Sunday, June 28, 2015

Hollow Earth Networks Blogtalk Radio Show - June 27, 2015

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Words from Hollow Earth Network:


Here is a call FILLED with information we will not find any place else! Thank you, Zorra!

Zorra's new 2,000 ft aero ship! And this video shows what he did with a 450-ft vessel! Thank you Zorra for protecting our planet!

Will Nibiru crash into Earth this November? - World War III? -- Zorra: "We can "re-create" the movie 'When the Earth Stood Still." -- Where does Free Will stop?? - Sink holes?" - Earth changes? - A "zipper?" - HAARP? - RV? Yes! Don't let others' "answers" draw your energies down! -- Pleiadian vessel just materialized over ISIS! - Home mortgages? -- "Survival mode?" -- Blue crystal skulls? -- Chinese Dragon Families - Prime Creator met the Iraqi Parliament - the UN - WHAT did they SEE?? -- CERN? -- Does ISIS have an A-bomb? -- WHO said "dinar is of the dark?" - Wrong!! Some are in lack - some have over-abundance... -- Surface Collective's current frequency? -- Headbands - Healing rods - Summer Sale. -- Can Switzerland Particle Accelerator create "black hole?" -- FLEAS? Energetic non-toxic removal!! Recipe for solution THAT WORKS! -- New owner, Wells Fargo??!! -- How Chinese contract will happen -- Handling autism energetically - OrgoneHealingMachine? -- Healing Pulse

Telephone Replay after the show: 1 857-957-1119 + Ref No: 118#

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