Monday, May 11, 2015

My Theory About World War II

It's been 70 years since the end of World War II and Russia is celebrating their victory against the Nazis of Germany.  I would like to share my own opinion to some of the core issues of the causes and effects of that previous war.  In the Far East, people there admire the sense of quality and craftsmanship of the Germans.  Products that are made in Germany are esteemed to be of good quality as it reflects the level of commitment and discipline of the German people and their attitude towards work.  

But what puzzles me is when reviewing the issues surrounding the war that was started by the Germans; I couldn't help but wonder as to WHY did they go to war NOT completely prepared?  And that is the big question mark.  Why did the Germans who is renowned around the world for their quality products and well organised systems in their work place - was not able to organise/prepare properly in order to win the war they started?  I mean, why would anyone embark on a very serious undertakings and missions without considering the necessary things needed in order to succeed in their goal? If you know you will be spending a considerable amount along the way, wont you save that amount in order to cover the expected expenditure?  

Consider the Cost, contemplate what will be the outcome of such a move and then plan and prepare.  But these planning and preparations seemed to be missing in what Germans did in World War II.  If you knew you will be confronted with millions and millions of armies from many countries what would you do to SUSTAIN the war campaign you started?  Will you be able to manage the offensive maneuver to conquer other lands?  Will you be able to
handle the amount of troops pouring into your country when they are about to counter offense?  It seems to me these are some of the basic reasons as to why Germany did not win the war.  They were completely outnumbered.  

I know that the Germans are smart people.  And I think they did not rush into war just for the love of war; instead they were DRIVEN into war by forces beyond their borders.  What I mean by this is that there was a MASTER MIND behind who manipulated Germany and the German people towards starting a world war. 

Here's my theory:

1.) During those days the Bankers wanted to have more control not just of Europe but the rest of the world.  

2.) These Private Companies wanted to have control over the production of Money supply of Central Banks around the world.

3.) They needed to install and replace people in governments of the world so that they will have CONTROL over every land and territories.  

4.) They needed to weaken their competitors whether in the banking industry as well as in the manufacturing industry and be on the lead. 

5.) They needed to acquire and collect all the Gold & Silver of the world.

6.) They needed an artificial drama that will create an excuse so that it will give way to granting the Jews to have their land in Palestine returned back to them; which is something they lost during the "Diaspora" as they were expelled by the Romans.  This issue seemed to me is understandable as the Jews really used to be the residents of the ancient land of Palestine.  

These are the major GOALS that they have and they needed to create a scenario and an artificial threat in order to achieve these goals. Could it be that Adolf Hitler was an 'Accomplice' and that he was commissioned to lead and persuade the German people into going into war?  And that the whole campaign including the drama of why they need and have to go to war was orchestrated in synchronized fashion by the Big Private Corporations of Europe and the world? 

This Theory was further validated when we heard confirmation from Billie Faye Woodard (from Hollow Earth) that indeed Hitler did not die in Berlin, Germany.  Meaning, the suicide story was fabricated in order to create a deception tactic.  This means - the whole war campaign including the formation of the Nazi Party was planned and plotted to achieve their goals.  There were eyewitnesses in South America who saw the UBoat submarine unloading the German soldiers including seeing Hitler alive and well.  And that makes you think that the whole war campaign was indeed planned and was done by paid actors who fulfilled certain roles and missions.

It is sad to know that millions and millions of people have to die just so for these people (bankers) to achieve the kind of goals and objective they wanted to have.  Why is it that "Holocaust" was only branded for the Jews, when in reality the Germans suffered much worse than the Holocaust of what the Jews experienced? Why is it that the sufferings of the German people were not told in the history books? The German people suffered way beyond what the Jews suffered. Why is it the world was led to believe with just one side of the story? I am not a German but to me it seems unfair that they were wrongly accused.   

When we examine the war of the past we can see clearly that both sides of the camp were manipulated that includes the Russians and the Americans were persuaded into going to war.  It was all staged and planned so that the selfish goal of the secret few will be accomplished. 

Lessons from these experiences?

What shall we do in order to learn from the past and not repeat it again? My suggestion is: Nations of the world should divert their efforts of intelligence gathering.  That they should also include those in the  private corporations of the world particularly the large corporations and banks.  Because the more cash they have the more bribery activities they can do - secretly.  If there is a transparent and unified approach to the issue of intelligence gathering, then the leader of a nation and nations will be able to assess if the threat was real or just fabricated.  Should they rush into war over fake scenarios by paid actors bribed by private corporations to promote destabilization and manipulate the world?  If they have the intelligence aimed at these big corporations then they will be able to monitor what they are planning and know what actions they should take.

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