Monday, July 27, 2015

Hollow Earth Blogtalk Radio Show - July 25, 2015

Words from Hollow Earth Network:
Today's call covered so much! -- Tiredness? As our bodies change from carbon to crystalline/silicon, our metabolism must adjust. - What about this high wave soon coming our way? - No "death" - How man ascended as priest giving last rites - What Encoder does - RV happening? - Will we get fiat money or gold backed UST Notes? - SwissIndo? Mr Sino? M1? - Will world governments "crash?" - And then what?? - Disclosure will be announced by... " -- Is this coming high cosmic energy wave described by Dr. Atkins valid? - What secret papers will the Pope give to Obama? - Is the 70-Year-Old Prophecy valid? - Saryya joins... You have power to reverse afflictions - your frequencies are amongst the highest in the galaxy! -- Healing Pulse -- How build pyramid over house to rid of pests - What prevents insect bites? - Magical stones - Healing Call tomorrow!


After the call, telephone replay: 1 857-957-1119 + 439724# Ref No: 120#
Continue to press "2" to advance to start of call.

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