Monday, May 18, 2015

The Past and the Future with the Now! - Part One

One of the things I look forward into the future is the ability to use "Time Travel and Teleportation Technologies".  The people of Hollow Earth as well as the Galactics have the technology for time travel and Teleportation.  The  technology of time travel in some ways will make movies and film making obsolete and old fashioned in the future.  Instead of sitting on your chair and watch a movie, time travel will allow you to go back in time and see/witness the event that happened in the past as though you are part of it. You will be transported back in time physically or to the future as you wish. This is the main reason why the Secret Government of the world cannot possibly win against the Galactics along with the people of Hollow Earth is because of this advantage.  Because even if you have the control of the worlds funds and that you can print as many cash as you want and give away enormous amounts to bribe many people around the world to accomplish your goal; you cannot avoid the fact that the truth cannot be altered.  It can be altered today temporarily through cover-up by fraud and manipulation but in the grand scheme of things the wrongdoing of the past cannot be made hidden forever; as the PAST can be visited over and over again through time travel technologies!

Some of the "Reptilians and Anunnakis actually came to Earth via teleportation technology.  This procedure is also known as portals as it beams you from one place to another in an instant.  As the universe and all the multiverse were embedded with multiple interlocked - networked of portals connected by infinite energies which acts like a hyper vacuum superhighway that transmit objects or matter in a matter of seconds.  One example of a doorway for Large Portals is what was seen in the skies of Scandinavia a few years ago. This was very evident particularly in Norway where people saw a spiral in their skies.  Even the ancient people of Ireland and American Indian recorded this phenomenon as they carved this spirals in stones and mountain side, caves. This kind of portal is for larger crafts, mostly - motherships.  But for smaller ones there are jumprooms (so to speak) - portal where people can go through and travel by being beamed from one place to another.  Or from one planet to another.  There are small portals in the Middle East particularly in the Palestine Area and in Iraq and other places on Earth. 

How would you like to turn back the hands of time? Or move it forward into the future? Zaraya from Hollow Earth was able to travel into the future using one of the spacecrafts of the Pleidians and he saw New York City already cleansed from all the manmade objects and structures.  That was the time in the future when humanity was relocated either inside Hollow Earth or to the orbiting Motherships to give way to Mother Earth for her much needed "Terraforming".  This means, all manmade industrial objects (buildings and etc.) will be remove from the Earth and the planet will become pristine once again. 

Such as the case during World War II.  Many people in Europe today do not believe in the traditional stories that were conjured about what really happened during, before and after the war.  The Germans in particular complained that their side of the story were not taken into consideration as the Germans were viewed as though they were an evil race or evil empire.  These kinds of problems about the past can be SOLVE through time travel.  When one can travel back in time, then the errors of the historical record, misunderstanding and the lies that were perpetrated can be remedied and corrected.  Because it is entirely possible to create a false scenario of recorded history that is different from what actually happened. By traveling back in time, then we can prove and probe what really happened and the lies that was setup in the past can be debunked.  

Time Travel and teleportation technologies are some of the things that the galactics will share to us once they landed on Earth en masse!  The great benefits of this is that we can prove (if the news or history that was reported/recorded) was true or not.  Because we live in a world were deception is part of the game that those in power are playing to manipulate the world.  

And with this abilities we can have a greater sense of understanding of what really happened in the past.  

Time (in part) is an Illusion

It takes time to travel from point A to point B.  The distance between point A and point B can either be a few feet away or millions of miles and or into billions of light years away.  Regardless of distance whether near or far; it does have an equivalent of relative time to go from one point to another.  As they said in the military "the shortest distance between two points (location) is a straight line".  And that is basically true.  

It is true that time EXIST as a basis for calculation and measurement of passing moments in which we reckon the periods.  But time as we know it, is only an illusion.  There is such a thing as the "NOW" where TIME does not exist!  This is because of the Omnipresence of the Spirit of the ONE Source.  With this energy of God as a collective there is no such thing as time because everything becomes instantaneous.  And because everything is on the NOW then just by some adjustment of time differentials it becomes possible to scale back and forth through time whether the past or the future.  In other words time is relative only to finite, duality that was divided from the WHOLE and that the whole represents the ONE SOURCE as a Unified field.  

To illustrate, let's say the dimension of a particular room is 5 x 6 meters.  It will take you approximately around 4 to 6 seconds to travel from one corner of that room into the other corner.  Let's take it even further, what if one side of that room is on Earth and the other side of it is on another Galaxy? Then the travel time becomes enormous - exponential point. Now, the POV (point of view) of time is only relative to your duality as separation from the ONE Source.  That vantage point puts a limit to your scope and that includes time. But if you merge with the ONE SOURCE or utilize the Omnipresence energy of God then distance is not an issue.  

If traveling from point A to point B requires time and that this distance which can be graphically represented as a 'line' that connects the two points. However, with the NOW everything becomes unified as ONE and therefore the line that creates the distance that separate the two points merge into ONE and thereby cancels time.  With the "NOW" time becomes non-existant! It is because with the NOW, you don't have to travel through the distance because not only the distance have been removed but also the multiple by locations have been merge into one. 

Just as there is a network of infinite, all powerful energy that traverse the multiverse of space like a Superhighway there is also the ONE Source (Infinite) energy that is ever present everywhere (omnipresence) in which time is not an issue.  With this, it can be calibrated and adjusted to a finite increments which will result in either going in the past or the future.  In short, time only exist within finite realities.  

Going back to the Room analogy, if it takes time to travel from one corner of the room to the other but when the traveler is transported by the space of the room itself then time becomes null and void as the issue of distance had been removed.  In other words, if you are the air that fills the entire room you do not need to travel and so therefore there is no time involved.  This is because you as an air that fills the entire room is ever present in all areas of the room and so therefore travel is not needed. And when travel is not necessary therefore, time becomes irrelevant.

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