Saturday, July 4, 2015

Possible Interpretation of Stonehenge Crop Circle 2015

This is the Artwork that appeared in Wiltshire Southern England just last month near the famous landmark called Stonehenge.  Immediately, there's a lot of people paid to call it just a hoax and claim that it was made by just ordinary people.  But if you ask them if they can replicate this intricate design with EXACT same quality - they could not do it.  And they could not find anyone who can do it in a matter of minutes not even the best physicist or scientist.  Still, as ever the crop circles that appeared consistently for the last few decades remained a mystery as no one can mimic nor copy the elaborate design and technique that was used in creating these so called crop circles. 

In my opinion, the crop circles are from spacecrafts and smaller ones called orbs that acts like automated intelligent drones.  Some of these were recorded on video by the people of southern England printing crop circles during dawn or early in the morning.  They really looked like glowing balls of light emitting like an electro magnetic beam.  

Stonehenge in the ancient times used to be the spaceport of the Pleiadians.  They were from the Pleiades, that star system was mentioned in the Old Testament bible.  They built it as a landing port for their smaller aeroships.  Some of these ships looked like the so called Foo Fighters people saw during WWII.  But they were not really fighters, they were just doing reconnaissance work, observing the activities of the war.  It is possible the Pleaides is where the Aryan people, Irish & Scottish including the Druids, Ancient Iberians (Spanish & Portuguese) came from.  While the rest of the Europeans are a mixture of Andromedans, Arcturus and etc. 

This crop circle is probably conveying a message that the ancestors of the Europeans are finally coming back!

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