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All Nuclear Weapons Has Been Deactivated - Part Two

On May 2001, there was a Conference held at the National Press Club in the US.  Some of the people who gave testimony to the reality of UFO and extraterrestrials are men who work at the Nuclear Silo facility.  One day they were asked to initiate an attack and target the country of China.  My guess, the secret government of America wants to target the Dragon family of China.  Immediately as they were preparing to launch the missile, a UFO suddenly appeared hovering above the Nuclear Silo facility.  According to them the UFO was glowing red.  For unknown reason they could not launch the missile.  The whole electronic control pad they have was jammed and would not function the way it should be.  Obviously, the UFO was sent to disable their launch of the missile.  This event was one of the many testimonies that were given by these men & women infront of a large crowd testifying that UFOs and ETs are real.  And as usual, you will never hear nor learn any of this news and developments from the mainstream media as they are always riddled by cover-up one after another.

Here are some of the countries that have officially released their record files about UFOs and ETs:


For several decades now the Galactic Federation of Light have warned the Secret Government of America to not send any nuclear weapons in space but they would not listen.  Some of the former employees of NASA and some US Army officer have already admitted that UFOs always appear everytime there was a secret Nuclear Cargo inside one of the Space Shuttle or Rockets.  They were even able to videotaped the whole event of while the space shuttle is on its way to outer space a UFO will appear near it and started shooting rays of light on it and either disable its cargo payload or disable the shuttle itself. 

They have been trying to weaponize the outerspace for several decades and they are not successful.  These efforts could have been the main reason why there's a lot of money (into trillions of dollars) that were missing from the US National Budget since the 1990's and they don't know where it went.    

Cloaking Technology 

The Art or technique of making things invisible to the human eye has been perfected or (at least near perfection) already by the US Army and there's reason to believe that probably Russia also already have this technology as these two rivals have been industrially spying on each other vigorously and enthusiastically for quite sometime now, even if they admit or not.  Several Iraqi people recorded videos during the periods of 2005 to 2009 of some American soldiers were using/testing and or wearing suits that make them vanish in the open field with just a slight visible outline shape, but the rest of the body became invincible.

How does it work?

Well, light can bend when it travels from point A to point B.  What it means is that; when you light up a flashlight into a darken room; the light will travel at a certain speed and will hit the wall or any solid object it comes in contact with. And when the light reached an object its photons bounce from that surface and spread the light even more but it slightly diffused based on the intensity of the source of the light.  Now, when you bend the wave of light it then create a continuous flow of light as though nothing was obstructing it.  The human eye in some ways is like a mirror that reflects or reveals whatever is the light is projecting on the surrounding environment.  And so the TRICK is to make an object to have a certain light bending abilities and or capable of diverting the wave of light so that it avoids the surface of this particular object.  And when this happens the object that is covered by either a field or a suit that repels and or divert light that sort of bends it in some fashion, it then creates the effect of INVISIBILITY also known as "CLOAKING".  In other words, what the human eye see is whatever is at the back of that invincible object and not the surface of that cloaked object making it appear as though it is not there and could not be seen.  The truth is LIGHT is bouncing from one surface to another.  The major source of light is the sun, and because the light is constant and continually supplied that is during the day time, the surround light illumination makes things visible to our eyes.  

Folks, what I am saying is that - the Galactics are out there in space cloaked and NASA and the secret government of the world knows it since time in memorial!  The Annunakis also have spacecrafts that have cloaking technology including their minions who are the people of the secret government of the world.  The Annunakis did not vanish thousands of years ago they are still actively controlling the world secretly.  But the point is, they are guarded and not allowed to go beyond the solar system anymore.  This is because the Galactic Federation of Light as of this moment already surrounded the entire solar system with numerous fleets that are just cloaked! But the Annunakis and the secret government have a special technology and they can detect them which is why they wanted to bring nuclear weapons in space for a long time now but could not do it because they are always prevented by the Galactics who have a more sophisticated and more advanced technologies than what they have.

