connected Anne? (Anne: Yeah, I’ve got you. Come on.) Okay. My original question was scrapped a long while ago because I realized it was built on ‘whys’ and we don't need whys. But instead I would like to make a comment of what has been happening to me in the period of time that we have been separated. And I have felt all this while that I wasn't making any progress. You know, it’s quite a troublesome thing. And so then, when you had been mentioning some of these things – and I have been looking about, I realized that we all have been making much more progress than we have thought that we have. For example, you have been talking for some time about prosperity that we were going to be experiencing, and we were thinking it was going to be this, and we thought it was going to be that. But I have spoken to a number of people just recently who have mentioned the fact that they don't have more money but their money is more effective. And that they are really, their money is going farther than it used to go for the same amount of money. So, yes, that is prosperity.

Also, I will go in the car – I have a feeling I'm not alone, of course you've been trying to make us understand that for a while – but I'm now experiencing that, that I will leave in the car to go to another town to pay some bills. And I've been doing this for 15 years so I know how to get there and how to do this. Except that I'm finding that when I’m on the road, I'm not going the way that I have always gone. And I haven't done it in the manner in which I've always done it. And it's been very, very fine. It's very relaxed and just lovely. But it's been really tremendous. And this is rather foolish but I realized the other night I couldn't get warm. It had been warm during the day so I had forgotten that I had not turned the furnace on, but as the day went on it kept getting cooler, and cooler, and cooler, and I kept going to the thermostat and running up the thermostat. Why on Earth was this house not getting warm?!? And then without even realizing what I was doing I took the other hand and hit the thermostat and that's when I found out it was off. So, [chuckling] we’re not just all really brilliant sir.

But these things gave me the awareness that there are others here with me, all the while. They're looking after all of us, guiding us, directing us, and we have got to have the eyes to see and the ears to hear. And it's been a very blessed, blessed experience and I'm just looking forward to more.

Zorra: Indeed. We are with you always. We have not abandoned you at all, we are just observing – very close actually – in what is going on. And sending love as we observe. So just understand, beloved master, that you are a loved being. We love you greatly. The term is put God loves you; yes, that is so. And Prime Creator loves you too. And so, just hold fast to the understanding that you are not alone, and never have been.

706: No. And yet we don't realize that. We let that ooze out and then we find ourselves feeling that we are empty and hollow when we're not, because we are so loved. And those of us who have been appointed to spend our days alone without human companionship, you have to grab onto that. And yes, we are loved. We are loved more than we could possibly ever imagine being loved and it's a precious, precious thought and I thank you so.

Zorra: Indeed. And I have a question for you. What have you done to change your situation since our last we spoke?

706: I'm not – I didn't quite get what you were saying sir. Sorry.

Anne: Originally he said he's been observing to see what we've been doing in their absence and they’ve been observing us to see what we've implemented to improve our lives.

706: Oh yes. Just studying, and studying, and reaching out, and studying. Putting away things that aren’t supposed to be there, leaning on what you’ve been teaching. And having the joy of seeing people that we have been imparting the information to, seeing them finally grab hold.

I have somebody that I have felt wasn't doing anything and then she had to have a tooth extracted the other day and she used your precious pillow prayer. She rubbed her hands together real hard, and she put her hands on either side of her head, and she went and had the tooth extracted and there was no pain and there was no swelling. And she also didn't have high-powered drugs to relieve any discomfort that she had. So we are having the chance to experience the joy that you were experiencing in seeing our growth as we are seeing the people that we've been giving your information to, seeing how they are able to grow and live more full, beneficial lives.

Zorra: And what think you of the realization or reality that you are advanced plants? [Referring to what Zaraya read earlier in the call.]

706: Yes, isn't that interesting information. That's going to take a lot of cogitating isn't it.

Zorra: Indeed. You might want to get the publication known as the Passport To Eternity. It is a book and it is not a fictional book, it is a factual book.

706: I rejoice in hearing Zaraya read part of it to us so that would be something to get a hold of.

Zorra: Once you begin to read it you will not put it down until you have finished it because it is quite entertaining and very educational.

706: How wonderful. Well I have been blessed today. Thank you so much. I was so disturbed by our alternative news sources becoming even more fear-filled than the regular media that I thought oh dear, were going to have to have Zorra come pretty soon to fill us full of truth and joy. And the very next thing I did on my computer was read the letter that said Hey! Zorra is coming! so I had an AhHa moment right at that point, so it has been a blessing to us all, sir.

Zorra: Indeed. May harmony, peace, joy, laughter and much love be with you and yours.

Anne: Very good, thank you.

706: I’ve long overstayed my due. Thank you Anne. I’m passing the talking stick on to those that are waiting and so they can also be blessed. Peace be with you all.

Anne: Thank you for your sharing and awakening of new thoughts in all of us. Thank you.

