Monday, March 30, 2015

Before Genesis - 12,000+ B.C.

Based on the archaeological discovery in recent years in South America on a Mayan ruins of a stone etched with a map of the world and at the center what seemed to be the forgotten continent of Atlantis. 

The Atlantians arrived on Earth from Atlantia which is located in this Galaxy.  They brought with them the Reptilians and invited as well the Annunakis which settled on an area of Sumeria known today as southern part of Iraq.  They formed an alliance of beings in this Galaxy who do not conform to the principles of love and Oneness (like A Family) as taught by Mother/Father God and the Prime Creator. They conquered the Earth by force by waging war.

The graphic image map above shows how the Earth looks like prior to the destruction of the Ice Canopy that covers the Earth.  As you can see, the Earth was once without large bodies of water known as Oceans.  Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean and etc. does not exist BEFORE! The Earth was once a massive garden of various vegetation and plants of all kinds which served as a repository to display the various plant/trees species from all parts of the Galaxy and beyond.

The conquerors fired powerful laser beams into the Ice Canopy which resulted in the destruction of it and it fell on the surface of the Earth and melted.  This caused massive flooding never seen before as it created the oceans of the world.  When the flood subsided all the higher regions of land became the major land mass of the world today; forming the outline shape into what we see on the world map.  

Atlantis also was submerged under water leaving only the higher regions that formed the continent of Atlantis as we see on the map.  Based on what I remember what Sharula Dux (from Telos) said that at least two years after the deluged, the continent of Atlantis started to sink as well.  This was due to the digging operations they were doing underneath the Earth.  They were creating the passageways and tunnels that can match the underground tunnels of the Lemurians.  But they made some mistake.  The Spiritual Hierarchy at the time cared to inform them and warned them that their continent will sink but they still continue and did not listen.  And then the sinking of Atlantis eventually took place. Some of them were rescued and some were not.  Their continent was swallowed as the crust of the Earth opened up and absorbed them.  These events predates the historical narratives mentioned in the book of Genesis.

If you study the ocean floor of the Atlantic Ocean you can find some kind of a vertical rift, a line that stretches from the north and to the southern part.  That was the opening that swallowed the continent of Atlantis.  Right now, some portion of Atlantis can still be found on the East coast of the U.S. particularly a few kilometers east of Virginia.  While some of the structures, technology and portions of Atlantis were saved by those who went to Inner Earth.  They then transported these to Brazil underneath the Mountain.

The islands of the world today were actually part of a larger regions of land.  The island of Yonoguni in Japan you can find a submerged structure that belongs to the Lemurian civilization.  It used to be a lush garden paradise but was wiped out when the global deluged took place.  The same thing with the Island of Ireland it used to be before you can walk from mainland England to Ireland without a seawater dividing the two regions.  

As you can see from the shores of Ireland the so called "Giant Causeway" you can get a feeling that there's more to this and that the ocean water simply covered the massive history that is yet to be rediscovered. 

With the arrival of the Galactic Federation of Light upon announcement of the official disclosure, they will fix the damage that was done on Earth. And I hope they will reduce dramatically the amount of sea water in the world by at least 40 to 50%. When they do this, there will be more territorial land mass for everyone on Earth.  And it will finally expose the evidences of the historical past of the world.

At this moment, the people of Sirius and Pleiades are harvesting the whales and the dolphins of the Earth and bringing them to their mothership. They are doing this operation while cloaked so that it will not disturb the public.  The oceans of the world for most part divided the people of the Earth.  

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