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Ashtar: "The World is Lifting Up Higher and Higher!"

Ashtar On The Road Teleconference - February 24, 2015

"Greetings, Beloved Family! We are in a state of excitement to be here with you, to have so much progress being reported already.* And there is more! And I shall begin by quoting one of my favorite quotes. I have said this before; I’m going to say it again. And it is about not just I, Ashtar, but the entirety of the Ashtar Command - including the ground crew, including you, Beloved Ones. And it says: 'We're here! We're there! We’re everywhere!'** There is no place anymore where any dark hat can hide, because the lights are shining so bright they can penetrate even the darkest of rocks! And we are 'on duty,' as you might say, 24-7! I, Ashtar, am on The Bridge***and yet multi-locating for meetings around the world - and beyond, in the places where the Solar and the Galactic Councils meet.

"This is very much a together kind of a Mission. This Ascension has not happened before. For the Human Kingdom to drop so low in its vibration - another way of saying it is, to put in place such a veil of separation is almost unheard of in the entirety of the Universe - and then to come back up! Well, this is a first! And it is our Joy and our Honor to be in assistance. And we are much more in evidence, shall we say, than we have been previously - in other words, when this all started, you might say, in earnest!

"For instance, there have been events in your most recent past which might have seemed to have been victories for the dark hats - and in the 3D perceptions and perspective of things, yes. They created a great sadness. Now all that I’m saying is not to plunge you into the lower vibrations, but simply to tell you that they were actually milestones upon the path up and out of 3D!

"I shall speak of, for instance, assassinations of beloved Leaders in the country of the United States of America, the Kennedy Brothers and Dr. Martin Luther King. In the space of about five years, these three men were taken from the third dimension. And whether or not you understand that none of them died -although Robert Kennedy did leave the body, that was what happened with him - I will tell you that it was the Legacy that inspired the entire World to come together! And even though it was a moment of sorrow, each one of them, each one of their passings from the 3-D was also a triumph, for the consciousness of the Planet came together in Love and in a desire for Peace!!! Candles were lit worldwide. Those Lights did not go out. They burn brighter now!

"And then let us look at what you call 9-11 - another milestone moment, if you will. Those buildings came down, but I tell you this, that the Hearts reached up into the Higher Dimensional levels beyond 3D. And there was a coming together, an agreement if you will, a recommitment to the Ascension of the Planet that these kinds of events would be learned from and not repeated.

"And, of course, since then, there have been other occasions. The tsunami in Indonesia brought many, many – and it was spread beyond Indonesia - but it brought many, many Hearts together - the Fukushima nuclear explosions, the Gulf oil spill, train wrecks and plane crashes. You see, there’s a pattern here in what I’m saying, is there not?

"When something that is considered tragic occurs upon the 3D stage - and it is - it is a lifting up! It is an opportunity for each and every being in the human body to say, 'What is the point of this one? What am I to learn from this? How can we change?' And, of course, the ultimate answer is the Ascension of Planet Earth. But there are places in between, if you will - plateaus, or levels - and you have reached a level such that you are able to open your Hearts and your Minds sufficiently that you can know the Truth of things, and yet keep going!!!

"You are not alone. You are never alone in your journey. We are always with you. The Ashtar Command is most often viewed in the ships. But I am not the only one in the Ashtar Command who has multi-locational capabilities. It’s all based in quantum physics, yes. It’s all based upon my reality which is different from yours, but I have no confinement in the density of the 3D body. Oh, I can take on the appearance of a 3D body. I can create illusions and operate as a being with an energy signature - or, perhaps even a body if the occasion calls for it in the, shall we say, the Higher Levels of 3D.

"You don’t think that Obama stays down in the lowest levels?! There are times when he must operate from a Higher Level, but he must address 3D. He must be an embodied human, although he is much more. But he nevertheless must appear as a human, a human who is aging from the stresses - not just simply the years of the stresses of being President - a being who knows well his own Divinity and his own Galactic origins, but nevertheless must appear to be as a puppet upon a string or dog upon a leash, or however you want to picture someone who is being controlled.

"But here’s how the hologram gets really interesting, because now, all of a sudden, it is not Obama who is being manipulated by the strings, or the leash, or the chains. It is that Obama is becoming that handler! BUT THERE IS A DIFFERENCE! You may recall that as soon as he was inaugurated the first time, and took the office of the President, that a former President, we call him Shrub, Sr. took him aside and berated him and was vile to him, abusive, using the most foul of language and insults to, shall we say, lower Obama’s morale and assure him that he was simply a pawn in their game.

"Now, as Obama looks out and sees the chaos and the dishevelment of the dark hats, he looks upon them with Compassion and Love! And while he may be stern and strict as a parent would with a child who is creating chaos within the household, Obama does not speak of them as being vile, as being lower than the lowest of the creatures who dwell in the dirt and so on and so on. He respects them as living beings!