970: Greetings Anne and Saryya and Zorra. This is Barbara in Colorado. I am just so happy! I’m just so joyful that you picked this day to gift us to come back and just feel your voice as well as hear your voice. I know you've been with me all this time since we’ve last spoken. As far as addressing what I've been doing since then, is absolutely just remembering that we’re one and that I’m loved and I don't feel so alone anymore. And also going through the struggles differently. I still have financial struggles and, you know, I've experienced that. But the main thing that I do is I just when fear comes and anxiety comes I just say no. As you said, I say no, there's no place
for that. And I just remember that it's all in perfect harmony and all is well and I am taken care of. And I listen to my guidance. So like the last couple weeks I was even down where I couldn’t pay my electric bill and I just turned it over. And then I was led to actually a charity that I’ve never allowed myself to receive so easily, but I just say, you know what, I’m so grateful and they paid for my electric bill. And I was led to do that. I cried in gratitude. I just sent out so much gratitude and sent it back so I want to thank you for helping me just know this all the time. So, I'm just so happy that you're here.

My question. So I'm doing well in everything I just transcend fear and whatever, and I moved to a higher vibration. The thing that I'm having trouble with and I would really appreciate your input, is that there is this mass hysteria going on. My feeling is it is big Pharma and it’s talking about the measles vaccine. And now all the media, even the alternative, more progressive media, they’re all spouting the same thing: that everyone needs to now be forced to be immunized. It just brings me… It is so disheartening, it's actually horrifying to me, Zorra, because I have a little grandson and I went through all this. Could you please guide on how we can massively change this? It just feels very dark, very heavy. Any input?


Zorra: Understand beloved master when it comes to immunizations: do not take them. The body, especially children, have an immune system against it. And you have the freedom to say no. And you can tell them you will not be inoculated. There is no need to be inoculated. And you refuse to be inoculated. And they cannot force you to do so. If they were to force you then of course there are avenues that you may take after you have been inoculated. But still and what we had been endorsing, the Soul and Laminine, and all of this will counteract if you have been inoculated. But still that does not mean that you need to be inoculated. You do not.

Media Over Hypes Concocted Outbreaks

970: Well Zorra I'm speaking about the brainwashing. This is heavy-duty brainwashing where they're bringing on all, in all ways, physicians and media. Brainwashing the mass public. I know what you’re saying I actually live that way but you know even my daughter-in-law, she's not listening to me because there's so much brainwashing right now. My question to you is how can we influence in a massive way the other side of things what you're speaking of? I mean it just seems… Because people are actually brainwashed right now.

Zorra: Indeed. I understand. Do what is termed as meditate the meditation that you do on Sunday for the RV and change it a little bit and add the inoculation into it/prevention against it. But send it forth in love and see what happens.

970: Okay. Okay. Like with my grandson being immunized, I have no, I feel no control about it. (Zorra: No, you cannot.) I can just send him love and the healing ability to transmute the toxins and just for his highest good, is that the power we have?

Zorra: Indeed. You are gods and goddesses.

970: Thank you so much Zorra. Love you all.

Anne: That was a good question. I'm glad you brought that up. Thank you. That was very, very critical, very good question.

215: Greetings from the city of brotherly love. So I want to say that I too have no question as it has been settled for me in this process. But I too, like the other caller, was thinking about Zorra and the calls and Zaraya and Saryya, and I felt like coming and then I looked down at my email and bam! there it was. I was just there before and that I looked down at my e-mail and thought hmm, there are a lot of us out there having that experience. It just felt like time and I’m grateful for that. So my questions are pretty complete and thanks for letting me take a moment to share that.

Anne: Oh, okay. Then you’re complete. We don’t have any further to go. We can move on to the next person. Thank you.

864: Hey Anne and hello Zorra and Saryya! South Carolina. Good afternoon everybody. I don't have any questions but a couple comments, a couple of observations as far as things that have occurred. To answer Zorra's question, what have I done in the interim since the December call: just keep reaching out to people. Our financial situation hasn't changed too much yet I keep saying to Tiger, look, we're being taken care of. I keep getting information from the elder dragon, from the Council and I keep relaying it to her. Just letting her know hey, this is being taken care of. Stay in the moment. It's no point getting frustrated about this because it's getting dealt with. Electric bills and whatnot, I can understand what [previous caller] was talking about in regards to electric bills. We've had difficulty paying our own yet it gets dealt with.

I had when she said something about this all of a sudden measles out break when it was eradicated 15 years ago. I looked at that and I said okay, Ebola is dying down because they're not getting the results they want from that. Now they're bringing measles back to force everybody to get immunized. Okay. This is not going to run its course too long before everybody realizes this is nothing but a bunch of nonsense. Yet I do agree with her about the bombardment on mainstream media, alternate media, about getting immunized. The same thing with this blasted flu. Everybody, they're pushing flu vaccines, flu vaccine, flu vaccine. And it is 2012 2013 formulation. Not 2014 or 2015. What's the point of it? Get everybody sick. I also had a…

Something I wanted to relay back from the January 7th/8th call. But Zorra you had asked everybody who had already spoken with in the last month to put their hands down to allow others to speak. So I did and I wish I hadn't because this also goes to immunizations. My daughter gave birth to my grandson on 30th of December and I kept telling her don't let them give him immunizations. He doesn't need them. He's got enough immunity and resistance to anything already. Tell them no, you don't want him vaccinated. Well, she told me she told this to them and a pregnant maternity nurse said to her they really don't make, they really make no difference and really are not necessary. This coming from a pregnant maternity nurse, nonetheless. What say you about that?

Zorra: Indeed. It is about time that the nurses come forth and to let… [Call drops]

Anne: Uh oh. Are you there? Oh dear! Zorra! [Conversation between Anne and Caller about cell phones dropping calls while waiting for Zorra to phone back in.]
Okay, we’ve gottcha.

