Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Question and Answer Session with Ashtar

Quoting Ashtar: "Nothing is stopping Full Galactic Disclosure. It is unfolding right before your eyes. The Landings will take place all over the world 7 days after Announcements. It is like breathing or your heartbeat. Nothing NEED BE DONE nothing is preventing it. Disclosure is happening by Divine Grace as we speak. It is a sequence of events."


Questions for Ashtar:
Ashtar’s Answers are in bold

In a recent satsang, my guru said anyone who incarnates on this planet has debts to repay. How do we understand what these are and how can we best handle them in preparation for Ascension?

Earth is one of the smallest Planets in this Solar System. She has a unique quality not found anywhere else: Humanity is able to incarnate on Earth for the purpose of learning and is able to accumulate and burn off karma. There is a Karmic Board in place with co-titular heads Lord Maitreya and Archangel Michael. All of the Members of the Ground Crew now on Earth may consider themselves fortunate indeed for being here at this time. Many wanted to come, few were chosen. Each one of you was required to be an Ascended Master 3 times over in order to qualify to be at Earth now. That is a fact. You are already an Ascended Master who agreed to incarnate without your memory and walk this Earth Body back to Ascension again. To give the impression that you are sinners with lots of karma to pay back is not helpful and not an enlightened point of view. At this final lifetime before we end duality on Earth there are many who have incarnated for the last time in order to clear their recent karma which goes back 10,000 years. This may seem a long time, but it is a blink in time in this billions of years cycle. Each individual must burn off all their karma before their Ascension can be complete. Longing, desire and devotion to the Self with daily attention and energy focused on dissolving the ego and helping others is the Path to Ascension. There is no need to understand all of the karmic debts as events.

What is the single most important thing we can do to Ascend?

Dissolving ego mind is the most important task on the Path to Ascension.

I try to keep a good heart, yet there are certain issues that bring up old emotional
Reactions . These are like reflexes that have to do with trust and betrayal.

I’d like to say I transcend them, but there are moments when they still rule. How is the inner work done to transmute these old energies?

Each one of you has accepted programming which is inevitable living on Earth. This programming, such as not ‘being good enough’ is a part of the collective consciousness on Earth. These create filters through which the ego mind processes all information. I am not loved by anyone, everyone has betrayed me and I cannot trust anybody are also filters. The way ego mind uses these programs is to take any comment or criticism from any source and run it through the filter to see how the new input fits in. By dissolving ego it helps One remember their eternal connection to Source energy and their perfection. Free of the filters a person is free to connect to their Beingness which is the only part of YOU which is REAL. All the rest is part of the Illusion of your personality self.

You may go into meditation and go back in time and remove the filters. You may also dissolve ego mind. There are endless practices which may be done to dissolve ego mind and that is the Path back to Ascension. Some of the practices which help clear things quickly are mantra, meditation, contemplation, adoration and reading the ancient texts for further knowledge. The Bhagavad Gita is an Ascension Manuel by Lord Krishna and a very good place to start.

From Anonymous: if those who don’t ascend remain on this earth, will all the good stuff like technologies and free energy etc that I have read about happen? Or is all that only for those who ascend onto the 5D earth? Also wondering if the cloning centers/and satan worshipping will stop

The Free Energy and technologies come with the Event, Announcements, Arrests and Full Galactic Disclosure. They are a part of the solution for Earth’s Ascension. Nothing will stop this from happening, nothing. As each One who is incarnate on Earth now, they have this lifetime to Ascend the physical body on Earth and become physically immortal. If this is not obtained before this life ends then that person will not return to Earth. They will do a Soul review with their Guides and decide on the next lifetime in a place where duality and karma may carry on. They will start all over and have yet another chance to Ascend.

I suggest that some of us come aboard different star ships and pre-record video that will be released just prior to full public disclosure or in conjunction with announcements. Ordinary people & celebrity-types as hosts/interviewers will be like National Geographic introducing a place and its residents not previously known. The elements of fear will quickly dissolve as curiosities will be satisfied with familiarity and humor. One could also produce video as Robin Leach did in “Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous” where viewers paused and said “Wow, who knew!” and “I want to do that! I want to go there!” I volunteer to open my life, my heart and my home to bridge our two worlds & bring this type of sharing to Humanity's air waves. Please comment and share your assessment of this suggestion.