"Now he does not respect what they have done. He does not in any way condone it and he is definitely not a part of it!! He has endured behind the scenes as well as publicly, and you know that. And what has kept him going is his own commitment, his own spirit, his own knowledge and wisdom of Who He Really Is, and what he is here to do. And we have been with him every step of the way and now we are, shall we say, frequent visitors where he lives because the World has progressed enough to enable us to further our Mission, to continue our actions!!! And lest you think that that’s the only place we are, remember what I am telling you: 'We’re here, we’re there, we’re everywhere!!!'**There is no place on Planet Earth where we are not a presence!

"We have many, many functions and roles. Security might be a broad term, or shall we say, keeping the Peace, even when it means disabling horrific weapons, even when it means that Sekhmet must pay, shall we say, a final visit to those who absolutely choose to be terminated by her, as opposed to standing down and ceasing their actions, their expressions.

"And, yes, we know there are many who have left their bodies, many white hats who have left their bodies to bring the Truth – reporters, scientists, political and entertainment people, people in every walk of life or lifestyle - who have been so dedicated and committed that they have given up their presence in their bodies, but they have moved up and are now helping from above, or beyond, what remains of the veil. And the veil isn’t very thick - it’s down, gone, evaporated, transmuted, released, and over in many, many, many locations!!!

"And the most important locations are the Human Minds and Hearts! And we are happy to report that the veil of separation is thin or non-existent. You have reached what you call a 'critical mass point,' or level, or plateau. And, yes, the ships are being seen more and more and more. And, yes, there are landings - in remote places, to be sure, but there are landings taking place -meetings taking place – conferences, planning sessions - because as a consciousness, as a whole, you have experienced enough high points, even though the actions and the expressions which created those experiences may have been painful beyond words, you have risen to the occasions, Beloved Ones!!!

"That is why we can do as much as we are doing! That is why we can do even more in the next moment! When we come together in Gatherings such as this, and we focus our energies, we empower the upliftment of the entire Planet exponentially - far, far, far beyond the sum total of each of us together!!!

"In other words, there may be 100 hundred of us, or 1,000 of us here gathered. We are uniting with the One We All Are, first of all. And secondly, the result - the upliftment, the outpouring or radiation of all Love vibes - goes way, way, way more in volume or power than you might think! If you pictured all of us in a circle holding a candle, the light that we would radiate is far greater than the number of candles, than the number of us here gathered!!! And that is a most important principle, because that is how we have been empowered to come along this far together.

"And when the consciousness of the entire Planet is read to be at an all-time high, and then the next time it is higher, and so on and so on, that is the Love Vibration coming together and triumphing over whatever sorrow, grief, pain, discomfort there is - yes, over fear-based emotions - in such a strong and powerful way that it actually propels us into a Higher Level of Dimensionality!

"Now if you understand that each dimension has many, many levels - just think of it as 144, if you’d like to have some idea -You can understand that just moving up a notch or two may not seem to be very High. But remember, this is Exponential Empowerment, and therefore we go up way more than a notch or two!

"And when we join together in the Higher Levels, we create from that place, that location, if you will, and we empower whatever it is that we are focusing upon exponentially! So it is far greater than what you might think if you are sitting in your home-space 'by yourself.' You are not alone! And we are with each and every one of you and we are in service to you even as you serve the entirety of Planet Earth and beyond!!! We are here to support you and to assist you!

"Now we understand that this is a particularly chaotic time upon the Planet. There are so many energies coming in to also be in assistance to uplift, and they are in assistance to us as well! The difference is that we have attained, or live in a Higher Level of Dimensionality and, we are, shall we say, more used to these energies coming in. We LIVE in these energies! This is new for that part of you which is third dimensional.

"And so, even as I tell you how powerful we are, and how much progress we’re making, it is for you to pay attention to your own selves and to be sure that you are nurturing your physicalities as well as your spiritual aspects of your beings. Keep yourselves in balance, Beloved Ones, because it is very easy to get up into the Higher Levels and to become somewhat ungrounded. And this is not your function!

"Yes, fly, remote view, and - what is that, 'Come fly with us,' whenever you choose. But remember that you do have Mission and Purpose in 3D at this moment in your time. If you are here in the same Mission that we’re on - which you are - it does NOT mean that you are not going to ascend! And it does NOT mean that you’re not a Leader in the Ascension process! But this is a critical time, as you measure it, and things are going to speed up even more.

"And there will be even more events and occurrences. And it is for you to be among the Peacemakers and the beings whose Mission it is to help others to uplift. Because as they like to say in that song - which has always been true, and has never been more true than it is in this moment – 'What the World needs now is Love!' So be bringers of LoveLight. Keep on beaming and know that we are here with you and that we, together are a huge Light for all of Planet Earth to feel and see and join in with!!!

"And so we thank you for coming to this Gathering, for being in Oneness with those of us who gather with you from the Ashtar Command as well as The Mentors and the ones who come from the Realms of Light. We’re all about Love and everything we do is done with Love, by Love, and for Love! And so we honor you and we thank you and we invite you to come to The Bridge*** of The New Jerusalem any time that you would like to have a meeting, or simply be in observation of what we are doing. Because the Truth of it is that you already are a presence here in the Higher Dimensions!!! We’re in this together and our success is assured! And so it is! Salut!"

* Tara and Rama's A&A Report

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