Thursday, June 25, 2015

A Little Info About The Arcturians

I haven't talked much about the Arcturians.  The following words is my opinion about them and as a way of thanking them for the 'unsung' heroic efforts they have been doing for humanity for a very long time.

The latest message from the Arcturians seemed to be very informative as it talks about the sixth chakra. If the Ghostbusters (Fiction) are for the Ghost; but the Arcturians are the ones who deal with the "Reptilians" in real life (Non-Fiction).  They're the experts when it comes to Reptilians. The Arcturians is also one of the early settlers on the Earths surface. They are from Arcturus which is located on another sector of this Galaxy. For the last three thousand years or so; the Arcturians are the ones who are called into action everytime the Reptilians attack and possess a person that often leads to exorcism. But unlike what Catholic Priests are doing they do not have to perform ritual exorcist type of work like what we saw with Jane Fonda on her movie "Exorcist". Instead the Arcturians uses their own advance technology in dealing with the Reptilians. Just like the Ghostbusters, they too have advance special equipment. Unknown to most people the cloaked spaceship of the Arcturians orbiting in space are always sent to Earth to deal with the aggressive reptilians.  

Several years ago I myself saw a person who was possessed by either a demon or the Reptilians.  A demon by the way is one of the specie of the Anunnakis and that they have wings embedded on their backs. Their wings are very similar to the eagles.  A person who is possesed is taken over by another being. Usually when the possessed starts to lash out in anger and becomes violent, it could mean that the Arcturians or some members of the Galactic Federation are already present at the scene and that they will pick up that soul of the reptilians and deal with them by taking them off world.    

I remember on that day, it was summer and the possessed person can speak unknown words or language.  But after a while you notice the surroundings all of sudden became cold and wind starts to blow on that location. That is the time when the Galactics headed by the Arcturians came into the rescue.  They do this operation while cloaked.  And when they are around, people often saw a person/s wearing bright garments glowing in light and floating in the air for a few inches.  In other words, their feet not touching the ground as they are slightly hovering. And then, they just vanished.

One of the Ancient temple of the Reptilians is found on the Gobekli Tepe in Turkey. For thousands of years the Reptilians along with the Anunnakis not only reincarnate as humans but also they co-inhabit with people (traditionally called - possessed).  But for the most part they operated like a stealth, undetected by people not knowing that they have inside them another being.  This is particularly not easy to be detected especially if there is only one of them inside a person. They do this to influence the human being to do their wishes by planting some negative thoughts on them and make them easily irritable and angry. But when there's plenty of them that's the time it needs exorcism as they become violent.  If you recall in the New Testament bible there was a man possessed by a legion that was confronted by Jesus?  Sananda Jesus is also an Arcturian and the Reptilians are afraid of them. The Illuminati, most of them were possessed or occupied by Reptilians and or incarnates of the Reptilian race from the Draco constellation in this Galaxy and from Orion.  They are part of the Group who came to Earth along with Atlantians and the Anunnakis that conquered the Earth by force.  

The goodnews is: 2013 was the year when all the Reptilians on Earth have been removed with some  assistance from the Angelic realm such as Archangel Gabriel and the Galactic Federation of Light.  The Federation and the Company of Heaven already dealt with the Atlantians; and so all of those Atlantians responsible for the INVASION and conquering of the Earth 13+ thousand years ago had been transferred outside of the Earth.  And in the year 2013 all of the reptilians had been removed as well.  The vast majority of the Annunakis had been removed also but some are still in human bodies (incarnates) amongst the higher ups of Cabal and illuminati factions - according to Zorra.  And so what we are dealing now are the thousands and thousands of MINIONS (humans) who were trained by the Anunnakis.  They are the ones we called the powers that be that is now fast fading.

The Arcturians will be one of the first ones amongst the Galactic Federation who will land on Earth in the not so distant future.  They will land on the continent of Africa, and help the African people deal with their problems of various diseases and starvation.  My estimate is:  more or less than twelve months from now (by 2016) we may see the first batch of the Arcturians land on Earth without cloak and be witnessed by everyone as they will heal people stricken by various diseases.

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