If you recall last 2013 there was a pandemic that was not reported on the mainstream media.  The secret government initiated a pandemic that were to plague the eastern part of the US and Canada.  The precipitating snow was seeded with various kinds of toxins even radio active materials and even barium.  

These were all found using an electron microscope. Any doctors and scientist can tell you that these are intentional to kill and harm human beings, and these were added to the snow which were falling during the storm for several weeks, and no mentioned of it on the mainstream media.  All of these were embedded on the fake snow that fell and precipitated on the eastern part of the US and Canada.  Go and search Youtube, you can find numerous videos, people during those days were frantic discovering that the snow that fell on their locations are absolutely artificial and synthetic as it does not melt when they try to burn it with a lighter or place it on a stove to melt it.  

But here's the goodnews! The intended pandemic did not materialize as planned, why?  Because as revealed by the Galactics along with the combined efforts from the people of Hollow Earth they intervened to NEUTRALIZE the resulting effect of those substances that were added to the snow.  In other words just before it precipitated as snow they removed the abilities of those substances to inflict damage to living things by making them neutralized and ineffective. 

Do you remember the year when the entire state of Arizona saw and witness a massive "mothership" hovering on their sky?  It was huge, approximately hundreds of miles in diameter.  Even the governor of that state testified that he himself saw it with his own eyes.  

They are able to cloak themselves so that they will not disturb the populace.  But from time to time they are allowing to show themselves in public just to make people realize that they are around, just cloaked.  

Personal testimony

The years 2011 and 2012.  I was in Dubai. This happened four times.  The cloaked spacecraft of the secret government of the world flew above me and I could not even hear any engine sound on it as it was very quiet, with just a slight silent vibrating sound to it. That is absolutely not powered by fossil fuel. But the resulting effect of this on the surroundings was very obvious.  All the trees and plants was waving/moving as it was disturb by this object or spacecraft that was passing through that location.  Even the dust, leaves and dirt on the ground was blown to the air as a result of this fly by.  But notice, it was cloaked!  It was invincible.  This happened several nights.  Maybe they were following me.  But I know the Galactics are also around to give protection.  As a result several nights after that, the galactics patrolled that area.  People were looking at the sky and began seeing UFOs just hovering in the sky as if they were observing people on the ground.  It was an oval shape disc that was glowing red around it.  Many people saw it and not just me as the crowd stared at it for ten minutes or so and then it vanished before our very eyes.

The people of Hollow Earth revealed that along with the Galactics they successfully completed "DEACTIVATING" all nuclear warheads in the world. This means, even those nuclear weapons that are not even taken into account by hiding them somewhere under the highways or mountains are already as they said "inert".  All nuclear weapons in the world regardless wherever they were hiding it and regardless how much megatons and payload it has, ALL have been treated by them using their advanced technology as neutralized.  So, no matter how much war mongering is being promoted on the mainstream media, we should never be alarmed as we have an absolutely benevolent beings which are either out there in space or just around the atmosphere -  cloaked, who are helping us humans towards lasting peace for every one on earth.  

They will not allow anymore any nuclear device to be detonated anywhere on Earth and they are very serious about this.  So, those countries who have nuclear weapons - they can try but the truth of the matter is it will never work. And that is absolutely sure!  We have to admit we are dealing with beings that are millions of times more advance than the current technology and knowledge that we have.  According to the people of Hollow Earth that the rocket that exploded several months ago in Virginia was secretly carrying a nuclear warhead headed for the space station.  But they intervened, as those people refused to listen to the warnings given to them that they should never weaponized the outer space.  How can they possibly hide their secret when the Galactics have the technology to scan and see through the solid crust of any planet even if its thousands of miles thick?  Clearly, the world is heading towards peace and abundance as outlined by the Creator.  There is no other option but for the Annunakis and their secret minions scattered around the world to stop their defiance and realize the utter FUTILITY of their actions; and heed to the call of God the Creator.

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