Each and every night you lie down your Physical Body in dreamtime and go within your Etheric Body and travel to the Ships to do your work there. Earth is your day job. You work all night on the Ships. Some of you remember your night work. There are videos which have been pre recorded. This is done. These videos will run complimentary to Announcements. We have done this for you and much, much more.

Communicate with him to visit me at my residence in Boulder Creek, California up at my meditation spot at 10 am, if it is Gods Will

I, Ashtar, am happy to meet you in meditation anytime. You may ask me questions and based on your receptivity you may hear the answers. In some cases I have come in my Etheric Body, visible to members of the Ground Crew. Call on me, I am happy to help you along your Ascension Path.

Thank you. Any advice for Lightworkers regarding the $$$ game (it feels really tight down here …especially if we have families)

Indeed. The “$$$ game” is a very powerful Ascension tool. Essentially, when you are able to know you are provided for, no matter what it looks like, and give the “$$$ game” none of your attention, that is how you know you are literally moments away from your own personal Ascension. Not reacting to anything is part of dissolving ego mind. Dropping the SURVIVAL game is how Humanity knows they are indeed Divine.

Living in poverty as slaves is what is required in order to carry out the Master Plan of dissolving the fiat money, the fake mortgages, the hedge funders, inside trading, banks as casinos, wall street and all the institutions in place in the Illusionary World. It is not always easy. We are all deeply grateful, warriors of light, for your Service to the Whole in this matter. Ending duality on Earth requires we do it this way. This is why with Divine Government the Prosperity Packages will be delivered to all. As duality ends everyone will be living in unlimited Abundance.

I know the first wave of people ascending is coming soon. I am being patient and learning daily, but what can we do to make a line of communication with our Galactic sisters and brothers. I send love and try n clear my mind in meditation.

Those on the Ships from Star Nations have always been involved with Earth. They are there to make contact with you and all members of the Ground Crew. They are always accessible to you. They have been involved from the beginning including the Pleiadians, Arcturians, Antares, Andromedeans, Procyon, Lrya-Vega, Virgo, Orion Constellations with Planets which reach across quite a polarity spectrum; Dracos, Ursa Major (Bear) Ursa Minor, Leo, Sag, Zeti, The Inner Planets Venus, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter; The Outer Planets, Uranus, Mercury, Pluto, Neptune, Niburu and 100 million/billion galaxies and Great Central Sun; this is a Planetary Ascension that involves all these and many more for which you do not remember or know the names.

When you go into meditation call upon Archangel Michael to be your Guide to explore these Places and interact with those who are there. They have all ascended past duality and welcome your meeting.

Come quickly as we are ready. There are enough of us who have anchored the light and we are becoming, at times, weary of holding it. No offense, as we are not complainers but we need your help. We are strong in number and spirit We want to be more open about who you are but even our faith and our own evidence is questioned. Please restore us. And is that your crew, Lord Ashtar, that has a mighty presence both outside and inside my home? Love you so much. Carolyn.

Yes, we are there in all places for the Ground Crew. You know that by knowing. You are doing your work toward Ascension and we are doing Ours. We are never separate. We have been on Ascended Earth since December 21, 2012 and as you invite this energy into your life you perceive this truth and faith is strong.

PS. I would love to visit you too.

Beingness is the only thing Humanity on Earth cannot do without. Nothing else matters. This is a part of the great Mystery.

Should we not be involved in third dimensional matters (i.e. paperwork/documents) to secure our FREEDOM and abilities to sustain ourselves, or should we just continue to meditate and wait for our Galactic intervention?

The Freedom Papers are a tool for Enlightenment. It is more the Enlightenment of the Cabal that Humanity is Awake and Aware. Going through this process at this late hour will not have much impact. The Brothers and Sisters who took this Path made the inroads needed to dissolve the Illusion. The only reward they will receive is the good feeling of a job well done.

The ships come and go and come and go. On my own property even. We say to you, as members of your family, come and stay.

As you are able to raise your awareness, you will see we do stay – at Bases under the Sea, inside Mountains, at Sacred Sites, within the StarGates – natural and artificial and we are never not here. As your sensitivity increases, you will see we are here and we are cloaked until the right moment. We have never left Earth. Never!