Zorra: Indeed. The primitive device decided to not to let me continue. And where did we lose you at?


Anne: [Caller] talked about the pregnant nurse saying that the vaccines didn’t do any good and you asked what Zorra thought about that and Zorra said it’s about time …

Nurses Need To Speak Out

Zorra: It is about time that the nurses come forth and let the peoples know that the vaccines are not necessary. And because when they do that that gives the people the option to say no. And you do have that right as a human being. You have that humanitarian right to say no and let them know that your children are quite healthy, they do not require any inoculations, and therefore you do not want them to have them. And if they try to say they're going to give them to them anyway you can take your child from that facility and go elsewhere.

864: Well what I found interesting, I agree with you, I agree with you. (Zorra: Indeed.) I made it clear to my daughter who thankfully listened to what I was telling her and understood that her son he's got more immunity than you do right now. (Zorra: Indeed, that is so.) She just chuckled and said I can understand that mom. When I asked her if she let them know she does not want him immunized after his birth, they induced labor for her because he wasn't thriving and we found out why later. The umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck and it was twisted. Yet it was not wrapped around so tightly he couldn't breathe, (Zorra: Indeed) it was just looped around his neck and it had become twisted with all his movement inutero. (Zorra: Indeed) that's why he wasn't gaining weight. They were concerned about that and now – when she told me that I understood and said okay they made the right choice then. Because that would've been a dangerous situation. That's basically all I had to say. I wanted to get that out there.

Anne: Thank you for your contribution on this vaccine issue. We've heard Zorra's advice very thoroughly: Just Say No. Okay thank you very much always good to hear from you.



Saryya: Lady Nada. I would like to just add to all of the listeners that children that are being born --now we have said this in previous calls -- the children that are being born have been born in the past few years as well as the ones that are coming forth during this Ascension period. They are very, very healthy. They have great immune systems besides that they are as well very connected with their, with their Ascended Being Self/their Higher Selves and God selves and Goddess selves. So as far as the vaccinations, if you can prohibit it, please do so. Know that your children are very much as my beloved said as well, they are healthier, they have great immune systems. Let it be and seek other healthcare workers, physicians that believe what you believe and they will support you.

Zorra: And ask the doctors if they give those inoculations to their own children. And they will tell you no they do not.

Anne: All right. That was a good education. We're on a roll here. Thank you.


760: Hello. Hello Zorra. [from California] The one question I have – real quickly, my main guidance right now is to have a private call with Quazar and Zaraya. I'm getting that loud and clear and I’m just putting it out there . If you're open to that please let me know how I can do that.

Anne: Well I think, I think Zorra's line is open. Somebody's got a lot of noise going on in the background. Zorra are you here?

Zorra: We've been hearing repeat. We are hearing a repeat of what he said.

760: Zorra, I really am getting some loud and clear guidance and I feel it's important for us -- well if you're available too , but at least Quazar and Zaraya -- for us to talk. That's what I'm getting. I'm very much into meditation for a long time and I find it synchronistic that you have the call and I happened to be here and so if you feel inclined I would like to do that.

Zorra: Are you what is termed as a former student of Ramtha? [760: No I'm not.] Indeed. Your voice sounded familiar.

760: It is familiar and I would reveal that to you when we have a private call.

Anne: If you want to call me I can give you their number and you could call. Would that be all right Zorra?

Zorra: That would be fine.

[Conversation continues between them regarding contact information.]



541: Hello? Do you hear me? This is Zursta Larry.

Zorra: Indeed! [to everyone] It is Zursta!

Zursta: I'm calling from Mount Shasta, Ashland area and the light is stronger than ever. I tell the Brotherhood to have no fear because I am here. I love everyone on the call! How are you, Zorra?

Zorra: I am wonderful Adama. How be you?

Zursta: Oh Adama!! Well you know he sits by me closely all the time. (Zorra: Indeed) Would you like him to say a few words to you today?

Zorra: And he has something to say, yes?

Zursta/Adama: Yes, he has this to say, that you must release fear. There is no fear. You're living in a holographic illusion. Realize you are much more. You are to the highest levels of the quantum 1 through 22 and more. You are unbelievable. You're not some little person that has to ask a question of anyone. Not to say that I don't appreciate the work you've done. We love every effort as the two masters on the phone have been telling you. But you need to know, you must every day by action word thought and deed, live in this. And one moment you will wake up before the Great Event at the Great Event a little after it and you will see, you will see that you are all there is.

I'm giving you a little play here. I know many of you have had up to 900 and some lifetimes, as the one I'm speaking through has. I think he’s at 926. I know a lot of you know Peter. I think he's somewhere up around 980. And there's others in that area. It does get exasperating. I do have compassion for you, I do love you always. I am coming to the surface. I will be meeting you. So I don't want, you know I'm a bit long-winded as my channeler is, and that is about all I have to say. But I’d love to be with you always. I would love to speak with you always, but as you know, as Zorra's told you, you can't lean on him, you can't lean on me. You have to do the work because you are the God and Goddesses and you’re doing the work. I know when I'm done speaking someone will say, ‘Oh, my god I’ve tried everything! The RV’s still not here! I don’t have any money and nobody loves me!!!! Oh oh oh’ [fake sobbing] [Delivered with sarcastically dramatic inflection (… pretty funny)] Well you know that’s true because I can see the Golden White Light around you. I can see the beautiful blue of Archangel Michael and others and Zorra has that color. I can see the diamonds sparkling around you as you walk to see. I must give this talk up now because others have to talk. But I did have a little something I wanted to say to Zorra if he has time to listen to me. I'll put my other hat back on.


