Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Consider: Other Alternative to Capitalism


With all the trouble in the banking system of this world by now we can truly say that Capitalism for all its intents and purposes failed to become the ideal system for the society of the world.  It has become as a major breeding ground for a never ending greed and selfishness. With all the criminality in the world much of it were fueled by the love of money.  While money is not the root of all evil, nevertheless, the excessive adoration and love for it is what promotes the proliferation of violence and crimes of all kinds in this world. While I am not advocating to stop using monetary capitalist system all at once.  I mean there's got to be an alternative way of expression.  An alternative system that promotes the good of everyone while preserving peace, joy and harmony.  The Galactics along with the Company of Heaven wanted to transition the Earths society into cashless society and bring back the way it was before prior to the arrival of the rogue group of conquerors on Earth.

Lately, the biggest banks of the world were fined for rigging the Foreign Currency markets and interest rates.  Come to think of it, they are the ones who have the most funds in the world for a long, long time and yet their desires to have more cash seems to be bottomless and infinitely bigger than the universe as they literally have no sense of enough is enough. They wanted to have more and more ‐ endlessly.  

Capitalism was credited to the Romans as well as the Jews as the originator or the ones who pioneered the spread of capitalist system into the world.  But the founding fathers of Capitalism was the infamous ''Anunnakis''. Yes, Capitalism is not native to planet Earth.  It was brought here on Earth as part of the Anunnaki colonization of Earth along with their allies the Reptillians and the Atlantians.

Infact, long before the arrival of these notorious evil alliance; the Earth was happily observing a different kind of system.  One that is not anti‐humanity but rather enhances unity and family orientated culture among everyone. Yes, during those times; which approximately several thousand years prior to the events of what was mentioned in the book of Genesis, people then was observing  Oneness ‐ a communal way of living which is based on the  'Law of One'.  The Law at that time simply means a guideline in how to do things right.  That is far different from what we interpret law today as a mandatory/obligatory rule to follow and obey.  Oneness or Unity in
some way can mean as to treat and consider everyone as though they are also YOURSELF.  This view was intended to be inclusive and not exclusive.  It prevents INDIFFERENCE and prejudism. Meaning, it is absolutely applicable to everyone regardless of race or creed/belief.  There were no wars that ever happened to Earth when this system was the primary way of life of every community and society on Earth. This system is actually practised throughout the Multiverse and not just in this Galaxy.  There is NO such thing as the ''Central Bank of Sirius" or the Merciful Bank of the Milky Way Galaxy. Or some Pleiadian dollars.  No, the truth is Capitalism was never practised anywhere in the Universe except for these rogue group namely: the Anunnakis, Atlantians and Reptilians.

The early settlers on Earth the Lemurians, Pleiadians and etc. do not practise capitalism. Currencies do not exist. Instead they use a system of treating everyone like ONE Big family.  They do not have to issue currencies like we do today; as they provide for the needs of absolute everyone for free.  It literally is the business of everyone including the government on Earth at the time is to really care for everybody.

By the way, did you know that the fangs (two front teeth) all of us humans have are actually a direct manipulation by the reptilians?  When these rogue groups won the war more or less twelve thousand years ago and defeated the Lemurians and Pleaidians on Earth; they were at liberty in modifying the genetics of not just humans but also the animals.  I don't have enough time to say and explain everything in minute detail, but a simplification and a short summary is sufficient for the meantime.  To make the long story short, the scientist of the Reptilians and Anunnakis were responsible in editing the genome characteristics of human DNA.  They edited it to reflect their qualities and likeness. Although, not completely on its entirety but at least just a slight likeness to them is what gives them the confidence to claim that such creatures were under them or what they call the by product of their work. This is why some of us humans looks more like vampires or have very sharp tooth just like cats and dogs.  Mind you, in the original design these fangs was not included in the blueprint. They just decided to play with the default settings and voila! People instantly looks like we humans descended from Dracula (just kidding).   

In addition to that, they also did some major programming into the human brain to have the ability for them to control humanity which is either to sow doubts and for the mind to think negatively rather than positively most of the time.  

At one time President Obama a few years ago slipped some words when he said on live television mentioning the words "Reptilian Brain" in which according to him was a portion added or modified in one small section of the human brain.  President Obama was informed about this by the Galactic Federation of Light as he and his wife were at one time teleported to the "New Jerusalem Mothership".

Let us face it, the Capitalism we have today as it was proven time and time again that this kind of system is completely not based on love.  It only serves the interest of the few minority people, while alienating the rest of the people of the world which sums up the majority.  There must be an alternative way for everyone. With the coming revaluations of the worlds currencies and the implementation of the NESARA law then eventually the world can transition slowly towards cashless system and the dawn of the New Golden Age of the Earth!

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