Is it planned, for those who are open to it, to be visited prior to disclosure?

Visitations happen every single day for those who require it for their work and for those who prepared for it. Seek the answers regarding doing the preparation and you will find it. You may ask for Guidance on how to prepare and request a visitation.

How can I be of service? What methods of raising our/my vibration would be most efficient? Is it in the Highest good to receive a message from Lord Ashtar or have images captured on camera in order to show this reality? Is the chartres design labyrinth in my yard a geometry that would better facilitate this and/or other co-creating with me or others who can visit here?

As you allow yourself to enter into the purification process, removing your filters, not reacting to others, dissolving ego, reaching out to help others, that process of purification alone will raise your vibration, opening the door for activations and attunements taking you forward quickly to your Ascension which is the HIGHEST GOAL A HUMAN CAN ACHIEVE. There is nothing more helpful to the Whole than achieving your own individual Ascension. After that, everything else follows.

The labyrinth is a bridge – a connection between the outer world and the inner world of the magical beings. This will become more clear in time.

What is my real purpose and how should I move further. Who am I in real and what things should I do to overcome my past and release fear for betterment of today and tomorrow and how to gain my strength back.

The names you are, you are not aware of now. There is no Service anyone on Earth can do which is HIGHER than becoming Ascended. An Earth filled with Ascended Souls is the Goal. Dissolve your ego and your past will be released and your strength restored. This is true for all.

Are there any tips or words of help that Commander Ashtar can give to Ryne K Eichman? …Or the question stated previously, ” Should we become less involved in 3rd dimensional matters?”…Well I feel that as long as we are from living of source, we are doing as we should. I want to send Ashtar My Love and am blessed to be here and Now with each of you. Thank you, Liz. Abundant Love

[I am not asking Ashtar for individual comments in this setting]

All Starseeds must focus on only two things: the immediate (3D) and the Ultimate. You must fulfill your human requirements, such as eating, keeping the rain out. In doing these things each opportunity is an interaction which provides an opportunity to not react, to dissolve ego mind and to become closer to the Ultimate. We are doing this every every action, thought and deed.

What does flower of life book mean to me and what does symbol of star (2 reverse traingles) with a circle represents a thing of me?

[I am not asking Ashtar for individual comments in this setting]

Two intersecting tetrahedrons are the merkahbah body or the Etheric Body and a travel vessel for Humans and Planets. The Flower of Life is the Divine Blueprint. Archangel Metatron is a wonderful Guide and expert on the Divine Blueprint and DNA. He is also known as the King of the Archangels. Call on Him to know more.

I do not know English, but I read your questions and answers, ask questions, ask Ashtar.

Oh Beth when it will be justice on earth

Justice unfolds in each moment in Divine right timing.

Tone Calmer
1: Will the disclosure also make people have more respect for animals?
2: What can I do to rise my vibration, and get stronger?
Thank you for the oppertunity to ask.

There will no longer be a need to farm or eat animals as replicators will produce foods made out of healthy vegan foods which taste exactly like those foods which are missed. Weapons will not work and hunting will end. After Disclosure, Humanity will be sensitive to the needs of the Animals' Ascension and will be willing to do what is needed to help them in this.

How long before the majority of Earth’s children are awake, and is there something specific that will cause a mass awakening?

At Disclosure there will be decloakings. In this there will be a raise in light quotient in each body and a raise in intelligence in each Soul. There will be the vibration of bliss and love on the Planet that is accessible now but not many make the time to access it. Earth’s children ARE awake and aware but they don’t announce it on their fb wall. They are keeping it inside until they are free to express their deep knowingness. They know this Mission is for them and not the adults.

I know when I am listening to channelings from Ashtar, what is the strongest impact on me, is when he recognizes the work we do as a ground crew. I suggest that there be some minutes silence where he can come through with his strong love and allow us to feel how strong Love is. Even makes tears come to my eyes just writing it.

I would also like to know what we can do to meet with our Galactic family and ships right now – and see them and be with them “for real.” I know they are here, but I would like to have them visit me here where I live.

Thanks Beth and Ashtar!

