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Transcript of ZORRA'S SATURDAY CALL JULY 11, 2015

Hollow Earth Network Blog Talk Radio
Saturday, July 11, 2015

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Music Ends

Anne: Here we are. Good morning. It’s Anne welcoming you to our every other Saturday call with Zorra from Hollow Earth. And I just have to say as I listen to every word of that beautiful song when Zorra recommended it to be out theme song and I thanked him, he said it wasn't his choice it was Prime Creator who told him that we should use this. It couldn't be more perfect could it? Isn't that wonderful?!

Let me see, I want to get the dateline in before we forget. Today is Saturday, July 11th. 11 is a good number. Saturday, July 11, 2015. We're in our fifth year with Zorra. We're just one big happy family. We’ve grown together all this time, we know each other well, we know the language. And if you're new, we welcome you.

How do we talk to Zorra by phone in Hollow Earth? Zorra’s son, Zaraya came up here in 1951 in a little toddler earth/surface body to establish this connection and that was more than 60 years ago. And it took him about that long to find the people that would listen and do something to assist his mission of connecting the surface to the highly advanced civilization thriving within Hollow Earth. And that’s us, folks.

April 2, 2011 we paid attention. And April 16th, after talking with Col. Woodard who we now know as Zaraya, after talking with Col. Woodard on April 2nd he told us in a couple weeks we could do the call again and he would introduce his father. And on April 16, 2011 his father Zorra traded bodies with him and spoke to us over the phone. And that's been going on now into our fifth year.

So the whole story is right there on our homepage of BlogTalkRadio.com/HollowEarthNetwork. It's a wonderful call to listen to.

Billie was there when Admiral Byrd flew in. He actually observed Adm. Byrd meeting with the Hollow Earth council so it's wonderful to hear an eye witness report of all that. You'll enjoy the call.

Now, what do we have. It's time to turn it over to Billie and Jane who we know as Zaraya and Quazar. And as the call progresses Zaraya will no longer be here and we'll hear the voice of Zorra coming through his body. And then a little further into the call we’ll hear Zorra say “bye-bye” and that's how he tells Quazar that it's time for her to go now and allow Zorra's other half, Saryya to use her body. And so Saryya and Quazar also trade bodies and now we’re talking Zorra and his other half Saryya.

You've never had a call like this before. None of us have. But we love it, we've grown into it, it's very natural. Everything is right in the right place.

INVOCATION --------------------------

And before I turn this over to Zaraya and Quazar I have been asked to do the invocation for all those attending our call either now or on the recording. So we’re going to start first with the Violet Flame that was a divine dispensation given to us through our beloved St. Germain. It's on our website, HollowEarthNetwork.com. You'll see this invocation, you'll see this call to the Violet Flame on our Home page and also on the Toolbox for Ascension page. And here we go.


Let’s stand with our feet flat on the floor facing our beloved Terra, also known as Gaia, also known as Mother Earth and are hands down at our sides, palms facing beloved Terra (which is Zorra tells us is her true name). And this is something that is good to do every day no matter if we think we don't have anything that is attached or bugging me. Do it just as prevention before any kind of a seed gets going. We’re going to erase any energies that no longer serve us, mistakes we may have made not intentionally but it happened and we don't like to have to think about it anymore but sometimes things will come up that remind us and then we have to deal with these energies. We're busy working on raising our energy so it's important to free ourselves of any debilitating energies and that's why we use the Violet Flame. You'll see a picture of it on our website pages that I just gave you so please envision that. And here we go.

I AM the mighty Violet Consuming Flame
now and forever consuming and transmuting all past and present mistakes, their cause, core, effect and Akashic record.

So be it.

When you do this in your private meditation Peter Olson recommends a four-time repeat of these affirmations that really sets it in.

And we will follow this with the White Light Pillar of Protection dictated from our beloved Lord Ashtar of the Ashtar Command -- directly under our beloved Sananda and our commander-in-chief of the Galactic Federation of Light. Ashtar dictated this through his own beloved twin flame incarnate here on the surface, my good friend Pallas Athena.

This is the Pillar of Protection. It is something that we need do for ourselves. You can't rely on someone else to put Pillar of Protection over us because this is an internal thing. It's between us and our own Higher Presence that is residing not far away, just above us.

And so we stand with our feet flat on the floor and this time our hands up above of our head with our fingers pointing toward our beloved I AM Presence. And I like to take my hands and just sort of draw this pillar (that is about three feet all the way around us), draw this solid Pillar of White Light Protection down as we say:

Beloved I AM Presence,
Intensify your Protective Pillar of Pure Positive White Light Cosmic Substance in through and around me.
Charge it with your invincible protection,
all-powerful and impenetrable, that keeps me insulated from all that is not of the Light and
keep it sustained.
Make and keep me ever sensitive to you and your direction and immune to all imperfect vibratory rates.

So be it.

And in my own meditation I was inspired to share this short affirmation that is precious to me every day when I meditate. Again from St. Germain; again modified to incorporate the entire Earth collective.

I AM the Governing Presence.
I AM the Governing Presence. I AM governing in Perfect Divine Order and I AM commanding harmony and happiness and the presence of God's opulence in our minds and in our homes and in our affairs and in our worlds.

