Thursday, July 9, 2015

Transcript of Interview with 'M1' about his Gift for Humanity this Year

Maybe the blessings from M1 is the Solution for the problems of Greece and the rest of the world.  All it takes is: to accept the Gift that M1 is offering. And the worlds government have until August 17, 2015 to respond.  

If Greece accepts the 138 Trillion Dollars from M1 then they can print their own currency the Drachma and have more than enough to pay their debts from their creditors.  Plus, the Greek citizens will receive 6 million dollars each!  

The Money will be coming from several storage of Gold in the Far East.  The amount of Gold in Asia is enough to solve the worlds problems. The tons and tons of Gold are real!  And this coming EVENT can be the EQUALIZER that can trigger the so called "Global Currency Reset".  This reset is scheduled to take place this year.  And every country in the world must have an asset based currency to back their economy otherwise the debt systems continues on its spiral bringing endless inflation and etc. because of fiat printing of currencies. 

Take note: The coming reset this year will also be based on the countries productivity and the assets they have.  This blessings from M1 can help drive up the assets of the countries who responded and eventually make their currency in a higher value.  The world has awakened to the harsh realities of fiat currency, printing money that has no value and the fractional reserve system of creating money out of thin air.  The world does not want this anymore.  Honesty and transparency is now the name of the game.  The BRICS Bank which officially opened yesterday and the AIIB scheduled sometime this year can really alter the course of the worlds economics as they will forge asset based economy backed by a gold standard.  

Transcript from below the original video:

D = Dan;  T = Tracy;  B = M1 ; A = Ani


T: My first question for you today is: Are you M1
B: Yes
T: May I refer to you as M1 in this interview
B: Nods
T: News is spreading virally about payments 1 – 11 which is part of the breaking news which went out last week. And I want to you questions for public consumption
B: Nods
T: First question. What is Payment 1 - 11
B: Declaration of transaction of supports for all the countries and the peoples
T: So it’s a transaction to cover all the countries and all the people
B: Nods
T: And specifically what does that cover for the countries and the people
B: For the country.. principle the new quotas
T: So each country will receive a quota amount. How much is that amount for each country
B: 138 Trillion US Dollar
T: So that’s 138 Trillion set aside for each country
D: That quota is for the country to print their own new currency
B: Yes identical

T: This will be asset-based money right. That this money that will be printed will be asset-based
B: Nod Yes
T: what else does payment 1 – 11 cover?
B: Cover all by 1 Quintillion principle, as the new exhibit quotation
T: so 1 Quintillion is a very large numbers
D: 18 zeros
T: So the principle is 1 Quantillion. You go million, billion, trillion, quadrillion, quintillion right. That’s 18 zeros behind the 1, right. That’s what is set aside for the new economy.
B: Yes
T: What else do payments 1 – 11 cover?
B: Payment 1 -11 principle 234 Quadrillion in US Dollars
T: So that covers - What’s that for... That part.
B: Payment 1- 11.
D: That’s the total
T: So payment 1-11 is covered in the 234 quadrillion while the new economy will have 1 quintillion. OK so all those payments are done..... It seems to me that payment 1 – 11 that pays off all Debt, right?
B and A: Nods
T:Does it matter what kind of debt it is. It can be ... will cover country debt. Covers all debts. Corporate, personal - If I owe my friend money it will cover all that?
B: Smiling - Yes all
D: And that actually that’s why I came to you. Its because.. of Bonds, there’s a whole lot of bonds , people wish (permit to work) to redeem the bonds
B: Yes
D: And that will be covered
B: Yes. Its on behalf of debts. Must be paid in all location
D: All will be paid
T: So this covers the face-value of debt right? It’s universe owe right?
So it’s not discounted. All debts are paid off. Not discounted. Everything paid off in full and
D: Going to make very happy people
B: Nods
T: And also there’s the part that’s referred as the The Human Obligation.
A: Yes
B: Nods
T: Mmm Lets talk about that. How much is allocated per Human Being on planet earth under the Human Obligation
B: The human Obligation for the people is 6 million US Dollars
T: 6 Million.
B: Yes
T: So 6 million, the value of 6M USD allocated for every man, woman and child on planet earth today. There are almost 7 billion of us on planet earth today. So you do the math. And that’s a big number too. Certainly the 234 Quadrillion is larger than all those numbers put together. And the new economy with 1quintillion is even bigger. So that’s an amazing answer, that’s your answer for payments 1 – 11. What is payments 1 – 11. You just got the answer. You just heard from M1 himself. OK so in addition to the allocation of 6 million per individual there’s also a monthly payment amount going out to make sure, well this is going to end hunger right. How can you be hungry if you have money to buy food right there’s plenty of food. So what is that amount, is it different from each country or is it the same amount for each individual?
B: equal principle
T: Thats equal principle? So i think program for adult and child right, how much is the amount?
B: Student and general (adult) principle
A: Student and child 600
B: For general (adult) principle 1200 Dollar per month
D: 1200 per adult
T: So it’s 1200 per adult, 600 per student child
A: Yes
T: So does that include someone who’s not a student. Like a child that’s 17. So also still would be 600.
A: Yes thats right
B: Nods
A: Yes
T: So that should cover any household anywhere in the world. If you live in the US where things are a lot more expensive.
A: Yes
T: So and then the payment 1 -11 also cover construction of new cities
A: That’s right, Yes
T: Which will be in all countries. These new cities which is referred to as the Venus Project. Is that correct?
B: Yes
T: Alright. It’s very, very exciting eh Jacque
A: Fresco
T: Fresco is the architect behind the idea of the Venus cities, new green modern type. It takes advantage of technologies that are available today for the cities that more efficient and that would be symbol ; is that correct? So it is a symbol of a.. that the world has made a leap ahead in a positive way.
B: Nods
T: And with that – That’s a wrap

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