Tuesday, May 5, 2015

All Nuclear Weapons Has Been Deactivated - Part One

I would like to share my point of view as to why I don't worry about World War III or Nuclear War to ever materialize in this day and age. In fact, one of the best logical EVIDENCE that can be presented about the presence of Highly Intelligent & Benevolent beings that are extra-terrestrials in origin is the issue of deactivating nuclear weapons of the world, making the best weapons of humanity utterly inert/useless.

When the Atom Bomb exploded in Japan during World War II, it alarmed not just the people of Hollow Earth but also the rest of the planets in this Solar System and the Galaxy.  

For the last seven thousand years or so, the Earth is under a quarantine imposed by the Galactic Federation of Planets here in the Milky Way Galaxy.  All Planets in the whole Universe - all their civilizations reside inside their planets interior.  This means every star or sun of every star system is also a planet, a very large planet where beings and living things exist.  A time came when they decided to do an experiment to see if it is possible for living things to exist and thrive outside of the planets surface.  This experiment was first done on the surface of Mars.  But, a collision with some asteroid destroyed the experiment on the surface of Mars. And so they transferred the experiment to Earth.  At the time prior to the beginning of experiment to the Earths surface the original inhabitants of the Earth was "The Aryan People". They were joined by another group of people that are giants called "Titans".  BTW, There is an institution in the US who is secretly collecting fossils, bone fragments of giants around the world as they are financed by big corporations who wanted to hide the true history of the world. And they have been doing this for decades. Some of the secrets of this institution have already leaked revealing bones and skeletons of giants measuring from 20 to 50 feet tall humans.  This makes you wonder if the legend in Ireland about the Giants there is true.  

And then the Experiment was officially started.  At that time the Earth was not covered with oceans.  The Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean and etc. does not exist.  But of course there were a few lakes and rivers sporadically exist on its surface.  The Aryans lived inside the Hollowed Interior space of the Earth.  Just like the rest of the planets not just in this Solar System but all the rest on the universe, everyone and all living things reside inside the hollowed interior space of their planet. 

By the way, every planet in the Universe at least large majority of them were built and constructed right beside every Central Sun of every Galaxy. The Earth was built and constructed in the center of the Milky Way Galaxy.  The Central Sun of every Galaxy is where you can find the Main Office (so to speak) of the Prime Creator.  The decision to build the Earth was given by the Prime Creator.  Every planet in the universe follows exactly the same-default design blueprint.  And that, hollowed interior planets are STANDARD to all planets including sun or stars that were constructed. That is why we can find the words in the oldest of the book of the bible known as the book of Job the words: "Where were you when I built the foundation of the Earth?" asked by the Prime Creator. Job was one of the volunteers who was deposited on Earth through incarnation process.

When the FOUNDATION of the Earth was finished then it was TOWED by a Mothership or a group of Motherships.  Until the Earth reached its intended location in space which was assigned to a sector of the Galaxy near the outskirts or the rim of the Milky Way.  From then on Earth had been part of the Solar System.  The name of the Sun in this star system is called "Helios".  Every planet in all the Universe, the Prime Creator always assign a "Being" that will house and occupy a particular planet.  In this case, the being that was assigned to planet Earth was a feminine one called "Terra". People from other star systems called her Gaia. But, she personally prefers to be called Terra. She is a soul - a conscious soul.  Just like every human being, there is always a SOUL (or spirit) assigned by the Creator to inhabit a physical body whether male or female.  This is the reason why people since ancient times have called nature and the world around them as mother nature and or mother earth.  It's because there really is a person or a being that is a functioning energetic soul that inhabits and manned the physical planet since its inception.  

And with that, I would like to pause to say a few words for our Mother Earth "Terra".  She is the one who loved all the children born to her surface world as well as inner world (hollowed interior).  Her patience and loved for her children is outstanding.  She endured severe hardships caused by the wounds from the weapons used by the invading forces known as the Atlantians they came from Atlantia; along with them are also rogue groups who joined them to conquer the Earth with its inhabitants.  Did you know that deserts are not naturally occurring sedimentary materials?  They were formed due to the weapons used to vaporized large civilizations.  All the major deserts on Earth was a direct result of advanced weapons that were unleashed to wipe out existing civilizations. 

As I mentioned, the Aryan people were the first settlers on Earth.  This is why we can find remains of red haired - Caucasian people underneath the Gobi desert.  Even inside the pyramids of China, you'll find Caucasian beings similar to the present European people.  The deserts areas of the world, this includes those in Australia, Northern Philippines, Middle East and etc. were once lived and occupied by advanced civilizations that took part of the special Cosmic Experiment administered by the Prime Creator along with all the members of the Company of Heaven and the Galactic Federation of Planets.  The people from Sirius and planet Lemur occupied the eastern part of the Earths surface.  And they were called Lemurians.  While the people from Arcturus, Pleiades, Andromedans and etc. occupied the western part of the Earth.  The Earth became a convergence of various race of beings not just from this universe but also from beyond.  

