Monday, July 13, 2015

Mothership called Elenin from Sirius Star System

Remember a few years ago there was a Russian man who discovered that there was an incoming large comet which was eventually named after him as "Elenin"?  According to him the movement and the direction of this comet indicates it was intelligently controlled as it was maneuvering a field of space debris.  When this celestial body passed by planet Jupiter it actually stopped there for exactly 24 hours!  This confirmed that this is not a comet and neither an asteroid because it is spherical in shape.  And when this thing stopped beside Jupiter or along its orbit; it started sending messages to NASA.  And that is why the director of NASA started giving warnings to it employees during those days.  Well, after this supposedly comet made its perihelion towards the Earth the worlds media all of a sudden cease tracking this comet.  But, what we are not told is the actual size of this celestial body.  

Today, we now know that Elenin is not a comet and neither an asteroid.  It is a mothership twice the size of the Earth.  They came from Sirius, which is located here in our Milky Way Galaxy.  Elenin because of its size decided to park infront of the Sun.  And that is the reason why we have been seeing two suns in our skies worldwide.  Elenin sent messages to NASA to start telling people on Earth about their presence in our solar system; but they refused to listen. 

The following images is a compilation of photographs taken from around the world showing dual suns and one of it is the Mothership Elenin from Sirius.  In the near future this mothership will eventually separate from the Sun.  In other words it will relocate itself from being infront of the Sun into stationing itself near or beside the Sun.  And when that happens, they will send massive amounts of smaller spacecrafts to land on Earth.

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