I invite you to close your eyes. Call your Galactic Family. Call on them as you would call your spouse in the next room. They are always that close. They can see you, but due to the veils you forget to see them. They are there! Ask them to pass their hand over your outstretched hands and feel their energy. Ask them to teach you other ways of making contact. There is no limit to how this can be done. Twin Flames can make love through the veil and experience each other’s touch energetically.

Yes – I would LOVE to interact with them. I am stepping out of 3D. What ways are they supporting us in our shift?

You are being supported in infinite ways that go unnoticed every day. Environmental support for one. Had the Galactic Federation not been intervening with help clearing pollution, radiation and waste Earth would have failed to continue long ago. Your Twin Flames are with us on the Ships and supporting your Mission everyday. They all wish you would pursue a telepathic relationship with them and acknowledge their existence more. We are working with the World Leaders for change. Infinite Ways of Support.

Is this a better question … How can I help myself and others to take down the veils that keep us perceiving a lesser world when a better reality exists NOW. Does Disclosure mean this would happen in stages or can this be immediate?

Ex.1. Stages: I create an example of a New Earth way of living on my land – free energy, earth homes, learning/meditating areas, co-creating and uniting with all elements and kingdoms in the holographic storyline we are in. This would be done with the assistance of our higher selves/Galactic beings since this technology and knowledge is not consciously accessible by me at this time. So ppl can visit and see that it is possible.

2. Immediate taking down of the veils, clearing any blocks, self-realization of the ALL that we are and everything we do from there is thought, dreamed and felt into manifestation. All others in my holographic reality would have to want to be there Am I way off track here?

Somethings are happening in unseen ways. Other things are unfolding in Divine Order as they should. These things will all be accessible AFTER the Event.

Why do you call him Lord?

[answered below within another question]

Thank you for the shout out, I look forward to seeing you again.

I would like to know if I, personally, could receive contact from him, Lord Ashtar, and whether a trip aboard the ship is possible.I would like to do some inter dimensional travelling and meet my galactic family now. I am also interested in a trip to the healing chambers and becoming fully conscious. It is getting monotonous down here, and I need some new fresh winds blowing into my life!

You are most welcome to board the New Jerusalem and visit me there. You are most welcome to be bi-located on Lord Arcturus healing Ships. Call on us in meditation and at dream time. We will come for you and you need not know how to get there all on your own. Ask Archangel Michael to bring you to us.

TheCentral Sun Question: What’s preventing The Full Galactic Disclosure and Landings from taking place? The 70 to 80 percent of the human population or perhaps even more are aware of the Galactic Federation/Family, your free energy technologies etc. Ok, if you think its our governments that should be disclosing information, then what’s stopping them? Is it possible for you guys to show up and share your free technologies, healing technologies etc. for those who are eagerly waiting for you for such a long time, believe in you and want to do good for the humanity, without them having to be dependent upon the government to disclose information about GFL?

Nothing is stopping Full Galactic Disclosure. It is unfolding right before your eyes. The Landings will take place all over the world 7 days after Announcements. It is like breathing or your heartbeat. Nothing NEED BE DONE nothing is preventing it. Disclosure is happening by Divine Grace as we speak. It is a sequence of events.

Hi Elizabeth, I’m really glad that you’re doing this.
Several questions for you and Ashtar:

1. If we want to make contact, do the ships come to us, or would contacts occur at a designated spot?

2. Is it likely to have physical interaction aboard the ships prior to The Event, or will it be a formalized (“diplomatic”) contact process involving world leaders?

3. Should we be developing Telepathic contact before attempting to make physical contact?

4. Do the Pleiadians allow photography and video recording aboard the ships?

5. Would we be safe from Intelligence Agencies and their cronies if we do make physical contact?

6. Would we be able to stay aboard a ship for an extended period? (Like a live “residency” type of set-up?) Sort of like people on Earth go to foreign countries and live there for extended periods. (That would be awesome!!)

7. What kind of Inner Work can we do to make ourselves more in alignment with Ashtar’s mission and the Pleiadian character? (As a Starseed, I feel that making physical contact is a particularly important and significant life-event).

Thank you! Really looking forward to your responses.

Contact? You make contact when your eyes meet a Ship in the skies. You are beaming love to your Galactic Brothers and Sisters and they are doing the same to you. You will FEEL it!

