Saturday, March 28, 2015

Disclosure 2015

President Obama is preparing to disclose the reality that since 1943 the government of the United States and some other countries of the world had been in contact with "Extraterrestrials".  As you may probably already know that the secret government of America prevented these things from being announced to the peoples of the world.  President John F. Kennedy tried, but they stopped him before he can do it.  This time around, Obama will receive protection from the Galactic Federation especially from Commander Ashtar and from the Prime Creator himself.  This may sound's strange and funny to some of you and I understand because we were conditioned to believed that extra terrestrial beings are just 'fiction'.  But the truth is the facility known as Area 51 was once the place to study and exchange technology with the beings from another world.  The first E.T. that was housed there were the visitors to Hollow Earth and Inner Earth which we call the Grey Aliens.  As these visitors were about to leave the planet and were shifting their spacecrafts preparing to go out in space were shot by the US Army.  The Secret Government at the time knew that when the aliens shift their crafts from being zero point gravity in order not to be subjected to the gravitational pull of the Earth and then to propel out into space they then will be vulnerable to lowering their force field and with that they were shot by the US Army and they crashed.  Not only those men who picked up the dead bodies of the Aliens and brought the Survivors to the facility that became known as Area 51 but also those people who studied the Aliens already in recent years CONFESSED that these are true and that the Aliens were real.  These revealed that not all grey aliens from Orion are unfriendly as some of them are benevolent.   

It's about time that we know that the Cloud of the Lord that hovers above the Mt. Sinai and hovers above the 'Tabernacle' that evolved into Temple was a Spacecraft camouflaged as a Cloud.  Even the Cloud that received Jesus in Israel two thousand years ago and was hovering for only a few hundred feet above ground was also a spacecraft camouflaged as a lenticular cloud.  On this day and age I think we can now handle these truths and move on.  And that Yahweh is also an Annunaki as revealed by Zorra.

As I am writing this; the True history of the Earth is being UNCOVERED.  The chamber of the Sphinx has been opened!  They are now reading the history of the Earth and translating it for all the world to know and learn from.  That all of us here on the surface were subjected into an EXPERIMENT.  All of us are ALIENS regardless of race.  Every human being including the animals are originally from another world.  The experiment was to find out if living things can live and survive on the surface of the planet as it has never been done before.  As all people, in all the universe, all living things are living inside the Interior Hollowed space of their planet and not outside.  This means all planet are hollow and their civilizations are INSIDE the interior space.  Haven't you noticed that even the Old Testament said in the Ten Commandments that there are beings under the Earth?  The Garden of Eden can be found on the City of Eden which is inside of the Earth. 

The experiment was first started on Mars that is why you can find a face in Mars as a symbol for Mother God because it was once inhabited, but the experiment went wrong when it collided with an Asteroid.  You can see the scar that ripped the surface of Mars when it was hit by an asteroid.  

Then, they decided to transfer the experiment to its nearest neighbor and that is Earth.  They setup an Ice Canopy that surrounds the atmosphere of the Earth as an added protection from outside elements.  From my understanding, Mother God is the First Woman that came forth from the Prime Creator and She along with Father God and the Prime Creator are the Creators of the First Galaxy in the Universe known as the Milky Way.  Mother God is also Mother Sekhmet, and she is also the person known represented as the Sphinx.  Today, Mother and Father God lives inside the Hollowed Interior of the Earth.

God is each and every one of us.  God is ONE but MANY.  Each of us prior to being assigned into physical bodies were all part of a larger united soul and that embodies the Prime Creator.  And each and everyone of us is a spark of God.  We came from the One Source and we are One.  The soul (or spirit) is immortal.  But this soul needs to be housed on a body in order to experience dimensional life in physicality.  And this process is called as "INCARNATION".  The human body was designed long, long time ago by a collective group of GODS who gathered together to form one of the Ultimate Design of a High Technological Living Biological Organic Mechanisms.  This was called "The CREATORS RACE" also known as Human Beings. 

Adam and Eve was NOT the first human couple who inhabited the Earth.  There were beings inside the Earth and were living there for thousands and thousands of years (as they never die) even before Adam and Eve.  Only on the surface were MORTALITY, aging and entropy had become an issue.  This was because the EXPERIMENT that happened on Earth was 'HIJACKED' (so to speak) by a group of beings from some parts of Orion, from planet Atlantia and the beings known as the Annunakis.  They form the renegade group of beings who adhere to the principles of Selfishness and greed.  They are against "LOVE".  They rebelled against the teachings of Mother/Father God and also that of the words of Prime Creator.  They prefer to live away from their hearts.  And so their way of of life is that of totally OPPOSITE of LOVE.  They do not respect anyone and they don't treat others as equal. Instead they want to enslave everyone. They wanted to be worshiped and served. This means they don't care about anyone but themselves.  They arrived on Earth to conquer and they took over the EXPERIMENT by force.  They destroyed the ICE Canopy that covers the Earth by shooting powerful lasers which eventually weakened the canopy and eventually cracked and fell into Earth and melted as waters that became Oceans and seas.  Yes, there was a time when you can walk from Northern France and into Southern England by foot as there was no body of water that divided these two locations.  The same thing with the northern part of Germany you can walk from there and all the way to Scandinavia as there were no water or Baltic sea that separate those regions.  The events that I mentioned predates all the events that were stated in the book of Genesis.