All right, this is Larry, now. This is how closely I am to Adama. He’s right by me all the time. His colors are all around me as I drive my car. But now I'm Larry. People have found me … Zorra, are you going to do a Healing Pulse today at some point, may I ask?

Zorra: Of course.

Zursta/Larry: What a have here is we have extreme sorrow by a woman who is a good friend of Nova’s. Her name, her granddaughters name is Eva Delgata Hookster. And the family is so distraught. She's only three and we can see what why this would bring the pain here in the human scene. And she's been diagnosed with inoperable cancer, down here in the Oregon area, in the Coos Bay, Oregon area, in that area. And I would like to have her mentioned – a special prayer, dispensation from all of us for her. Because you can understand the anguish. [Zorra asks for name again.] She has a tumor that they can't operate on. This is what [the hospital] is telling her. (Zorra: Indeed) Is there anything I can say to her grandparent who is very, very distraught. And she is a great light worker her name is Lana, a good friend of Nova’s. I've been working on it myself, but I’d appreciate your backup.

Zorra: Indeed. Yes we will be doing the Healing Pulse before the end of the call and we shall mention forth her name to the Arcturians. And the Ardturian ship is now hovering above Ashland.

Zursta/Larry: Wow! I know them rascals have been all around and remember I told you about the time when I wasn't/didn't have a very high vibration, one of them came down from the ship and tapped me on the shoulder and I turned around and I couldn't see him. But I knew he was there! [Laughing heartily]

Zorra: Indeed. Anyway the Arcturian vessel has stationed itself above Oregon, above Ashland (Zursta/Larry: Good, good) … and when we give forth this pulse, they will get the message and they will do accordingly.

Zursta/Larry: Yes. Yes. Well all right then. I don’t want to take up any more time except, I give my word and love through Adama that all of you will make it home. All of you have compassion and love and the Christed energy of oneness. You will all make it home. Don't stop believing! Never stop believing! Thank you for listening to me everyone. I hope I didn't take too much of your time.

Anne: We love hearing from you. Thank you Larry. That was wonderful.

Zursta/Larry: You’re welcome. Thank you Anne for all you do. By the way, Anne, I talked to Peggy last night about some things and she's out there helping everyone you know with this fear and things too, so anyway.

Anne: Yes, Yes.

Zorra: Indeed.

Anne: We’re quite a family, we’re quite a family. Peg Thompson, she's clearing a lot of people. We have to be careful about our attachments and our protections. So thank you for reminding us Larry, it's wonderful.

Larry: Yes her channeling was excellent. Her channeling was excellent that’s on your website. Okay.

Anne: Oh yes, yes. That's, that's our sister site for outside of Hollow Earth that Galactics and other messages. And you’ll see Peg’s Page on And Peg can clear these attachments and cordings and so on and you can be your real self again without that impediment of other energies that are tangling up. So if you have those problems that's who were talking about. And you just talked and consulted with Peg yesterday. And she's cleared me. I have to be careful who I talk to because I'm sort of a moving target. And between Peg and Sananda they keep me clear. Larry, it's wonderful hearing from you.

Zursta/Larry: Goodbye I love you all. Good luck everyone. Byebye.

Anne: Thank you. Thank you and our love to Adama. We're looking forward to seeing him very soon. He promised.

Zursta/Larry: Yeah. A lot of his work is to come to the surface now and we don't have any timelines of course we don't work that way, but he's coming.

Anne: No, I understand. It's wonderful. We'll let’s consider it done. As Prime Creator told us when I asked him on that January 25th call, what can we do to make it, to make things work better. He said stay in an ‘expectant now.’ That's what Prime Creator said, an ‘expectant now.’ That's all. We don't need timelines we just need to be expectant now and always remain that way. Thank you Larry.

[Goodbyes all around]

[Anne opens a series of lines to no response] What’s going on here?


817: Thank you him Anne. Thank you Zorra. Many times I think I spoke two or three times … Oh I'm calling from Texas. And I have just only one question. I didn't get to ask this question before. If Zorra can say that I have a question saying, what is my cosmic name and which galaxy I am from?

Zorra: That is a personal question, yes?

Anne: Are you asking a personal question about where you come from and what your Galactic name is, is that what you're asking? We're not permitted. If we took those questions we have hundreds of the hands up. We hold the questions to a question that is of interest to everyone that is standing by patiently and listening.

817: Okay, Zorra, could you just say what is gog and megog[???] I think I was reading book and it was saying gog and megog. What is that?

Zorra: They are names for areas on the Earth.
And your name is Celestra and you are from the Pleiadian Star System.

[Caller continues questioning Zorra about her name.]

817: Thank you Zorra. And what is gog and megog?

Anne: Are you talking about the Garden of the Gods? Is that what you’re talking about?

817: It’s a kind of like a [???] probably, probably the Atlantic uh, you know when the Atlantic people were here. They maybe made those things, you know. Uh like a very uh very super human type things. Are those, those are those things, you know?

Zorra: No.