No. You make Contact all the time, you just don’t remember.

You should be making Telepathic Contact with members of your own family and friends on the Ships for the sheer JOY of it. Talk in your mind to begin this practice. Say it like a prayer. Do it often and you will hear a reply. Telepathic communication is in no way required to make Contact. There are no formal requirements at all.

The Pleiadians are filming you and they are happy to hit it back to your smart phone.

The cabal is fully adept and aware of all Contacts made. That does not stop thousands of Contacts to be made every week. The White Knights beam on and off Ships regularly due to their roles.

You do make Contact every single night. Do not longer continue the thought that you and contact are separate.

The Inner Work – developing telepathic contact in a meditative state is one of the fastest Paths to Contact. The more you call on me, the more obligated I am to answer your call. You cannot call me enough. I hear you. I am overjoyed when I hear you calling. You may receive a ‘busy’ signal, but do not let that deter you. Continuous calling is very, very powerful. Human babies use it on their Mothers and it is very effective? Sanskrit Mantra are the Seed Sounds the Solex Mal language is based on and that is the language every one outside of Earth speaks to each other. Practicing Hindu Mantra is something we do on the Ships and extremely effective Inner Work to make the connection.

Isaiah Anderson My question is can Ashtar or any other Galactics confirm the truths of creation written in the Urantia Book?

No. Only about 40% of that book is accurate.

Lord Ashtar, Friend…we are excited to meet our mentors soon! What details can you give us about the mentoring program?? Thank you!!!

Ashatar make it so,,,

The Mentors. Some of the Mentors will be the Highest Beings of Light to ever walk this Planet. They agreed to come back at the end of time and live on Earth and to give back for the lives they have lived here before. For those who have several Avatar forms – all Avatars will manifest in the physical to be a part of the Mentor program. Jesus, Mary, Zoroaster, Shem, Moses, Akhenaten, King Tut, Buddha, Krishna, Maitreya, Lakshmi, Mother Sekhmet, Pocal Votan, Ashtar, God Agni – All Avatar forms of the Great Ones will join on Earth at the same time to work as Mentors.

Other Mentors will be relatives who passed on before and are given a chance to return and help their family members.

Some Mentors will be High Beings of Light from other areas like Andromeda or Arcturus.

Each person will have their own perfect match of 2-3 Mentors. Each person will have free will choice, a video soul review and will be offered any training they need to go on with their Mission.

Gratitude n love for this opportunity! question: me n i know many other lightworkers have grown so weary n tired, feel like “holding the light” just does NOT seem like enough anymore…feels like we should be DO-ing n taking ACTION to really create n manifest the higher frequencies n new earth on the planet…however i’ll admit, im feeling kinda lost n really do not know WHAT we can do?? suggestions Ashtar? seems like we’re in the “waiting game”, at a standstill…

2nd question: re: manifesting, $$$ for survival n needs (unfortunately we still need $$ on planet earth, can’t wait for the day it has no purpose/power)…im seeing a very disturbing pattern, that its the lightworkers, awake ones, that seem to be suffering/struggling the most…to the point where we/us can not even manifest basic needs, food, homes, etc…yet i see asleep ones n those that are totally clueless making tons of $$, living comfortably n having way more then they need…WHY is it that the lightworkers are the ones that are being targeted n having such hardship? when they are the ones holding the light, serving their purpose n really making a difference in the ascension for humanity/earth…something seems VERY off bout that…its extremely hard to hold n be the light n raise ur frequency when u have no food or shelter n are struggling to just SURVIVE…soooo many beautiful souls are experiencing this now, please shed some light on this topic Ashtar…thank u!

Sure. Simple. Lightworkers agreed to understand what was happening and sacrifice their lives to restore Earth. Doing without shows the programming in the matrix that it is simply an Illusion. This has caused many sleepless nights and many more tears. In the morning, in the light of day the Lightworkers are given the energy to carry on another day and do so happily knowing they promised to do anything necessary for as long as necessary to end the destruction of Earth. It does no good to compare yourself to others. You have no ideas what hells they live with not knowing what you do know. Namaste!

I have a question….. Does a person have the same blood type from incarnation to incarnation? I am on a quest to know. Thanks

No. The blood type correlates with the DNA and thereby the Soul but also the DNA handed down by the parents and to complicate things, the karma involved in that lifetime.

