Sunday, May 3, 2015

Message from Anonymous - May 1, 2015

I don't post a lot from "Anonymous" the group of computer programmers around the world who banded together to form a very formidable group to fight for corruption amongst the governments of the world and etc. But this recent message from Anonymous is very important and that's why I want to share their message. Their slogan words saying that they do not forget and forgive should not be interpreted as being barbaric & merciless; instead they meant that they are so serious with their objective that unless they are taken seriously and put a stop to the corruption and unfair practices, they will take serious actions as well. And that is what they meant by the words: "They do not forget and forgive". The group Anonymous is like the modern day equivalent of Robin Hood. They do not do this for fame, and neither for profits. They do this voluntary work in behalf of what is right for the world and its people.

Again, this recent message from Anonymous is very important. And I do not think they are attacking the President. Rather, they are expressing those questions to create an awareness to the still unawakened populace of the world who are still asleep to the fact that the world is controlled by a group of people who according to the Anonymous who simply don't care about the people of the world, and that they privately owned Washington DC. The Anonymous pointed those questions not just literally for President Obama and or to the next President, but specifically more so to the secret people who are controlling the White House, as they mentioned the words and I quote: "To the gutless entity controlling the people in The White House".



Transcribed Words:

Greetings President of the United States Now, and who-ever is Next in line.
We are Anonymous.

This video message is for 'You,' and who-ever is Next in line to become President of the United States of America. Our question is that of concern. Concern to why you are not hearing the people of Planet Earth pleas. Why is this supposed to be a great country not important? Why do you allow tax payers money, to go into the hands of a murderer, named Benjamin Netanyahu? Knowing he uses the money to fund his personal war against innocent women and children in Palestine. Why is other countries more important than this country we call the United States? Why is vacationing to go golfing is more important? Do you not care? People are protesting for change. Change to raise the minimum wage, change to end Monsanto poison on our food, change for equal fairness, change to stop police killing of innocent lives, change to stop banks from taking the people’s homes when they miss their payments, change to help the homeless, because they lost their homes because of the greedy bankers. Why does this, you have not addressed or checked yet? It would appear, that you really do not care, other than caring of the control you can get as President, for the next President of course. Let us elaborate this for a second. We, at Anonymous Central, at Anonymous Headquarters, and The Collective, have been viewing the World in the shadows. We noticed, that every President of the United States, loves the sense of war, loves the sense of control, from abroad, and to war and control other countries. Do you really think, We, as Anonymous, like to make video messages for fame? We assure you, We, do not. We make video messages to awaken all of Humanity to the ignorance of governments, especially the ignorance the United States government has shown for many years, even before the birth of new Humans on a daily basis. Why is the concern of other countries more important than the United States? That every President, including yourself, and the next one, takes an oath to help and protect those who voted you all in? Do you not see? Or, do you even care? Isra-Hell's bombing in Gaza, the child labor of Palestinians, as young as 11 in Isra-Hell's farms, is all over the news, which We see, you are blatantly ignoring. Why? Is a question that raises many issues. Why do you protect Isra-Hell so hard? Why is this government allowing tax payers money to go to the country of Isra-Hell? To be used for weapons? To bomb everything that is named or titled Palestine? Why are you not concerned? Palestine will be no more, if you allow this. Once that happens, and We, will stop at nothing not to see that from happening, but if, and when it does, who do you really think the people of the World will blame? Yes! The people will blame those, who aided Isra-Hell's fury, for territory expansion. The people of the World, will always blame the united states of America. Are you, before you, and who-ever is next after you, want this? To bring shame to the United States of America? Cause if you are, then you all are doing a great job at it. If you do not like helping people, then step down, seriously, let Us, Anonymous, lead the people to a brighter, peaceful, and loving future, for all generations to enjoy. Why the need for control? Why the need to be the only power of Planet Earth? Is it because of the puppet masters behind the Federal Reserve? Please! It is only money, made of Planet Earth's resources, it has no power or value, unless you impose it. So the moral of all the questions is. Why you people in The White House, "Do not Care?"

We are all Anonymous by Default.
United as One.
Divided by None.
We do not Forgive.
We do not Forget.
To the gutless entity controlling the people in The White House.

Expect Our Wrath!

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