Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Greece Needs to Take Some Time Off from Euro

The following is a commentary about the country of Greece and its associated problems with joining European Community unified currency and the debts they incurred.

Greece the land where once upon a time used to be the place when some of the best members of the Company of Heaven intermingled with humanity.  Athena was one of them.

Today, Greece needs help.  When they joined Euro several years ago they probably thought that it will make their lives even better.  But it turns out, it got worse.  Well, that's what happen when their ability to produce and print their own currency had been taken away from them outsourced to a European Central Bank located somewhere in Brussels.

What happened? How did Greece ended up having so much debt?  How did it ballooned so much that they could not pay for it? It looks like they were better off prior to joining Euro.

That's the problem with economic system that is largely based on debt system that earns compounding interest.  If the Goddess Athena is here today, she will probably advise the Greeks to get back to the days when they were free from monetary entanglements.  Because during the glorious days when Athena was around; currency and monetary system does not exist.  And no one was in debt.  There was no poor among them and everyone had enough to share with everybody.

I am guessing that Greece will exit Euro sometime this year.  They should ask for debt forgiveness.  If debt cancellation is not possible then they should just request to FREEZE the interest so that their debts will not grow even more.  Then, they can revalue their own currency and start printing it once again like before.  But, this time they should make sure that the one who will print their money is genuine public government central bank and not allow it to be infiltrated by private individuals and corporations.  And then they can start paying their debts divided in an easy payable terms and instalments.

And when Greece exits Euro it may spur the revival and revaluations of other European countries currencies such as Italy's Lira, German Deutschemark, Franks and etc.

Greece will be able to make it when they leave Euros unified currency, because the start of the pouring of financial blessing from the Ancient Royal Family in Asia will most likely happen sometime this year.  This means countries that are in debt will receive financial assistance for free without interest.  Not only countries will benefit but also individuals, ordinary people around the world will be blessed indeed!

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