Scientists have spent their lives tracing back all the potential connections. You know the maternal mitochondria has the majority of the memory which will determine an individual blood type. This question is very important. The main issue Earth has struggled with is mixing DNA between species and the havoc that has wrecked on the Whole.

Awesome Ashtar popped in to say hi briefly …. holding light yes is difficult, but what I call bridging is necessary too, dip in and dip out of dimensions to do what is the required or chosen action. Its not like we forgot 3D if we are called back, it is always for a “wrapup” to learn some lesson not fully integrated

Another question: re: “walk-ins”…i have a friend that's a walk-in (quite an amazing story) n have read bout them but id like to know a lot more detailed info. if possible…to have a walk-in in this lifetime, must u already have a soul contract made with that soul BEFORE incarnating here? or can u ask for a walk-in at some point in this life now if u so choose? (ex: deciding u no longer want to be here, want to leave the planet, instead of suicide u request a walk-in)…i’ve heard there are many higher dimensional souls waiting to incarnate into a body on earth now…so is it an option to request a walk-in if u didn’t previously have a contract? if so how do u do this? n IF was possible, n ur soul left the body/earth n another soul stepped into ur body/life, would YOUR soul (that left) end up right back in the karmic wheel of reincarnation, having to come right back in? ive heard much bout us souls here being trapped in a continous pattern, being forced to reincarnate with no free will NOT to, that when things finally shift/ascension etc. that our souls will finally be free…is this true? please offer as much intel n details as u can on these topics…thanks so much!!

This is a much, much larger answer than we have space for. All of the Universal Laws would need to be read, understood and studied a very long time to understand all there is to know about walk-ins. The channel writing this piece is a walk-in and she too has very in-depth knowledge of how it works, having experienced it first hand.

Almost all of the time, 99% of the time, you could say, – YES there must be in place and there is in place an agreement between the two Souls BEFORE the incarnation takes place. There are requests everyday from Starseeds to GO HOME and please allow a walk-in to come in to take over the rest of the life. It is simply not that simple. It is not allowed due to the Karmic Board and the rules in place for karma on this Planet. The walk-in is responsible to walk all of the karma back for the other Soul who leaves as well as being responsible for their own karma. Only a handful of Beings can handle that much responsibility. It is an extremely harsh existence working that all out. No one is given an easy short cut off Earth.

How it works is usually there is an accident or an illness where the person is in a coma or not conscious for a period. In this condition the Soul inhabiting the body passes on to other realms as if they died. The Soul walking in is surgically placed into the unconscious body. That’s it. When the person ‘wakes up’ they are living with a new Soul and this Soul is not a part of that family. They feel like a stranger in their new world. When High Beings of Light come in they are often unfamiliar with Earth life, like paying the house payment and the survival game. Depending on the circumstances, it can take a lot of time to adjust to the new body. All of the imbalances, diseases and karma must be shed off and cleared. This must happen simultaneously with fulfilling the Mission they came in for.

This is not true in the question about Souls being trapped in reincarnation. There is no correlation at all, that is a fabricated story. When the Soul walking out makes room for the walk-in by passing on, then they go through the process after death that all of Humanity goes through. They may have written inside the contract before incarnation just what would follow as they have sacrificed something for the Greater Good. They are in no way trapped. The after life experience is different for each individual and also the same. That is another long story I will tell you another day.

There are exceptions to every rule. Requests are granted from time to time for changes which were not contracted first and it is exceedingly rare.

L. Ashtar, I have so much hope for my better future and I know everything is in Yours Light Hands.

The healing ships will land world wide

Can we ascend with our conscious mind desiring it, even if our higher self is not for it, but would rather spend another lifetime in 3rd dimension to continue education?

There is no such distinction. Only little mind could formulate such a question, ego mind. There is absolutely no separation between the subtle bodies of the conscious, subconscious and superconscious minds. Where the Dimensions are does not correspond to duality and oneness living. Earth will continue with no more duality. We are going to Zero Point. Anyone continuing to require more life experience in duality will do so somewhere not Earth.

