Sunday, March 22, 2015

Hollow Earth Network's Blogtalk Radio Show - March 21, 2015

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This is one of the best radio show of Hollow Earth. So much information. Listen online.

From HEN: SO MUCH good information - AVAILABLE NO WHERE ELSE ON THE PLANET! Those who hear this call will have exclusivity on major events NOT revealed by any other source! Here's a brief outline!

  • Eclipse/Equinox
  • Vaccinations?
  • Healing Pulse for Conditions
  • FIRST TIME! Ashtar speaks directly thru his Twin! 
  • Galactics/Obama/Prime Creator preparing Announcement.
  • New Energies = Renewal
  • Terra's response, plants/animals'/pets' response!
  • Military's seismic and sonar activity.
  • Short future for oil drilling
  • Dinar/oil credits?
  • Young archeologist discovers "tone" that opens Sphinx chamber and knowledge from Ancient One
  • Who will stand with Obama during Announcement?
  • Cabal/Corp agents powerless as Prime Creator protects Obama
  • Much visibility in sky activity follows RV
  • Positive ET movies influenced by Galactic Federation/Light and Father God.
  • "Flying Humanoids" are from the ships
  • Prepare for Reunion!

Zorra from Hollow Earth

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