The people of the surface of the Earth at the time consisted of large contingent and representatives from the Pleiades and from Sirius and from other various star systems like Andromedans, Arcturians, from Venus and many others.  The Hijackers destroyed the peace on Earth as they initiated wars.  The people of India have a record of this war.  Their southern kingdom lost in the fight and just like Lemuria it vanished into the sea.  Yes, Lemuria which is the entire Pacific Basin was the home of Lemurians.  You can still see today the remnants of this civilization that was covered by water from the Southern islands of Japan (Yonoguni)  and into the Philippines.  But the middle of Lemuria is the island of Hawaii.  This means there was a time when Hawaii, California, Oregon, Vancouver, Japan, Philippines, Australia and all the way to New Zealand and the Easter Island was once without water.  The Pacific Ocean does not exist before. These VAST land contains the MASSIVE display of various plants, vegetation that came from various star system in the Universe and beyond.  The whales and dolphins and other mammals were introduced only later from Sirius and Pleiades when the planet was already flooded by water when the ICE canopy was broken from space that formed into oceans. 

This means what we read in the book of Genesis was the beginning of re-introduction of life (or replenishment) as the former was destroyed by the war initiated by the Atlanteans and Annunakis.  Genesis is NOT talking about the creation and the foundation of the Earth.  It was just a story of the RENOVATION and rebuilding of what was destroyed and re-filling the Earth once again of all life forms. 

As waters started to fill the surface of the Earth the once lush and soft soil of the Arizona region was washed and pushed into the lower regions of the land and thus became the "Grand Canyon".  This means there was a time when the Grand canyon was filled with soil. Similar thing with the Sphinx.  The water in the river that was formed into what is now called as Nile it reaches the Sphinx and had witnessed flooding in such great proportions that carved the surface of the structure of the Sphinx.  It was a massive moving water that created the EROSION on the surface of the Sphinx in which today NO geologist can deny that water caused the erosion.  The ancient Priest of Egypt told about this flood as recorded in their library.  Some of the stones of the Stone Henge (built by the Pleiadian people) were washed away due to this flood as the Stone Henge was built to carry on its shoulders the small spacecrafts that were landing coming from the Pleiadian motherships.  

People of the surface suffered repeated lifetimes after lifetimes and mortality as the challenge and the experiment was upgraded into allowing the Annunakis to rule the Earth.  But that time has ended in December 21, 2012.  Yes, it was the Galactics who architected and engineered the Mayan Calendar for us to reckon and track the passing time and the End of the Age.  An Age is a one complete CYCLE of the solar system as it travels around the Center of the Galaxy.  And that ended in 2012 just as predicted by the Mayan Calendar.  It wasn't the end of the world, it was just the end of the Age. The end also of the allowed time for the Annunakis to rule the world.  Just like every human, the Annunakis were also incarnating as human being.  But they took on the highest seats of power.  Mostly, they incarnate among those who will have power over people; such as governments and etc.

This is the YEAR we will hear the public announcement that extra terrestrials are real.  And President Obama is the ONE who will give the announcement. And I am glad to inform everyone that President Obama will not be alone when he will make this announcement.  He will be standing side by side with the Commander Ashtar from the Galactic Federation and with the Prime Creator clothed in Human female form.  They will at last announce that the Experiment on Earth is finally OVER and that spaceships from various star systems are due to land on the surface of the Earth.  The Prime Creator gave enough time for the Annunakis to rule the Earth and they failed to DESTROY God!  God represents each and everyone of us and we are ALL part of GOD.  Have you ever asked yourself why God allow suffering?  So now you know the basic reason.  It is written in the bible: You are ALL Gods! Even Jesus quoted these words.

The history of the Earth under the rule of the Annunakis (Anno Domini) had finally concluded and the Galactic Federation is already here and they are just cloaked but ready to appear upon given notice.  My hope is that we should keep an OPEN MIND.  Let us not forget that the human body is only a design.  There are other designs out there in the Universe that resembles completely different from the human body.  Think of it like clothes that we wear everyday.  The clothes can have different colors and can get worn and fade but the soul which is the real us inside the body is the real person.  We are not the body that we have.  In fact, we all have had several lifetimes in various physical bodies.  And so, if the Extra Terrestrials appear, let us not treat them with disrespect because they look different instead let us treat them with kindness.

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