817: Okay. So I’m just scared. I’ll just worrying about all of this gog and megog and these things I’m hearing, you know. Thank you so much.

Zorra: Indeed

Anne: Okay you were fortunate, you learned your name is Celestra and you’re from the Pleiades. But let's don't get a run on everybody asking their private questions. Very good.


Should she learn to read her Akashic records?

954: Hi Anne, and Zorra and Saryya. (from FL) my question is, is it to my advantage to take a course, lesson to learn to read my Akashic record?

Zorra: It wouldn't hurt.

954: Okay. Thank you.

Zorra: Indeed. Anne?

Anne: Yeah. I guess you two are done and I haven't got all my notes done yet. Just a minute I'm trying to write down, type in, and … Okay [caller] if you've got your question answered I'll close your line and move on. Thank you.
That was interesting.

Zorra: In 10 minutes we will do the Pulse.

Anne: Okay. Yeah. That'll leave us 20 minutes. Okay here we go.

860: Hello, how are you? Can you hear me? I'm from Connecticut. I have a question. The last couple nights and it's been a long time that I have been seeing this object and its got like a red light on the front, a red light in the back and then, if you're looking up there is like a green light jetting off on the right side in almost like a needle shape. And I was just wondering am I seeing a ship or is it just a plane or something?

Zorra: I think you would term it as a helicopter.

860: A helicopter. Well I thank you folks and I'm enjoying the call and you guys be well. Bye bye.

Zorra: Indeed.

Anne: Okay, we'll just move right on. Thank you.

770: This is [caller] in Georgia. Namaste to everyone on the call. Hi. I just want to make a comment hearing about the measles because I have grandchildren who are of inoculation age and the whole thing I do is look on the Internet to see what I can find. I believe it was made for this partially for this point in time because it is not syndicated. And I did see stories or stories would come to me about deaths from the measles and I researched further and there was a report from CDC itself that said there were more deaths from the measles and that’s from this month. So that you can look up. Um, but um, oh gosh my question! Gee willikers, I forgot my question!

Anne: Well tell us what you been doing during this interim. That was Zorra's question.

770: I’ve been meditating every day. I don't see where it wouldn't hurt and I've also added into it divine health for everyone on the planet, everyone on the planet.

And I'd also like to mention a movie that was made. We've been spoken to by everyone and every avenue of communication, movies, everything. I look everywhere. God is everywhere so I look everywhere. And there's one movie that if you want to get a visual of what it's going to feel like once we do get our total freedom back, and we're not at the mercy of the powers that were; there's a movie called Elysium. It's about this very point in time like now that we are approaching. And the [???] That we're going to have to have, this movie portrays that feeling that we're going to have at the moment when we get our victory back and you'll cry your eyes out. You will ball your eyes out with joy! But you will be able to feel what is going to feel like.

Anne: Oh [caller] that's good information and rather than stretch this out because there's so many and were down to about five minutes, I'm going to try and go on.

Thanks for the tip. We’ll all look for it.

How To Utilize Hollow/Inner Earth Entry And Shuttle

Int’l: Hello. This is [caller] from Switzerland. Hello. Ask of a question about an entry here in Switzerland is called Bayautofurllind [phonetic]. Is this an entry that goes into Hollow Earth?

Zorra: You're asking about the entrance? There are several entrances into Hollow Earth not Hollow Earth but Inner Earth. The one you are speaking of is one that goes into Inner Earth. If you go into it you will come to a shuttle station. Once you come to this shuttle station you may board the shuttle and go into Hollow Earth.

Int’l: Ah, I see. And there is no – and if I go into that cave because it is said that 1945 people went inside and never came out again.

Zorra: They went into Hollow Earth.

Int’l: Okay. And so how long do you have to walk to get to the – because in the beginning it's a tourist tour. And I just heard that a lot of entrances are closed.

Zorra: You would have to go beyond the tour.

Int’l: Okay. So way deeper I guess.

Zorra: Indeed. Ask for a guide that we come to you at the end of the tour. And request entrance into the Agarthan world. And there would be a guide to guide you to a shuttle station.

Int’l: Okay, so it is possible to go without diving equipment and without I don't know having to walk months?

Zorra: Whatever means you may use beyond the end of the tour that will get you into the location where you will be confronted by a guide.

Int’l: A guide, okay. So you think I need to have diving equipment there.

Zorra: Whatever is needed to descend.

Int’l: Oh, okay. I will have to find out.

Description of [possibly Mammoth] cave opening to Inner Earth

Anne: Ask your pendulum.

Int’l: So you have to go on I guess.

Anne: There’s many people patiently waiting. It's been five weeks since we talked Zorra.

Int’l: I had another question about Isis. Not the terror group but the Egyptian woman.

Zorra: You're speaking of Isis from Egypt?

Int’l: Yes, whose man was first Osiris and after it was Set, the one who killed Osiris. I don’t know if this story is true?

If Set killed Osiris because Osiris wanted to be good for humanity and teach them that they are gods and goddesses like you do Zorra. And Set thought that he can turn humanity for his slaves. So as the temples later and the church did the descendants of the Egyptians actually.

Is this true that Set killed Osiris for …

Anne: Oh, that long, long story. I saw it on TV, I mean I saw it on the internet. The whole sequence of all these ongoing lifetimes. I don’t think that’s appropriate for the people that are giving up their time to ask their question to learn … I don’t think it’s appropriate out of respect for those that are not going to get their chance.

