Saturday, May 9, 2015

New American Republic is Unfolding

Unknown to most people of the world there is a serious progress (behind the Scenes) being done to transition the United States of America into a return to its former glory.  In case you didn't know the US became a private Corporation owned by a few foreign individuals.  Since 1913, the printing of the American Dollars has been transferred to a private company known as the Federal Reserve which is not part of the real government.  There are now many Americans who are actively trying to subvert this status to put it back into a real republic for the people and back to their Constitution.  

This effort was planned several decades ago and was stalled.  But, when the Pentagon was attacked back in 2001 it became clear to them that its time to take serious action against the private corporation operating as US Government because they knew that it was a false flag event.  A gathering of several US Generals are helping to make this transition.  They want to make this as silent as possible in order to avoid unnecessary repercussions to the worlds economy.  The Good Guys of the Pentagon along with all the former US Generals are working together to make this happen.  As of this moment, Russia, China and some European States have been informed about the Illegal Government of the US and that a transition back into a real Republic is underway and gaining traction.

The man assigned to transition the republic is Former General Ham as an Interim President. 

If you have noticed President Obama is now more relaxed than ever since the time he went into office it's because of the fact of the on-going progress as the efforts towards the return to the republic is gaining ground.  President Obama have already made discussions and meetings with General Ham.  

With the help from the Pentagon and several other countries the transition might be done completely sometime this year.  Click here to see a copy of the legal documents:

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