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Montague Keen - May 3, 2015

Manuel: Montague Keen has been consistent for along while now about his assertion that Ireland has a very important historical significance in the world.  In which according to him the history of the world had been for the most part edited to create a different scenario from what really happened.  At first, I find his opinion not based on the sound traditional narratives we were accustomed to believe given to us by the worlds religion and schools.  But, as we delved further into the truth we find that indeed the history of the world could have been intentionally edited and changed for reasons we are not completely sure at the moment but it maybe has to do with dividing the people of the world to keep them subdue and under control by making them to believed a lie or make believe stories.

Ireland is probably part of the ancient Aryan people.  And they are much more older and more ancient than the Sanskrit and Hebrew people.  I draw this conclusion from Zorra of Hollow Earth who said that the original inhabitants of the Earth are the "Aryani" or Aryan people.  This means even before the arrival of migrants from other star systems such as the Hindus, Hebrews, Pleaidians, Lemurians on the East; the Aryans were already settled on Earth as the first inhabitants; (they are the First Come First Serve People - just kidding!).  According to Zorra, during those times there were also the so called "Titans" that roam and lived on the surface of the world along with the Aryans, they were giants that range from 15 to 30 feet tall or so.  There is also an ample reason to believe that this truth could also have been suppressed because a few years ago, the Indians and Pakistani people who were actual eyewitnesses to the giants that were excavated in the Arabian peninsula confessed that the giant fossils were true and that they even showed other photos that were not confiscated from them.  They were strictly advised not to share the findings and so they prefer their identities to be withheld.  There seems to be a SYSTEMATIC suppression about the true history of the Earth. A few years ago, I can't remember if it was the Belgians or the Dutch scientists who made a discovery as they were studying the genetics and blood genealogy of the people of Europe; they found out that the Irish people and the Basque people of Northern Spain are different from the rest of Europeans. They obviously did not come from the East. Could this be an indication of an Atlantean origin that used to occupy the center of Atlantic Ocean?  But it could also points to a Pre-Atlantean civilization that predates the arrival of the Atlanteans from the star system of Atlantia.  All of these postulations can be solved if only the so called "Akashic Records" will finally be brought to the open and be read in all its glory.  I think sometime in the not so distant future we will find out the truth coming from the combined sources of references:
  • 1.) Akashic Records and Ancient Library (Labyrinth) underneath Egypt
  • 2.) The Portologos Library of Agartha they have a complete and extensive records of the History of the Earth and also the Solar System (located in Hollow Earth) in which there is a doorway right at the bottom of Aegean Sea near Italy that goes straight to Portologos.
  • 3.) The arrival (or the return) of Lemurian and Pleiadian people on the surface as they will share their own records of the past that have been lost in our world.  They are already present in our planets orbit and they are just respectfully waiting for the official disclosure announcement.  They adhere to the Universal Law of Non-Interference by higher intelligence from a higher, more advance civilization unless formally introduced and invited by the governments of any nations of the Earth.  In other words they are just cloaked out there in space ready to land upon given notice.  But the truth is some of them are already present on the surface doing some assistance to speed up the transition to the New Age of the Earth.
According to Billie (the man from Hollow Earth) that there was a time in the past when the Earth was not covered by ocean water.  Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean and so on did not exist.  These waters are the direct effect from a global deluge that resulted from the destruction of the Ice canopy that used to cover the Earth as a protection and shield from outside debris such as meteors and asteroid.  If that is the case, then there must be a lot of historical evidences that are just covered by ocean water.  

We are all different, but when we ask for the Lord's blessings, we must not forget that God created us equal. Vladimir Putin

The light of truth is expanding, opening hearts and minds to the truth. Many of you are emerging from the hypnotic trance. You are seeing for the first time that which was used to control humanity. Religion was the most effective weapon used to control and destroy humanity. All this is made abundantly clear by one of the great historians of your time: Michael Tsarion. Veronica was sent information that confirms all that I have been telling you.

( Watch the video for yourself )

Those who control you, do not want you to know that everything started in the WEST. There can be no argument about that: it is FACT. The ancient name for Ireland was HIBERNIA. The ORIGINAL "HEBREWS" were the IRISH.

Another important point that was made in that email. Michael Tsarion says . . .

"The desire of the Vatican MYTH MONGERS and MYTHOGRAPHERS was to falsely situate the seed of culture in the Middle East, as far away from the Atlantic zone as possible. These mythographers knew full well that IRELAND was a remnant of ATLANTIS and that its primordial inhabitants came there due to earlier travels of western peoples.

What this means is, we are not ruling out that there were East to West movements. That the historians love to tell us. Of course there were East to West movements. There were movements from the Eastern lands and the Southern lands to the West.

We emphasised that by and large those East to West movements were RETURNS.

The descendants (descendants of the West, descendants of Ireland) were RETURNING to their ancestral home after a semblance of normality returned.

But these historians who never deal with the age of cataclysm are not going to tell you that. In their works Ireland is a naked land being visited for the first time."


As we have shown throughout the Irish Origins of Civilisation, the symbols and traditions we associate with; JUDAISM, CHRISTIANITY, TEMPLARISM, MASONRY, ORIGINATED IN IRELAND.


It is a joy to know that others are doing their own research and coming to the same conclusion: that there was a huge conspiracy to take over and destroy humanity by denying people the truth of who they are and what they are capable of. You are lied to by religion, governments, education; it's all a conspiracy of lies. You are floundering in the middle of it, trying to survive. All around you, you see chemtrails, chemicals in your water, vaccinations, GM crops, and treatments that are designed to kill you slowly, and you have come to accept this as NORMAL !

You need to wake up, time is running out. There are elections in the UK. Note that all parties are being financed by one person. So does it matter who you elect? The same person will rule. It is all so obvious, once you open your eyes. They are just playing a game to con you into believing that you have a say in your future and the future of humanity, when all the time, their Great Plan is to destroy humanity and openly take over your world. They may look like you but they are nothing like you.

We in spirit wish to thank those of you who have devoted time and effort to releasing energy from the ley lines. I wish everyone could understand the great importance of this work. It will help to release the chains that bind you. Please remember to send love and light to London, Rome, and Washington. It will help to expose the corruption. The seat of all corruption is Rome: do not be taken in by the fine words emanating from there. Words are cheap. Action is what is needed.

Who do you trust amid all this confusion. Be responsible, do your own research. Know who you are and you will grow in confidence. You are many, they are few. When you take back your power, you will refuse to assist them or turn a blind eye to all the corruption. Then they will flounder and they will find that their only answer is to leave Earth. They do not belong on Earth. Humanity should make a pact: I will not kill for them, I will not serve them, I will not help to conceal their deeds, I will support my fellow man. Learn to share your research and speak out when necessary.

Michael Tsarion's brilliant mind and intellect is second to none. He is easy to listen to, and he explains everything. His words, whether spoken or written, will open your hearts and minds to the TRUTH. Once you know and understand the truth, your next course of action will become obvious. You will unlock your prison door.

My dear, it has been another tough week for you. We are trying to bring everything together, but we face massive opposition. This is the biggest battle ever fought for the control of Earth. It is being fought both off-Earth and on-Earth. Those who oppose it suffer many attacks. No mercy is shown.

We are here for you. Ever at your side, your adoring, Monty.

Website: The Montague Keen Foundation

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