Zorra, I think we’re down to your limit now and we have seven more people waiting. We apologize to every one of you. We love you and we’re sorry that you weren’t able to speak with Zorra today. Over to you Zorra.

Zorra: Indeed.

We are going to do a Healing Pulse. I'm going to let my beloved do it because it is her time. Anyway, here she be.


HEALING PULSE ----------------------------

Saryya: Thank you beloved. And so everyone we now begin to relax and take a few deep breaths. And as you breathe in, bring in this golden White Light. And let this White Light permeate your every pore of your bodies, into every cell. Feel your entire body glow with this beautiful golden White Light. It is the most healing and loving light. It is who you are. It is bringing you peace. It is bringing you joy. Very calming. And so we shall start.

This Pulse is for all of you, plus everyone on this entire planet and beyond. This Pulse is for you for Valentine's Day that you celebrate. This is something we celebrate every day; enormous loving joy and peace and abundance to all of you. And together we shall go and say five, four, three, two, and one. RECEIVE!

[to Zorra] And you can take it from there.

Zorra: If you are wearing glasses remove them. If you have hearing devices remove them also. We're going to focus on the human body of course, and we are going to start from the crown chakra. From the crown chakra the energy is dropping down, from the crown chakra into the vault of knowledge which is located between your ears. Many term it as the brain. But the brain is actually in your heart mind. Many of you cannot grasp this concept but that is true. Anyway.

So any attachments that you have in your vault of knowledge that are attached to it on the exterior of it as a tumor or anything of that nature, is now being dissolved, removed from you.

We have – Eva has an attachment to her that is now being dissolved. And so she shall be straightaway healed. The Arcturians are here to work with her and they are now surrounding her at this moment and they are ministering to her. So that is done.

And now the energy is dropping down into what is termed as the behind the optical nerves, next to the inner ears of everyone listening. And the energy is spreading outward through the ears and restoring the hearing of those that have hearing restrictions. That is being rectified and cured and healed. So be it.

The energy is now dropping down into what is termed as the behind the optical nerves and working on the macular degeneration, the optical behind the irises. Glaucoma, cataracts, things of this nature are being rectified and removed. And the evidence of that can be seen if you go into a lavatory and wash out your eyes. You will see little dark flakes into the sink and that will be the glaucoma or the cataracts being taken from you. And that is being done straightaway.

The energy is now dropping down into what is termed as the thyroid area; into the sinuses and thyroid area of the throat and down in to the around the adam’s apples of the beings being rectified. And dropping down into what is termed the collarbone area out through shoulders. The energy is spreading outward and downward. Going down into what is termed into the lungs of the body and into the heart area, heart region, heart mind. And that is being rectified and cured and healed. All areas from the top of the head down to the shoulders is all being rectified and healed.

The energy is dropping out through the rotator cuffs. If you are not able to lift your arms above your head you can now do it. The minute you step forward in faith doing it, pain will leave you straightaway. So be it.

We are renewing the hearts. The people who have heart murmurs and heart fibrillation and things of this nature is all being rectified and cured and healed.

The energy is now dropping down into what is termed the solar plexus, the esophagus. And what is termed as the stomach area, the digestive system, done the spine. Any slipped discs or areas of this lower spine, vertebrae; all of that is being rectified and healed. So be it.

From this point my beloved will continue.

Saryya: In the areas, we have touched on the upper chest and the heart and now into the lungs, and your colon, large and small intestines, your reproductive areas. All of those are being healed. Any illnesses or tumors that are there are disappearing. And now they are completely gone.

And now we will go down. The energy is going down both of your legs and into your knees.

Zorra: Women who are not fertile are now fertile.

Saryya: Thank you. (Zorra: Indeed) And now all of the pains and any disorders of the knees are also healed. Those of you who were unable to move your knees; with pain they are now without pain. No more pain in your knees. No more inflammation of any kind.

And now it goes down towards your ankles. Every area of your body so far, whether it's in the bones or in the skeletal area, muscle area, all of the nerves; all of those illnesses and disorders and problems are now resolved and they are now healed.

And into now the ankle area. Ankles are, if you have any illnesses there, difficulty moving, they are healed. Arthritis or feet are now completely healed.

And now all of you feel this surge of energy within your cells within your beings, know that you are gods and goddesses. Feel the energy within your body. You are all perfect. You have perfect bodies. You can always be in this body, always. And those of you who have any aches and pains or he did have any aches and pains, this is where you reside. This is who you truly are. Perfect bodies in this reality.

Zorra: Indeed! It is done, finished.


Now, for those that need to leave, you may do so. We are going to speak a little bit about products that we have been endorsing. And people may call for questions. [to Anne] So empty your board and these next questions will be pertaining to the Rain, the Soul, the Laminine, and things of that nature. For we are going to speak with… We're going to bring back our beloved children and they are going to continue. So we will bid you farewell for now. We will be observing again. And we will see you in a month or so, maybe sooner depending. Anyway. So those that wish to remain and know more about the healing products that are going to be spoken of, remain. And we shall bid you farewell.

Saryya: Before that, remember to meditate daily. And then in particular every Sunday at 3[p.m.], en masse meditate. Listen to the ones that we have in our archives and then to bring forth not just the RV which is done but now we are waiting for Disclosure and The Gathering. Bring those forth along with all the peace and joy and abundance.