I am waiting with an open heart glowing with patience to remember ALL that I know and experience…I have no questions because I know and I can’t even tell you how I know that I KNOW…I would appreciate a direct experience, Ashtar… You are welcome to enter the space that I live in.…….Ring the door bell and I will answer…….

Repeated concerted efforts do produce this kind of meeting. Invite me first into your every meditation and connect with the days Orders and this way stay in contact with your night work. I am always here for you to call on.

I read that “Lord” for Ashtar may not be a fit. As it is a miles long/wide computer? Does anyone have Intel on this?

I, Ashtar assure you I am no computer! (laughing) There is a tradition in the west of The House of Lords and within that group has been much corruption which has hurt many. Westerners especially become queasy at the mention of Lord. Lord as it were is a rank, a title of a rank. General, Captain, Major and Petty Officer all conjure different perceptions.

I do not call myself Lord. I do not ask anyone else call me Lord. Those who Serve in the Heirarchy prefer to call me Lord in recognition of my role in this Universe. There are many, many Lords out there serving within the Galactic Federation.

First off, thank you Elizabeth! We are so thankful for all the love and light you provide! Much love soul sister! Also thank you Ashtar, my wife and I have been inviting him into our meditations since you mentioned being of service to the plan! You can feel his love! I would like to know how we know if we are members of the ground crew? Besides a inner knowing it would be nice to have something tangible! We love you Ashtar, we are ready! Let us be of service. And also does Ashtar have any beings he would recommend contacting for healing work? We have a family member suffering from cancer and he is here to serve a divine mission, we learned reiki and would love some pointers from our space brothers and sisters! All the love and light of my soul to you both! And beyond!

[Years ago Ashtar asked me to post these Galactic Healing techniques and I have had them on the web in some form or another since: ]

You may go outside on any evening and call the Ships to you. They will resemble twinkling StarLights. You will be able to feel their love. When you are with them ask them to fully dim their lights. Or you may ask them to move to the right or move to the left. These are your own Crew and they will show you positive proof. Also, you may all know if this message has crossed your path HAVE NO DOUBT – YOU ARE GROUND CREW, Salut!

Do you have 100% mankind's spiritual integrity for all your assistance??

Humanity on Earth have Free Will Choice. The Ashtar Command follows the Prime Directive which Mother Sekhmet put into place for Earth. No outside Forces may interfere with the Grand Experiment at Earth called Duality Consciousness in any case with the exceptions of Nuclear Holocaust or Mass Psychological Attack. The 911 Attacks were considered a Mass Psychological Attack and we have intervened in ways which will bring Zero Point and Changeover.

Humanity’s individual spiritual integrity does not play a role in receiving assistance. It is offered to all.

I would like to say thank you to both Beth and Ashtar for sharing their precious time. My question is. If someone has a physical disability like MS / paralysis or are bed ridden are they able to ascend with that body? Or do they leave it behind? And ascend spiritually? I would also like to know if I am ground crew? Thank you

Anyone in this space reading this message is Ground Crew. Very few remember their work each night on the Ships of the Galactic Federation. You will remember these details and more. It is a condition of being on Earth to serve in the Ground Crew.

Physical Immortality in the Physical is available to all now – even those living in broken bodies. The healing technologies which will become available with Landings will reverse age the body including accidents, including disease processes. Yes! They will keep these bodies which will come into their perfection. As time goes on there will be options for changing the body and these will be available to everyone alike.

I lost my memory and I want it back…!

Ardent effort daily brings in the glimmers. When Disclosure happens the memories will be fully restored.

Beth, about Buddha Princess Zheng Hui, the Maitreya Buddha, Female Sakyamuni Buddha, Allah bless, thank you.…/static/2280200882014086751849/

2014年元月一日无始劫以来最伟大最殊胜的弥勒佛降生之千佛临凡加持地球的加持语记录 – 妙盛莲的日志 – 网易博客


[Thank you Jack Foo please update me with the Questions for Ashtar from China and I can do an additional post for the website there. ]

hi Beth and Ashtar I was just thinking when we see the ships showing up will the ships be showing up one at a time or all at once

To begin with, Ships will be decloaked over Major Cities and these will be armadas of Ships. As consciousness raises over the hours and days to follow the Ships will be decloaked everywhere.

