Sunday, July 12, 2015

Hollow Earth Networks Blog Talk Radio Show - July 11, 2015

Words from Hollow Earth Network:

Zaraya reads post WWII U-Boat 209 handwritten letter confirming "Hollow Earth exists." - ZORRA: RV underway w/some US Int'l Rate exchanges - Must we wait for New Republic? - Dragon Families update - Where is Cass Elliott today? - The F-16 over Washington DC - Corley Goode/David Wilcocks series coming - Spiritual view of suicide - ZAP's Fukushima predictions? - Can we help Lyme Disease? Others? - Mothers! NO Inoculations! - Arthritic Pain/Pulse/Gone! Powers of Headband / Ships - Mosquitoes/fleas? - Can help Bell's Palsy? - Poison Ivy, sunburn, shingles? - Sun / cancer? - Vessels entering Sun - Soon 2 Suns! - Sun is a planet! - Is Nibiru a danger to us? - Why star people love Planet Earth - Abductions?? - SARYYA: Why you volunteered! - Have we been "implanted?" - 1st time listener not able to walk UNTIL Zorra's live healing on this call! - Watch for Wednesday radio interview/Zorra!

After the Call, Replay: 1 857-957-1119 Ref No: 119#

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