Sunday, April 19, 2015

Hollow Earths Blogtalk Radio Show - April 18, 2015

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Words from Hollow Earth Network:

Oh, so many questions getting answered! How activate Encoder bracelet - About StemFit / Headbands. -- As we speak: IMF - Iraqi Parliament negotiating, listening to Prime Creator again speaking with them in male Earth body. -- Is General Hamm being replaced by Rand Paul? -- Congress "making deals?" TTP - People were not ready - now, 75% global population changing, awakening, "ready." -- Global cleansing of atmosphere? Oceans? (Hidden boxes in sand) -- He can lift 350 pounds with one arm... who IS he?? -- Why are some Wal*Mart stores closing? - Edward Snowden fear story -- Sananda's New Scriptures vs Autobiography? -- Disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370? -- Which first: RV? NESARA? -- Jade Helm? -- Why having these emergencies right at the finish line? - What follows "giving?" -- HEN Collective working! -- How purify our upcoming influx of "dirty" currency? -- If government doesn't Disclose... will the Galactics?? -- WHAT did Abadi and Obama discuss privately during recent DC meeting? -- WHO will speak during Galactic Disclosure? -- Explain "stages" of Ascension into full 12 levels of 5D.

Telephone Replay: 1 605 562 3132 + 439724# Ref No: 110#

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