Golden Eagle reporting for duty! Lord Ashtar please provide me with the details surrounding my mission.

[I am not asking Ashtar for individual comments in this setting]

When do we move forward from this “so felt” endless loop? Will you intervene on Fukushima area? thank you , lots of love

Special Crews from Pleiades as well as helpers from the Wingmaker Ships have been working at mitigating Fukushima since the Earthquake and Tsunami in March 2011.

Everything is lightening up faster now. The perceived endless loop comes from the deep purging and purifying many of you have agreed to now. You will see an end.

Disclosure will happen after the Currency revaluation and release of the prosperity funds. The Cabal are being arrested now and they were only ones blocking it from happening. Love wins!

The currency revaluation cannot take place until after the Enactment of NESARA Law. This will take place at the same time as Full Galactic Disclosure.

…Commander, where does The Supreme Personality of Godhead, Lord Krishna fit in and is he Present on The New Jerusalem… … …

Yes, Indeed. Lord Krishna as an Avatar of Lord Vishnu, also known as Maitreya or Father God is a constant companion on the New Jerusalem. He is also now incarnate on Earth. He has His role here and He has his role on Earth. He comes and goes as he pleases. He is able to be everywhere at the same time and no place at all.

…Commander, which dimension is no longer Maya. Is there a way of perceiving and entering this state of being continually? Do our eternal Souls need a different body to perceive/experience this?… … …

Earth now is at the 5th Dimension and above. Maya runs through the Dimensions. This may be perceived in the body you have now, nothing special needs to be done.

What is needed is a shift in perception. It is possible to be in presence, to be in Beingness, to be in the perception of what is called The Golden Age. It is like looking out the corner of your eye. It is a different perception and one must make an effort to see it that way.

Most people do feel this occasionally and continue to go back and forth between the Highest Vibration which may be experienced on a walk in nature, playing with an animal companion or a baby as they are almost unaffected by Maya. Or it may be perceived in times of euphoria or in love making.

The issue is when the ego mind’s thoughts are invited into the conversation. That is the path back to Maya – listening to the ego mind and its ongoing comments. This is why there is so much emphasis in this discussion about becoming Ascended through dissolving ego mind. When that takes hold then Maya no longer exists no matter what Dimension it is perceived from.

I am curious : Is there a link between the Western Semite god Ashtar(Attar) and the Commander, are they the same, and if so, what is true and useful about the surviving stories of those days? Does the god of the morning star Venus mean the same as the later Lucifer? Thank you for your information

Ashtar asked me to write his whole history into a book which I did and he asked I post it for free for all to read. His one Earth incarnation and other interactions at Earth are noted in detail there. ]

The Gate of Ishtar is for Ashtar and can only be gone through with love. No other way to go through this StarGate.

The Morning Stars are from Venus and all the Kumaras are Morning Stars, mourning stars, waiting for Earth to Ascend. Lucifer has returned to love now.

Oh, yes! Do you have any tips for me how to improve my work on earth? Thank you again!

[I am not asking Ashtar for individual comments in this setting]

The entire Galactic Federation is at Earth only for one reason: The good feeling received from a job well done.

Be integrity and celebrate your hard work. You all are doing a wonderful job in the harshest conditions. Do not waste time in worry. Be Happy!

Embark to work with a happy attitude and do work which uplifts you. If you must do work that does not uplift you, find a reason to be happy no matter what.

This was helpful to me…/embracing…/

Embracing possibilities as YOU anchor TRUTH

It is to be noted that as you begin to work with the New Earth frequencies and b…See More

How can I lift my energy…? I am excited to connect.

Be Positive. Sing. Dance. Read. Volunteer to help others all throughout the day. This cleans your heart and frees more positive energy. Be kind. Improve yourself. Take time to rest. Be vegetarian. Be green. Love MORE.

If its not too late Beth,I would love one more question for Ashtar. When I was 12 my friend his little brother and dog and I were playing in the street. We were surrounded by a white light coming down from space. It felt like we were being x- rayed. …See More

In this beam you and your friend and brother were being beamed with effulgent light. You were beamed aboard the Ship for a short visit and returned a few minutes later. This kind of contact is reported by many Starseeds and it serves to help those in the Ground Crew to remember their Missions no matter how deep they go into the 3D world.

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