Saturday, April 4, 2015

President Obama is a Genuine Lightworker

Despite of what you have been hearing; President Obama is still a "Lightworker".  Unknown to most people he really was chosen by the Company of Heaven to be the last and final President of America.  That was the plan they have as the Company of Heaven wants to transition the New Earth into the Golden Age of Peace and prosperity. 

President Obama in one of his previous lifetimes on Earth was an Indian man living in India.  And originally, Mr. Obama his soul (spirit that incarnated on Earth) is from Mushaba a planet somewhere in the Pleiadian Star system.  He was one of the best, that is why he was chosen and then trained to prepare for the most arduous job that he will take which is the presidency of the United States.

As always, every elected official in US Congress and US Senate including the Presidency none of them were actually voted by the people.  As it was all just a show, a pretense.  The whole thing was rigged and its always been that way; this is according to Zorra from Hollow Earth.  The Secret Government can manipulate the machines and the computers to make it seem like one candidate is winning against the other creating an artificial scenario.  They are the ones who are putting people in government position so that they can easily be controllable to do their wishes.  But President Obama is different; the Company of Heaven and the Galactics interfered to make sure that the votes are clean and not altered.

The Private Corporation that is giving orders to President Obama is the one who make him do things even if it is against his will.  You can be rest assured most of those violent actions and decisions that was done to continue aggressions, war on many parts of the world were not really made by the President.  The origin of the orders did not come from him.  But the President must obey because the US Government is owned privately by private individuals. We all know what happened to President Kennedy when he refused to bow down from the Secret Government.  The same condition and situation is where President Obama is into.  By the way, the legality has been revealed that the actual legality of the extent of Washington DC the corporation is only within the jurisdiction or territory of that state and not the entire USA.  How the secret government was able to make everyone believe that it covers the entire US is still the question and people are now looking into it.

The goodnews is, President Obama is now fighting back and he is refusing some of the major orders of the secret government.  He is balancing the decision making as he wants to make sure that it is for the good of many people and the world.  The remaining time his administration has is to make the full announcement of Disclosure.  He has to do it sometime this year.  According to Zorra, this is putting him into a lot of stress as he has to take into considerations the outcome of such a decision. 

If only the rest of the American people will rally behind their president and encourage him, then the President will more likely be inspired to be the final President of America under the rule of the Secret Government.  And as the Galactics are announced including the NESARA law, the Galactics can then land and reveal the true identity behind the secret rulers of this world who ruled based on secrecy, bribery, corruption and extreme greed; and put the finishing touches to bring about the peace and prosperity the Earth and its people rightly deserved. 


  1. Good article and guess I can cut him some slack for all the lies that have come out of his mouth. But for the United States to go a long with all that is going on would be American suicide. No matter what he stands for, he is still pushing agenda's that are NOT good for the whole of this country and there is still murder and mayhem going on all around the world under his watch. I want to believe as well that he will to the one, but there is also part of Revelation that says their will rise up an anti-Christ. I have not had a feeling one way or another yet, but I am watching closely. We as sheep have been lead down a primrose path for so long that anything may seem better as things continue to get worse. And it is.
    So when are we going to see someone take the bull by the horns and put this corruption away for good? I am waiting. This is now totally insane since we know and it is in our face. It needs to stop and all that are hurting the innocents and children need to be taken off this planet and put somewhere where they can not hurt anyone or anything again.