Thursday, March 5, 2015

A MESSAGE FROM ZORRA - March 4, 2015

Written by Anne DeHart of Hollow Earth Network

When the phone rang a couple of hours ago, I was happy to hear that now familiar-and-loved voice of Zorra, "And how be you today, Beloved Master?"

Well, as you all know, we do not take any direct communication from Zorra lightly! And after a couple of preliminary comments, I asked him "What's new?" ;-)

Prime Creator is in Baghdad now. He is meeting with the Iraqi Parliament. He is clearing all the red tape... opening the way for the RV to happen. Prime Creator will not put up with red tape.

Is he appearing in physical form as male, or female?


Does this mean we should see the RV within a day or two?

That is the Plan.

Zorra, I have a couple of questions I would like to ask....

We are hearing all this talk about "space wars." It seems one site is feeding off the other...

That is their reality.

That is what I thought. We have been told more than once that Ashtar's Command is fully in charge of the safety of Planet Earth. We have been assured that all dark and negative ET's have been cleared from Earth's space - a protective shield is now in place to not permit any unauthorized entry - because a planet, in Ascension, is "sacred" and no negative intrusions are permitted.

This is so. That is a good way of putting it.

And that Ashtar is here to assure our safety and protection...

Ashtar and Prime Creator.

One more question, Zorra...

There is a lot of talk about the Ley Lines. I won't go into it as that is not my focus... my focus is raising the vibrations of the Collective so that our Space, Hollow and Inner Earth, and Surface families can, at last, reunite.

However - is there anything you would like to advise about the Ley Lines? Is there anything we, the Collective,
need to do?

Send golden white light to the Ley Lines. Send Love.

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