Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A Quick Introduction About the Company of Heaven

I was commenting on the recent message from Sheldan Nidle, it turns out I have a lengthy messages that I wanted to be clarified including about the Company of Heaven.  And so, here it is:

From Manuel:  This new message from Sheldan Nidle confirms the messages given by Zorra and Poofness (speaking for the Dragon family) that the banking system and currencies eventually will be phased out.  Quote; "As you read this, constantly keep in mind that money and banking are only temporary measures. The main solution is to just do away with money at the proper time. Ahead of you, is a technology whose sole purpose is to replace this present system. This system, which you currently know and use, is a very clever invention of the dark."  

Poofness revealed that there will be a Global Central Bank (GCB) that will be the ONLY ONE who is authorized to create and issue money or currencies worldwide.  This means paper currencies and or those currencies with some plastics on it such as those in Vietnam and in Canada and Australia will no longer be allowed to be issued.  Instead, NEW Digital Currencies will be released and given to the people of the world.  This is done through the use of ATM or debit cards and credit cards.  With this kind of system, it will put to rest the global fraudulent/illegal financial printing/counterfeiting activities including the issuance of fiat currencies.  The global monetary system will be overshadowed by the brightness of this new scheme.  Eventually, this will be culminated with a MASSIVE flood of financial blessings from TWO major sources one from the East and another one from the West:  One is coming from the Master St. Germain (The Original Owner of the Vatican Bank) and from the Ancient Elders from the East, the Dragon Family and Quan Yin. Both of them have several Quadrillions worth of funds ready for distribution. These are ancient peoples who have lived thousands and thousands of years on Earth defying the mortality of average human beings as they are not part of the experiment of the people on the surface of the world.  Every human being on Earth will receive a Fair and right blessings also known as Prosperity Funds from these Ancient Ascended Masters.  

You may have heard of a legend in Europe about a man who seemed to be not getting any older despite of the fact that he was around for hundreds and hundreds of years? From France, Germany, Italy and England he was seen alive (as he never die) for several succeeding generations and he never grows old.  People at the time were wondering where he was getting his precious metals and they associated him with Alchemy. He is no other than St. Germain.   

From what I understand, he is the father of Ashtar of the Ashtar Command and the Galactic Federation. Yes, he is one of the leading member of the Company of Heaven.  He is one of the noble sons of Mother/Father God (Original Founding members of the Company of Heaven).

The Company of Heaven is not a private company gathered together to create financial profits; instead they are a Gathering Group of Beings (Ascended Masters) that came to physicality WAY beyond most humans.  They were present when most of the Galaxies were being formed and constructed.  They constitute what the bible calls as: "Ancient of Days" in which a DAY is equivalent to a thousand years. The good part is that: they are NOT in any way, shape or form have inclination with what we call as evil, for they are rock solid with their dedication towards LOVE and Light which is something they have consistently done for millions and millions of years.  They are the group we can trust and rely upon and they deserve our respect.  

Unlike the Annunakis and the Illuminatis who only wanted to be worshiped, feared and make everyone as their slave; in contrast to them the Company of Heaven are completely OPPOSITE.  They never want us to bow down and worship/serve them because they truly respect every soul as equal. They just simply want us to treat them like an elder brother or sister and or father and mother.  In other words, like a family.  For that is what we truly are. They adhere to the principles of ONENESS (like a family). They are the major PIONEERS in the field of Love and Light! The only thing that they want from us is for us to follow (by our freewill choice) the examples they have shown us which is the way of LOVE.  Love is giving and being kind with one another.  It is an attitude of not being selfish and greedy.  An attitude that absolutely treats everyone with equal respect.  If we have love in our hearts then there's no need to start or artificially invent wars and violent aggressions with our neighbors whether near or far. If love is our motto, then there is no need to put a price tag on everything we produce.  Eventually, Products and services will be available for free as everyone will be gracious with everybody.  The Company of Heaven consistently treated the entire Humanity as their family, as brothers and sisters.  We ought to be the same with one another.  Capitalism and the entire banking system was founded on Earth by the rogue group of beings who came to Earth from Orion, Atlantia and from Nibiru who do not conform to the attitude of love.  These conquerors do not care about humanity.  And all they wanted to do is to deceive everyone with all kinds of lies and to enslaved everyone.  The truth is, all kinds of diseases were designed and created by them in order to control and subdue humanity. They do not recognize and respect the Company of Heaven including the Mother/Father God and the Prime Creator.  

Ascended Masters - What does it Mean?

When the Universe was still young; there were beings who came forth from the One Source (the Prime Creator) as sparks of God they became as beings, conscious beings through Mother/Father God.  And through progression of time they were the early residents of higher dimensions.  As more and more beings in the Universe became conscious soul as another batch of sparks of God becoming new peoples; their evolution and advancement to the higher realms were given to them by the Prime Creator.  For a being to evolve and transition to another plane of existence also known as higher dimension; their credibility and reputations as beings of light must be established.  And when they have proven themselves, they can then be granted the so called "Ascension".  The life we have on the surface of the Earth had been decided as one sure way to fast track and speed up the transition and evolution of beings in the Universe, to be allowed their chance for the higher dimensions.  An ascended being will be called an Ascended Master.  This means that not only this being or this person who graduated from this dimension can have access to the higher dimension but also they can retain their access to the present or current dimension in which they reside. In other words they can slide and go from one dimension to another without losing their present physical bodies. At the same time, they will be given NEW BODIES (in addition to what they already have) that are more fitting to the New Environment of the Higher Dimension.  And this is the primary reason why they call it as evolution.  A being or a conscious soul is advancing his/her consciousness from immaturity into maturity from the many life experiences they've had.  If before a person was rude and selfish and does not treat others with respect as equal beings, but when the person matures spiritually, he then lay aside selfish motives and attitudes and embrace the ONENESS and loving attitude that should be the primary outlook in every one's life. This is the spiritual evolution, and it coincides with the physical evolution of their inherited New Bodies for the Higher Dimensions that will be granted graciously by the Prime Creator.  

These coming prosperity funds will make every single human being on the face of the Earth rich! And this is NOT a JOKE!  This is seriously for real! And with that, it will CONCLUDE and dilute and fade into existence the use of monetary and banking system; as by that time it will pave the way for the landings of the Galactics and the Emergence of the people from Inner and Hollow Earth.  Yes, the majority of the people on the surface of Earth are originally from various part of the Galaxy and beyond.  The Galactics will be here to COLLECT the people they sent long time ago either to study, or as volunteers in raising the Light and vibration frequencies of the Earth and for accreditation purposes to ascend to higher dimension.  The Galactics will return their memories back as it was temporary withheld from them as part of the of the prerequisites for living on the surface of the Earth. They sent them here as incarnates (soul/spirit transfer) being assigned on human bodies during conception from the human mothers womb. The time of change is now looming on the Horizon.

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