Monday, March 23, 2015

Mt. Shasta and its Lenticular Clouds

In case you haven't heard of it, Mt. Shasta is like an International Airport.  It is always busy for the incoming and outgoing crafts in and out of this area of Northern California. Just like any airports it is also a gateway (so to speak) to transport not just passengers but also cargoes and supplies of all kinds. But, the thing the makes it different from any airports around the world is that the crafts that come in and out of this mountain are either spaceships, aeroships or motherships and not our ordinary pollution oriented aircrafts powered by fossil fuel made from Boeing and Airbus.  Yes, they are camouflaged with Lenticular Clouds to make them look CUTE and hide the true vehicles/crafts inside those clouds.

The People of "Inner Earth" (a civilization underneath Mt. Shasta) are the remnants of the people of Lemuria.  So, whenever you see these clouds above Mt. Shasta remember that they are spacecrafts and they just happen to put on some camouflaged in the form of a cloud so that it will not disturb the public or the civilian population.

They have been using free energy technologies FOR AGES; and yet we here on the surface are force to inhale the pollution from these fossil fuel powered vehicles whether for land, sea or air crafts.  

Have you ever wondered why do we have to pay for energy which is actually FREE (no cost whatsoever) and is EVER present anywhere in the Cosmos?  And why the governments of the world are CONFISCATING all the inventions that are discovered to harness FREE Energy sources without the use of fossil fuel?  Don't you think it's time to wake up somehow and begin to question things around us????

Having fossil fuel as a source of energy is one of the greatest hindrance that prevents us from exploring the Universe as we are limited by the amount of fuel we can bring along with us. But you know what?  The people of Hollow and Inner Earth can travel the Universe and beyond with no limitations; as they are not held back by their energy supply.  They are not going around traveling everywhere in space carrying a river size of gallons of gasoline, they just use FREE ENERGY technology which is not only economically wise because it's unlimited but also environmentally friendly.  

They have the technology to 'De-Materialize and Re-Materialize' their crafts so that it can pass through the solid state mass of Mt. Shasta.  

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