Monday, June 29, 2015

Growing Number of Sink Holes Worldwide

The amount of Sink Holes appearing worldwide is continuously increasing.  The compilation of photographs seen above are actual sink holes formed around the world in which some of them appeared overnight while others gradually.  What do these things mean?  According to Zorra these holes are indeed formed not by natural occurrence but instead these were made intentionally in preparation for the worldwide "Emergence" that will happen in the future.  The people of Hollow and Inner Earth will join the people of the world in celebration for the defeat of the minions of the secret rulers of this world who ruled in extreme greed/selfishness and evil. They will come out right after "Disclosure".  When that time comes these HOLES will light up and then the people of Hollow and Inner Earth will come out with levitating planes or aeroship we call as UFO.

Notice how ADVANCED their technology in forming and creating these holes.  People say, some of these holes were not there the other day and then the next day they appeared instantly like magic.  If we here on the surface were to replicate/immitate these efforts it would take a massive amount of heavyweight machineries.  And it will take a long time to get this done.  And the operation will also be very messy and noisy while excavation is being done.

This is not a joke and its not fake.  We really have to believe our eyes and not ignore this. The worlds media are ignoring this because they know what is down there 400 miles below (Inner Earth Civilization) and beyond 800 mile below is the Hollow Earth Civilization.  The worlds media after all is owned by the powers that used to be and so they will only feature news that is either fabricated or just filled with cover-ups. 

There are NETWORK of Intricate underground TUNNELS that runs through all the continents of the Earth and they were built by the same people who created these holes.
These tunnels has SHUTTLES that runs much faster (@ sonic speed without incurring G-Force/Inertia) than the best trains we have in Asia and Europe.

The thickness of the Earths crust is ONLY 800 miles! Beyond the 800 miles is a hollowed-space interior of the Earth where advance civilization exist!  We should STOP believing what we're told in school that the Earth is solid when in fact its hollow inside.  Do you remember what happened in the year 2013 in Washington and Oregon State?  Some corporations were digging using an advance boring machines.  And you know what?  It could not pass through a certain area even when the giant machine were set at full power and full speed.  It simply bump into one of the Inner Earths existing "Force Field" and that is why they could not go further with their drilling operations.  We have to admit our technology on the surface is inferior to their technologies.

This is PROOF that we have advance civilizations living at the crust and the interior part of the Earth. The Secret Government of the World have sent countless various spy cameras to observe these civilizations.  And they have been spying on them for a very long time.  And those videos they recorded are stored on their database computers.  The best hackers in the world can take a peek at what their hiding from the world.  

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