Sunday, April 26, 2015

Introducing the Hollow Earth Magazine

I invite everyone to subscribe to Hollow Earth Magazine which will be available sometime next month.

Did you know that Amelia Earhart was saved by the Agarthians of Hollow Earth?  Just seconds before her plane crash on the ocean she was saved and teleported by the benevolent Agarthians. That is the main reason why she and her plane was never found anywhere in the ocean because of the teleportation technology used by the Agarthians. Mortality is only applicable on the surface of the Earth but not inside the Earth.  Amelia is still alive today as young as from the time she went inside Hollow Earth; as she never grows old - just like everyone there.  And she is one of the people who welcome new comers/visitors to the Hollow Earth.

The same thing with the Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 that disappeared last year, they were all "teleported" inside the Earth by the Agarthians before they crashed into the ocean.  No amount of searching and combing the ocean floor will lead to finding the aircraft along with the passengers.  At least not for now.  But they intend to bring back the aircraft and placed it either on the Indian Ocean or near the Australian west coast sea floor completely intact with no damage whatsoever. They were saved by the Agarthians as they knew the plan of the bad people (Private Corporations who owned several governments of the world) who intentionally wanted to destroy all the scientists/inventors inside the aircraft so that their invention will never be discovered and copied by other nations because it involved new and advance weaponry.  In the near future these scientists will be returned to the surface of the world safely unharmed.  But while they are inside they are being given the knowledge and know how of the advance technology of the Agarthians and that includes zero point energy devices that harness free energy without the use of fossil fuel.  

The Garden of Eden mentioned in the bible is inside the Interior of the Earth in the City of Eden.  More details and stories in the Hollow Earth Magazine.

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