Thursday, March 26, 2015

Possible Scenarios about Germanwings 9525

I just want to share my thoughts on this incident.  I'm sure experts are already analysing the evidences they have that can lead to finding out what really happened to this airplane.  

It is possible that the plane was a victim of an attack by whom and why is still we don't know yet.  Based on the speed it was flying as it slams right at the mountain side of southern France it seems to me that the two main engines of the aircraft were functioning properly before it crashed.  It smashed to the rocky mountain at the speed of 430 miles an hour.  That tells you, that the engines were okay but the pilot and the control of the aircraft had been compromised.  It descended more than 3,500 feet per minute and that is not a normal speed when airplanes need to land on an airport.  At that speed, it means the airplane was in operational flying mode as it would when flying on higher altitudes of about 20 to 40,000 feet.  There was something that was pushing down or pulling down the aircraft.  

There is a secret technology that can disable any flying aircraft which can freeze its hydraulic system and will result in the pilot unable to control the aircraft.  This device can either be on the ground or airborne.  And once it is locked on target then it can disable the control of the aircraft. 

Now let us talk about motives:  why would anyone do this?  What message are they trying to get across?  Whoever did this, it must be someone who is extremely rich as the technological device instrument that I just described and mentioned is very expensive.  Only governments and owners of big corporations can afford such a technology.  And if that is the case; could this have something to do with the European nations joining the AIIB? Or the European efforts in promoting peace in Ukraine? These are just some probabilities that I mentioned as possible motives. And I hope we will find out the truth soon. 


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