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St. Germain: "We Are Moving Onward to The Golden Age!"


From Manuel: It is high time now for the enactment of the NESARA Law. Several American Presidents in the past had already signed this including President Clinton. The only thing left to do is for President Obama to finally announce/sign this into Law.  Encourage/petition the President to make this move now! 

Ashtar On The Road Teleconference
February 24, 2015

"Greetings! I am Saint Germain and I am honored to be with you in this Gathering of Love and Light and yes, Power!!! There are those who know my full story. And I have served in many identities. And there is a parallel story in which I appear, in which the man went from being - shall we say, inspired to be - a wearer of a dark hat to a graduation of sorts as an enlightened one, a wearer of a white hat. We went through several lifetimes. It is called The Red Lion.* I recommend it if you have not read it, because you can put yourself into his shoes. You can walk his path and you can feel the evolution that he committed to and found for himself.

"Now, this is what is happening upon Planet Earth! For many of you, this is the last lifetime that you will spend in a human body. I shall qualify that by telling you that when you get to your residence - let’s say, in the Fifth Dimension or higher, in other words when you have made your Ascension and are permanently residing there - you can return to the third dimension in a human body anywhere along its timeline.

"But there will not be many of you inspired to do that. It is that you could come and participate on a Higher Level, an advanced, evolved Planet Earth. Or you can go to the planet - Herculoba, is its name - that is made to be a third dimensional Planet Earth. And you could go there to assist those who have not yet ascended. You will have those choices but you will not be locked in there! And you will be well aware of your own Divinity, even when you are in the expression of a human body! So, that is the qualification to that.

"Many of you are Ashtar Commanders, ground crew! And even those of you who are not have various roots, home planets, places where you will want to spend - well there is no time there - but we shall just say, places you will want to revisit and enjoy Higher Dimensional energies.

"But for now we have this Mission together as Ashtar mentioned.** And it is to come together in our Oneness, in our Oneness of purpose, in our Oneness of spirit, and in our Oneness of commitment and dedication to our Mission! And there are several key components which are major, major steps along the road to the Golden Age. And for those of you not familiar with what I am meaning by the Golden Age, I am talking about getting past the lower vibrational third dimensional experiences and expressions which are still very prevalent in this moment, as you measure time. They are coming up to an absolute end!!! But it is everywhere in the World that the Light is shining so brightly that they can no longer be obscured or hidden in the darkness. And this is a necessary part of the journey, so that people can see what it is.

"In one of the 'Communication With God' books,*** there is a chapter. In that chapter there is in the conversation the question, 'Well, God, if wars are so horrific, and if we are meant to be a peaceful world, why then, do we erect monuments to war and to the people who served in the wars - who were leaders or who were killed but were nevertheless they participated - why do we do that?”And God’s answer was, 'Lest you forget!' We are in that place now. LEST YOU FORGET!!!

"Imagine going into the Golden Age and then coming to a place - and you will have choices all along the way - so you come along a path to a place where you can go back. 'Oh, I forgot! I needed to do something in 3D!' But your wisdom will tell you, 'It’s over! You’ve earned your way. You’ve made your way up and out of the third dimensional holographic, illusionary, traumatic, dramatic lifestyle of the third dimension. Keep going, keep going!'

"Ascension is what lies ahead for you. But if you have not looked upon it and learned the Wisdom of being, of Love and Peace, even though you may have left the memories of the traumas and dramas behind as you have evolved, then you may not have the wisdom to keep going upward. You may not even know why it is important to enter into the Golden Age as a Planet. You may not even know why it is important for you to choose between moving up and continuing in 3D on that other planet which is made to be an exact replica of Planet Earth! And so it is necessary for you to be in the knowing of what has been going on, lest you forget and find yourself - whether tripped, deceived, enslaved or whatever - find yourself going backwards or downwards upon the path.

"So all of these activities, and some of them are so heinous it is beyond comprehension, or so it seems, that humans could treat others so inhumanely. And they are horrific to look upon. And I am not suggesting that you look upon them in this moment or even to immerse yourselves in them. It is simply to KNOW that horrific events have taken place. And the lesson to be learned is, NEVER AGAIN!!! That is the only reason to remember that horrific events have taken place.

