Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Disclosure Suggestion

Park in front of the Moon by Uncloaking at least ONE Mothership and let it stay there for an extended period of time!

If I were Ashtar, Galactics, or members of the Company of Heaven or the Prime Creator what I would do in order to increase the level of sightings and ease the way for disclosure is to park any of their mothership in front of the Moon!  That's right, right in front of the moon.  When they do this, it will definitely catch the attention of the people of the world.  People will begin questioning and asking each other - "what is that infront of the moon?"  They will seek answers and people will not stop until they find out what it is.  The governments of the world will be obligated to soften their stance about disclosure and will eventually give in to the public request for truth. 

While in front of the moon, either make some motion or movements by constantly changing the x and y coordinates of their position and location in space.  In one day, position the mothership on the northern part of the moon; the next day on the southern part, and so on.  You can also do some variations such as move on the right side and the left side of the moon and fly around the moon. This will undeniably be considered as a spacecraft.  And governments of the world will have no other choice but to admit the presence of the Galactics within the Solar System which is something NASA has already ignored for several years as the Galactics had been contacting them and they just refused to respond. 

You can also setup a "Holographic Image Projection" infront of the moon in order to deliver your message.  We now know that the Solar flares and solar storms are just visual effects made by holographic images.  So, why not do the same?  You can also try to begin sending visuals via on all the television or the internet and mobile phones; that on a particular day you will start to broadcast some messages to the peoples of the world. 

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