Zorra: Keep watching the skies. Indeed. Now the Zorra call is ended and we shall bid you farewell and we shall bring back Zaraya and Quazar. Indeed.


Zaraya: Whoa!

Quazar: Lady Nada? [no response from Anne] Hello? Lady Nada? Hmm. I don’t know.

Anne: Oh I’m here. I fell asleep. I’m sorry. [everybody laughing] I only slept about 2 1/2 hours. I'm sorry.

Zaraya: Well, we'd like to continue with our call about a short while for the products, Rain, Soul, and Laminine. And if they have any questions or what ever about that. So just clear the board.

Anne: Please put your hand down if your question doesn’t pertain to the nutritional supplements. I’m going to go right down the line here.



786: Hi, Anne. Zaraya and Quazar. Happy Valentines to everyone on the call. This is [caller] in Florida. I would just like to encourage everyone to get the Soul and Laminine are great for frequency raising and share them with as many people as possible. And grounding to be able to connect with the ships. And then how can we help each other as far as sharing, preparing for the landings and bringing forth in addition to the meditations the love of our Galactic family?

Zaraya: What we're discussing the Soul and the Laminine healing products or health products. And people that are interested in getting involved with the Rain International. So that question wouldn't pertain to that.

Anne: We asked everybody that unless you have a question we can help you with regarding the products, to please touch number one so we can get to those who have questions.

310: Hi, I'm new to the call and I would like to know where we get Laminine and how you spell it and also which HGH you recommend. And I heard the reference to Immune. So all of this is new to me. Could we help some?

How to order Laminine

Anne: I'll go ahead and direct her to the website You'll see a long list of pages on the left, some of which have three stars in front of it. One of those says Health Programs. If you click on that page you will learn all about Soul from seeds and about Laminine which is endorsed by the Galactics. They have tweaked it just where they want it for us. And the Immune is not posted there, it's new but it can also be ordered from the same company as Laminine. And there's ordering instructions. So you click on where it says Laminine Product and Ordering and it tells you how to order. It's very clear and easy, people do it all the time. And the Immune can be ordered from the Laminine; same source, I just don’t have anything up about it right now.


The HGH is on the Raising Vibrations and Resources page. It will tell you where to order it and will tell you all about it.

Except for falling asleep when you only had two and half hours of sleep, it keeps me going pretty good.

Soul and Core for Allergies

916: Hello Anne. This is [caller] from Northern California. I have a testimonial. I talked to Quazar about a month ago and she suggested I take two of the Soul per day and it's really working. For the first time in 15 years I have no lower back pain. I still have my allergies. I don't know what your suggestions are about that.

Zaraya: It takes care of those as well. It just takes a little more time. Just go ahead and you can up it to 3 if you want.

The product of Core is another one with Rain International that also would help with the allergies as well.

Soul vs. Shingles. Guess who won.

703: Hello Anne, this is [caller] in Maryland. I'm here with my sister. We're celebrating Valentines in Raleigh north Carolina. My mother is here and we all use the product. But I wanted my sister to tell her testimony. [Caller’s sister] lives in West Virginia and has a testimony on Soul product.

Hello, I started using the Soul in January and I broke out with some type of rash under my arm and I didn't know what it was. So I went to the doctor and they thought it was shingles. And so because it has been on their couple of weeks they said they couldn't give me anything for it. I have listened to [sister/caller] and what she had done and I used the Soul Seed and I wiped on the rashes all over the rashes and everything and I did this for about three days and the shingles went away. And so I was very excited and I called and told [her sister] about it and so that's my testimony.

Zaraya: Very good!

Quazar: Beautiful. Thank you.

Laminine Helps Sleep Apnea

703: [Sister to sister] And you have some health challenges right now you wanted to ask a question about that you had problems breathing.

Yeah, I do have moderate apnea in sleeping at night.

Zaraya: Laminine will help you with that.

Anne: Sometimes that's the first thing people notice is that they finally get a good night’s sleep with Laminine.

Soul Seed Heals Botched Spinal Tap Procedure From Years Earlier

267: Hi this is [caller] in Pennsylvania. What a wonderful call. I'm so grateful for this, it's so much needed. I did want to talk a little bit about my experience with the Soul Seed. I was taking Laminine for a while and have been pretty much on-going but not the Soul because it’s just my finances, I kind of have to eat or have a roof over my head or Soul Seed. I finally got some of the Soul Seed when we were in Vienna at Harry's so I took it for a month and in the beginning I was taking three a day. And I had this strange thing that happened where I had this crusty rash at the base of my spine and then I remembered that many years ago I had viral meningitis and was in the hospital they did a spinal tap. They botched it and went in two or three times and the spinal fluid had drained out of my spinal cavity. A pretty large amount had left the spinal column. I could feel it like flowing out into my lower back at the base of the spine. And it was so strange because I got this strange crusty rash right back over there and I thought, oh dear, what the heck is that. But what happened is it receded and receded as I continued to take the Soul. It just receded completely until the skin was perfect. And I actually felt like we had walked backwards through that whole process and it was now healed and reversed, you know from a pretty devastating experience many years ago. That’s my testimonial on the Soul Seed. I'm looking forward to when I can be taking it again. I do plan to get some soon. And can you also tell us what's in the Immune formula please.