"Yes, reparations. NESARA**** is the greatest reparation and healer among 3D laws that has ever occurred here upon Planet Earth. NESARA would not have been written if those in charge of the writing had not been aware of the horrific events and attitudes and programs which were taking place. Even so it was mandated, if you will - and that is an interesting word, is it not, because it came from, well, from Mother/Father God, creator of all Love, all life to come down 'through channels,' as it were.

"Wisdom - speaking forth with solutions, answers to everything that needs to be changed or transmuted, uplifted into higher realms of lifestyle for everyone upon the Planet, below and even above, because as NESARA is enacted upon Planet Earth, the energy, the high vibration of NESARA goes out through your solar system, your galaxy and even beyond!

"NESARA is the answer!!! It is the ultimate reparation! It is the ultimate key to unlock the door to the Golden Age! Its announcement will happen when the way is so secure that there can be absolutely no blockage to its enactment - immediate enactment. You see, it is law! It is on the books, so to speak. It has been properly signed by several of the United States presidents. And it is for the President of the United States to announce it to the World, but it is not just for the United States. It is for the entire World!!! And it is to be joined in its Announcement by World Leaders who share the same commitment to the Mission of moving into the Golden Age Lifestyle, and then to the Ascension of the Planet!

"And so if there is something for each and every one of you to do! It is to look into your own Hearts and, yes, invite your brains to participate, to access the Wisdom from your Higher Selves and your Guidance Teams - and indeed, from all of us - as to how you might be able to do some expressions, whether they be meditations, prayers, words or deeds that would assist in bringing NESARA into its Announcement and Enactment - the fulfillment of this part of our Mission, and in particular the Lifestyle changes that the reparations will bring to every, every, every living being upon the Planet!!! Yes, even beyond the human kingdom! Everyone is included in the Lifestyle of the Golden Age - who wants to be included, I shall say.

"Now, that part of you, and that part of everyone who dwells already in the Higher Realms - we call them your Higher Dimensional Selves - are already well aware, can already see the Golden Age Lifestyle upon the timeline of Planet Earth, because there isn’t any time there! But the third dimension still needs more attention, more empowerment to do away with that veil of separation everywhere, and to uplift. And I tell you that NESARA is a most powerful and empowering part of this transition!

"Now you all know what NESARA is in terms of its terms in the law. If you are unfamiliar with it, there are places you can go. Ashtar On The Road has a place where you can go on its website and you can read for yourself.**** FEEL THE ENERGY OF IT!!! NESARA is not just a bunch of words on a piece of paper, or several pieces, as it were. NESARA IS DIVINE LAW coming into being and taking precedence over, or shall we say, replacing all of the laws and their programs which are low in their vibrations and which are a part of the programs which have enslaved Planet Earth for so many centuries - millennia, eons!

"And so I, Saint Germain, stand before you and stand with you! We Are One!!! And it is my Joy to be speaking to you on this topic, because it is of the greatest importance and urgency. Support Obama and those who are working so hard - the White Knights, the militia members, the Ashtar Command, the Ascended Masters, Angels, Archangels, all Beings from the Lighted Realms, and yourselves, Beloved Members of the Family of Ashtar on the Road! Check in with yourselves and remember that you are making such a great difference!!! And any expression that you give to NESARA’S announcement empowers not only you, yourselves, but the entirety of Planet Earth! And it is the vehicle by which Planet Earth arrives at that gate and unlocks that gate. It is the key to the Golden Age!

"NESARA paves the way for Abundance and for Love to be the state of everyone’s lives. And, yes, yes, it clears the way for your taking your place, Planet Earth’s place, upon the Galactic Council, for along with NESARA comes the truth of the existence of your galactic brothers and sisters. And some even come from beyond this galaxy, to be with you now as we come from the Realms of the Ascended Ones to be in Oneness with you, as together we fulfill our Sacred Mission!!!

"And so I thank you, most Beloved Ones, as we continue upon our Path together. See yourselves as I see you. See the Truth of Yourselves and always remember that this is Who You Are - who You have always been and always shall be - eternal and infinite Lights of Love! And so it is!!! Namaste!"

* The Red Lion, the Elixer of Eternal Life, by Maria Szepes
** Ashtar's February 24th Message
*** Communion with God, by Neale Donald Walsh
****National Economic Security and Reformation Act

Transcription by Marta.
Given through Susan Leland, February 24, 2015.
© Ashtar On The Road Publications 2004-2015. All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered or deleted.

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