Friday, June 5, 2015

Unveiling UFO Lightships Using Infra Red Cameras

Unknown to most people there's plethora of UFOs flying into our worlds skies.  Some of the airline pilots have already expressed of why there seemed to be a massive cover-up.
According to these pilots, they talked amongst themselves and that they prefer to be silent about it because it will affect their career.  Some of them were cautioned not to speak about any anomalies they see in the skies including unidentified flying objects. And according to them they have been seeing UFOs frequently anywhere around the world.

Today, we can scan the skies of the world and observe the myriads of extra terrestrial ships flying freely.  Most of them are using Lightships that is quite difficult to notice with our naked eyes.  But with the help of infra red device fitted to a camera, we can then see what is normally unseen intelligent spacecrafts/aeroships.

Zorra once said that if you see stars in the sky at night and notice their reflection on a water surface of calm river or lake, most of those stars are actually orbiting large mother ships and they are not stars.  Because a far away star from other parts of the galaxy and beyond mostly will not register its reflection due to distance.  So those stars that we mostly see at night are actually UFOs.  They regularly send small scoutships flying into the worlds skies.  Watch the video to see them in action.

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