Anne: I don't know what's in it. I would have to look on the website. Are you already registered with Laminine? If you have an account you can call or you can look at your website, they will have everything listed for you.

I can't tell you the ingredients in Immune but I know it is directed into three different immune areas. I think the thymus, the T cells, and two other things.

‘Expectant Now’ means Now. ‘Will Be’ means it’s always Coming/on its way (never to arrive)

267: I appreciate so much everything. Oh my god I love you so much I'm just so grateful for this connection and for everyone on the call and for our beloved Zorra. And I just also one quick thing I was hoping maybe we could put edit when we post things and put it into that ‘expectant now’ voice. So instead of oh it's coming it's coming, and it's soon and it will be. We just say no, it is now. Just let Zorra says. It is done, it is now, we’re there. Otherwise it’s always ‘coming.’ I love you all.

Zaraya: Good idea.

Anne: I like what you're saying Ann because if we’re saying it's coming it's always going to be coming, it's never going to be here now. So the expectant now is where we need to be; it's here. I can touch it, feel it, sense it, taste it, it's happening. That's the point and that's what Prime Creator told us when I asked him on that January 25th call. What can we do, how should we be conducting ourselves? He said in an expectant now. And that's where we need to be always.

267: I know and every time I even say the words Prime Creator like even now my heart fills up and I just well up with tears. There’s just so much love there.

Anne: He was so personal on that call.

267: I know and I thank you for sharing all that. And also our beloved St. Germain. I've been doing the classes, the discourses and doing the Violet Flame for the Earth all day every day, many times a day, you know, and I think we're all as Lightworkers doing our contribution doing a really good job of it and I appreciate being reminded of our Sunday three o'clock thing. That's me I'm done. I'll sign off and pass the talking stick.

Anne: And also Zorra said that meditation at three o'clock on Sundays, he actually and Saryya said let's meditate every day. I would never go a day without meditation, never.

267: Me neither. And invoking the Violet Flame morning and night, prayers for the Earth, prayers for everything. I sing to the Earth and she has been dropping gifts back to me. You know singing right into the Earth is such a joy.

Anne: Oh that’s wonderful.

267: Yeah. It’s beautiful, our Earth. What a great call. Thank you so much.

Anne: Thank you [caller], always good hearing from you. We’re in overtime. Bye sweetie.

Well that’s it. That’s it. Zaraya and Quazar it's all yours.

Zaraya: Okay. Do you want to say more dear?
How are you doing Anne?

Anne: Well I'm doing fine except during the Healing Pulse is stretched out to absorb all that healing energy and I fell asleep. And then I kept hearing Zorra saying, Lady Nada [laughing] and I woke up. It was terrible I went to bed at five and got up before eight so I think I deserved it and I feel fine. I'm taking everything. I'm taking as much as possible.

We have no more questions so I'll let you guys go ahead and close your call.

Tell us about Iraq.

Zorra’s Ship Uncloaks Over Baghdad Low Enough to Read License Plates on Ground

Zaraya: Well Iraq, well we were up there observing what was happening. There's a lot of celebration on the ground. A lot of people are saying we are finally free, whatever that means. We are finally free and we can now live our lives. They were shouting that in the Iraqi language. So and then of course the ship materialized – not cloaked -- and hovered over Baghdad for about – over the capital of Iraq – oh for about five minutes and then disappeared again.

Anne: What elevation were you at?

Zaraya: Well we were close enough that we could actually read the license plates on the cars.

Anne: Oh my gosh!!! Really?? [all laughing] And they could read your license plates too!

Zaraya: They were all staring up into the air.

Anne: I guess! Well Zorra’s ship that you were on is about 400 feet in diameter, isn't it?

Zaraya: About 450 feet, yeah.

Anne: 450 feet and you were low enough that you could read license plates! Was there anybody else or just you?

Zaraya: Well, yeah well my beloved…

Anne: No I mean other ships besides Zorra’s that you and Quazar were on.

Zaraya: No, just us, just us.

Anne: Well that's fun. You guys get to have lots of fun on these calls.

Well give our love to Zorra and thank him and Saryya for sharing so much with us. And we hope we won't have to wait too long for our next call. And we'll all be good and keep raising our vibrations.

Quazar Schedules Zorra’s Next Call … unless …
Quazar: Anne, talking about our next call. You know since you have probably a better pulse in terms of what's going on with our people, I was thinking we should probably have another call next month.

Anne: Absolutely. I wouldn't let it go beyond a month. Unless our guys are down on the ground.

Quazar: There you go. Maybe we should do this again mid-March. Unless of course something happens and Zorra wants to come through for something that has to be talked about.

Anne: And by that time we could have a whole new government and financial system and ships on the ground…

Quazar: Yeah! Okay. So we’ll go ahead and make plans for mid-March.

Anne: Yeah, plan for Mid-March. We'll shoot for that.

Quazar: Well you know the equinox is March 21st or 22nd.

Anne: Let me see where the Saturday's fall. Just a minute let me take a look. Yes equinox is March Saturday the 21st, whaddya know. Okay, good idea. Thank you guys.

Okay well I'm going to play our music if we’re done. Let's listen to our favorite song.

Cue Music

Anne: There we go folks, and we’ll see you on March 21st. Bye bye!


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