Monday, March 23, 2015

A Re-Post: The Sun's Holographic Display

From Manuel:  I'm re-posting this article I wrote last year in order to inform those who are still unaware about the true nature of the Sun (Solar) bright light.

Did you know that the moment we leave the Earth's Atmosphere that the temperature there is absolutely SUB-ZERO?  Folks, this is not a joke! This is a fact.  Even when the Sun is shinning bright out there in space it is really very cold.  The Sun does not emit any heat at all! The fiery display that we see including the so called solar flares are just "Illusions".  It's a HOLOGRAPHIC Display created by the PEOPLE of the Sun.  The surface of the Sun is no different from Nevada except for the Las Vegas concrete jungle. The Sun's spot that was seen on the surface of the Sun even during the time of Gallileo is actually part of a visual graphic that was being played, again and again by the people of the Sun. It was just looping visual effects!

One example of Holographic display technology is in Nevada.  There is a place there, an opening to the Inner Earth.  Inner Earth is where you can find the Advance Lemurian civilizations.  When you see the opening you can tell that it's just another rocky formation.  But when you touch it, your hand will pass through the rocks because it's only a visual holographic as it's empty inside.  This is true when they remove temporarily the "Force Field".  You can tell that you are infront of this opening when your compass needle starts to spin.


We have been told that the Sun is hot and that it's a ball of fire powered by fission.  But now this view is no longer correct.  A few hundred kilometers outside of the Earths atmosphere is unbelievably completely "SUB -  ZERO" Temperature! When we go outside of the Earths atmosphere and even come close to the atmosphere of the Sun; everywhere in space is absolutely very cold.  Being in space is like being in Siberia (more or less).  The heat that we feel only exist just around the orbit or the atmosphere of the Earth.  And this is another thing that NASA has been silent about for many decades that in space there is no evidence of heat whatsoever.  The Sun is not hot!

Now, a few questions will form in your mind:

1.) Why does various instruments like SOHO and infra-red devices indicate the Sun is consistently engulf in flames?
2.) Solar flares and Solar Storms what are they?
3.) Why is it that the sun spots are in a looping stages - as if its being played?
4.) Why do we feel the heat on our skin when the Sun is shinning brightly during the day? 
5.) If the Sun is not powered by fission then what powers it perpetually?

The Sun is powered by Cold Fusion.  The Light from the Sun is not hot; once again that is a fact. Instead of fission which is technically like an outward explosion it is rather like an implosion (so to speak), an inward, a reverse of fission energy which makes it last longer in cycles of perpetual motion.  The Sun is just a ball of Light.  And just like the Earth it is also Hollow inside, meaning there are advance civilization within its interior space.   The surface of the Sun is not much different from the land surface of the state of Nevada. It is very cold in outer space even when the Sun is shining.

Visual Fence 

The fiery ball of light that we see is only a looping "Holographic Display" which is projected from the surface of the Sun and into the space all around it.   In other words, the solar flares are just visual effects technology played by the people of the Sun.  Their technology are very superior and is more advance that they can project the animated visual holographic of fiery display not just allover the surface of the Sun but also several billions of miles from the Sun. They created the holographic display in order to create a "Visual Fence" so that we humans who are warlike creatures will stay away from the vicinity of the Sun and not dare to get to the Sun.  But all these will change in the near future, as the news of the impending rise of the Earth to the 5th Dimensional Ascension will make the beings on the Sun to remove the looping visual display.

Centrifugal Force

Just outside of the Earths atmosphere is where we will find the area where the heat is located.  This is only about a few hundred kilometers that surrounds the Earth.  As the Earth rotate from its axis and as well as its revolution from its orbit it creates a friction to the Suns magnetic pull.  This friction by the Earths magnetic field with the Sun along with the rotation of the Earth causes the centrifugal force.  And this is where the heat is generated.  The centrifugal force is the one creating the heat that we feel inside the Earth atmosphere.  But, take note this is only available on Earth and not in outer space; because in space it is completely Sub - Zero Temperature. 

When the light of the Sun is projected to this field of centrifugal force this spreads the heat to the surface of the Earth.  This is why when there is no sunlight there is no heat.  But again remember the heat that we feel is only present within the Earths atmosphere and not outside in outer space.

Lesson for Us All

We thought that we should look for a planet that has at least the same characteristics and dynamics to that of the Earth in order to find a possible planet that harbors life similar to Earth.  Because we thought, a planet should be at least have the same distance to the Sun in order to have life just like on Earth. We used space based and land based telescope to find an Earth like planet anywhere in space.

But we were wrong in that kind of mindset.   Instead of wasting time and resources on projects that are aimed to seek the distant galaxies,why don't we begin to search for life in our own location in space, that is just outside of the Earths backyard, our own neighborhood, our own solar system.   Our neighbors Mars, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter etc. is filled with LIFE inside the interior of those planets!  Our planet was a subject of experiment thousands and thousands of years ago to see if civilizations can exist and thrive on its surface.  This is where the subject of "Genesis" will come into play.  Adam and Eve were created inside the EARTHS interior.

The Planet Earth is also hollow just like ALL the planets in the Universe, including the moon that we see every night.  All civilizations in the Universe RESIDE inside their planet and not outside!  This is why our surface world suffers from various natural disasters because it wasn't completely designed and intended for civilizations to inhabit.  Unlike the surface world, inside the Earth is pristine and have Paradise like environment.  The Garden of Eden is inside of the Earth.  There is a city inside the Earth called 'Eden'.  Our planet is NOT SOLID, it is HOLLOW!  Think of a ping pong ball of table tennis, just like that, the Earth is also hollow inside.  The thickness of the Earths crust/shell is only 800 miles.  The center of gravity is at the 400 miles, and this is where we find molten lava and magma formation.  There is no metal core inside the earth, instead there's a small central Sun (only about 600 miles in diameter); which is just like the Sun (solar) is also powered by cold fusion technology. 

The Northern and Southern Lights we call as "Aurora Borealis" are generated by the small central sun inside the Earth.  Without the small sun inside the Hollow Earth we will never see the auroras.  Did you know that both the North and South Polar Lights appear simultaneously indicating it was being formed by just one light source which is the small central sun inside the Earth seen from space by various satellites?

Even the Moon have civilizations inside its interior.  The planet Venus is where most "Kumaras" came from.  Why don't we send missions to these planets and not focused on far distant galaxies?  We should start here near the Earth.  The person we know as Jesus is also a Kumara, his real name even before he incarnated on Earth by having an avatar human body was "Sananda Kumara".  He is also related to the person known as Sanat Kumara.  And they are from Venus. And we know Venus is one of our nearest neighbor to the Solar System.  The ancient Indus Valley and the lost Southern Kingdom of India were once filled with people from Venus! 

NASA is obviously hiding something, which is why they never went back to the moon.  Mr. Armstrong the first man on the moon was told to keep quiet.  But this expedition by China and India to the moon and Mars might significantly question the integrity and reliability of NASA as all of their research and studies seems to be designed to keep people from the dark and not know the truth.

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