Until the peace was shattered by the rogue group who learned about the project on Earth and saw it as a chance to expand their influence and territory by conquering and claiming Earth as their own private property.  This group consist of Reptilians from Orion, from Atlantia, and the Annunakis.  They arrived and took the Earth by force. The Atlantians occupied the area, west of Europe the region that became Atlantic Ocean, remember at the time the ocean water of the world does not exist.  This group of conquerors initiated wars allover the world.  The Annunakis landed and occupied the area known as Sumer in southern Mesopotamia, while the Reptilians occupied the region to what is now called as Eastern Turkey and all the way to Armenia.  Three factions that formed into one group who DEFY the Company of Heaven and disrespected the Prime Creator.  They manipulated their own DNA structure so that they will be detached from feelings of their hearts and instituted the duality as they don't want to be in ONENESS (unified field of consciousness) with everyone.  

In short, the experiment was hijacked by this violent orientated group.  And the Prime Creator eventually allowed them to do as they will but only for a limited period of time (Grace Period).  The deadline for this allowable time was due to expire on December 21, 2012.  We are now on the overtime phase which reflects the patience of the Prime Creator. December 21, 2012 that was the day when the Earth finished and completed its trip around the central sun of the Galaxy.  As every planet in the Galaxy revolves around the central sun.  A one complete cycle of trip around the central sun is called "Age".  Sananda Kumara in which at the time was residing on one of the Earths neighboring planets which is Venus; he is one of the sons of the Prime Creator and was assigned to handle the management of the Earth Project. Eventually, Sananda took the mission of being the Jesus that will be born in Bethlehem.  Sananda was incarnated as Jesus. Jesus Sananda concentrated his teaching ministry about the re-incarnation, forgiveness, love, healing and gave special lectures about the End of the Age and the Harvest in the form of parables.

The man known as Job - in the book of Job (Old Testament) was an example of someone deposited on Earth as a volunteer to the Expanded Experiment on Earth.  If before, the original objective was just to see if living things can survive on the Earths surface; the experiment was upgraded even further to find out if the Ascended Masters of the Universe can survive living on the surface while being under the rule of the rogue group of beings known as the Annunakis and the other associates with them.  And thus, the experiment became one of the greatest challenge for the whole universe which is: can Gods and Goddesses reduced into limited, mortal beings survive living on the surface of the planet and under the reign of Evil beings?  The challenge was something never been done before.  But brave souls from allover the Universe took the special challenge, signed the soul-contract and plunge into the lower vibrations and lower dimensions in which planet Terra descended into.  Some of these volunteers came as incarnates to help raise the planets vibration and be as a lamp that shines in the dark world.

Now at last the challenge is OVER!  As the Spiritual Hierarchy headed by Mother/Father God declared shortly a few months after the year 2012 that the Soul Contracts of those who volunteered to Earth was now finished!  To wrap up the end they initiated to UNDO the bad things that the Annunakis did to the people of Iraq (Sumeria & Babylonia).  Capitalism, Banking, Currency Exchange, Taxations, Civil law and etc. started there in Iraq.  It was a selfish system founded by the rogue group of beings who do not conform to unity and Oneness of the Prime Creator.  The idea of currency and monetary system was brought to Earth by the Annunakis. The Annunakis after they trained people to be subservient and faithfully obedient followers to their philosophy then, they "Incarnate" as part of the human society.  In other words they mingled as though they are one of us human beings.  They took the highest seats of power allover the world.  They made sure that every "Leader as well as government" in every corner of the globe must be a puppet - easily controllable to obey everything they wish.  And so they created the corporate world - embedded in the form of slavery whereby majority of people will receive just a very tiny fraction of income while those in power and authority get enormous amount.  The idea they have is that ONLY those rogue group and their citizens that incarnated are allowed to be in the highest position whether in governments of the world or the private corporations.  This is why CORRUPTION is a never ending cycle in all the world because those in authority and power are the INCARNATED people of Annunakis and other evil associates.  The Annunakis infiltrated not just every race on Earth but also the Jews were not spared.  The High Priest at the time of Jesus is an Annunaki incarnate (disguised) as a holy Levite.  Didn't Jesus said infront of the High Priest and Sanhedrim: "A time is coming when you (referring to the Annunaki Incarnate) shall SEE me coming in the CLOUDS of Heaven."  Jesus Sananda is describing the time of the End also known as the Greatest Harvest to collect the various peoples that were deposited on Earths surface.  The Clouds of Heaven is the "New Jerusalem Mothership" that will eventually descend to hover above the Earth and will send smaller spacecrafts to land.  He was telling that person who incarnated as Priest that he will personally see Jesus Sananda again in the future right at the Harvest Time also known as "Redemption of Soul Incarnated as Humans".  Obviously, Sananda was talking about the subject of Incarnation and that the next and last succeeding re-incarnations of this person in the future will witness the return of Sananda Jesus riding on the New Jerusalem Mothership. That Harvest is FAST approaching!

To be continued.........

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