So be it

Isn't that beautiful? I love it when I adapted it to the collective. I love sending that out to every quantum on the surface of this planet.

And with that I’m going to close microphone and I’m going to open up Zaraya and Quazar. Zorra is standing by.

(Now folks some of you aren't quite sure how to raise your hand so that you may ask a question. You do so just by touching number one on your telephone keypad. Then after you've had your opportunity to speak we always ask that you close by touching number one again which will put your hand down and remove you from the queue. That will help me in keeping track of all of you.)

So with that let's turn it over to Zaraya and Quazar who are standing by and Zorra and Saryya will soon be joining us as the two of them trade bodies. So come on guys.


Nazi U-Boat Confirms Existence of Hollow Earth
Zaraya: Well hello there Lady Nada and everybody. How are you doing today? I'm going to do a little something different here today. I'm going to read a letter that – first I’m going to give you a background to it.

A good while back I was given a letter concerning a U-boat 209 during World War II and about the Hollow Earth. And this is a letter confirming the existence of the Hollow Earth.

The original letter was written in German and I have a copy of that as well so if there is anyone out there that speaks German, I can tell you where to get a copy of the letter yourself and you can read it yourself. But I [am reading from] the translation.

It says: “Your interesting telephone conversation concerning the proposed effort to penetrate the inner realms is hopefully successful. In the enclosed copies of the old comrade I received after the war, the original letter to clarify the U-boat 209 was assigned to one of the strangest missions of the entire war. She was directed to proceed in an attempt to clarify the actual existence of the inner earth or Hollow Earth.

Furnished with charts and direction by Karl Hosseffer [sp?] the U-boat was to proceed to a certain latitude and longitude there to enter into a giant undersea cavern with a current of about six knots.

There to let the U-boat to be carried downward and onward. The U-boat was commanded by Captain Heinrich Beroda [sp?] – (this can be verified through naval records now from the Nazis) -- and most veteran of fidelity. You see there were many in the Third Reich that believed this theory of existing inner realm. Among this U-boat 209 was an old friend one Carl Unger. I received his communication sometime after the war had ended. I know it is genuine as I know his hand-writing very well.”

The approximate English translation of Carl's letter is as follows:

Dear old comrade,

This news will be a surprise for you. The U-boat 209 undersea boat made it. The Earth is hollow. Doctors Hosseffer and Hess were right. The whole crew is well but we cannot come back and we are no prisoners.

I am sure this news will reach you. It is the last connection with the U-boat 209. We will meet you again, comrade. I am worried for everyone who has to spend his life on the surface of the earth since the Fuhrer is gone. God bless our Germany always.

With hearty greetings,

Karl Unger

And that was sent to Wilhelm Sauch [sp?] back in March 15 until March 25. [Quazar inaudible] Sometime after the war. He didn't give an exact year but I'm quite sure was right after the war. Okay. And that's that.

So whoever is wondering if the Earth is hollow or anything like that, then here's written proof that it is by a person who’s there. 1947 was the date on the letter. So, I thought that might be a little bit of a treat for you people out there.

Quazar: And shortly after that that's when you came on the surface. And of course we know about 1947 was Adm. Richard Evelyn Byrd. So it's amazing how things were working together in different parts of the world to begin to inform people about the information, the truth that the Earth is hollow. Interesting huh?

Zaraya: Oh yeah quite interesting.


Quazar: Well all right folks. Welcome to our Hollow Earth Network Saturday morning talk.

We have a pretty full schedule here and we have lots and lots of questions as well. So we're going to go ahead and get on with the show. And if you will Zaraya … [suggesting he bring Zorra in]

Zorra To Be Interviewed by Russ Johnson
The other thing I wanted to mention to everyone in talking about Hollow Earth is that Zorra and Zaraya are going to have an interview with Russ Johnson. Wednesday, July 15th, 3 PM PST.
All of you can access this online at www.lightsinthenight.TV.

It's only a half hour show but it'll be interesting to see what questions arise from this interview with Zorra and Zaraya. Anyway, FYI for you.

And now we have Zorra!


Zorra Leads Off With A Dinar Update
Zorra: Indeed beloved masters. And how be you this day? I hope very well. (Anne: Thank you Zorra.) Indeed.

First of all I'm going to inform peoples out there that the expected revaluation of course is underway because just recently a few masters exchanged their dinar in America. So it has begun; the exchanges. So it is only a matter of what is termed a short time that you will be allowed to do yours. So hold fast to your dinar and hold fast to your dong.

Quazar: Well Zorra, could you just fill us in on what again is keeping it from going today or tomorrow? What is happening; what is going on with Greece? If you could, just give us a little bit of eye-opening information that we’re not aware.

Zorra: Greece is not going to be an issue as to the release of the exchanges in America, because like I said one private source already did. Of course they did it at a lower rate than what you people are going to get but they did not wish to wait.

Quazar: Are there other exchanges occurring as well?

Zorra: There are indeed. There are other exchanges that are taking place through what is termed private sources. And so it is going on. The announcement of what is termed the international rate and the what is termed contract rates have yet to be given.

Quazar: So what is keeping it from…

Zorra: It is still what is termed the … America is blaming Iraq; Iraq is blaming America. They're both blaming Greece. It is a circle and that circle will soon be rectified. But as I have said before do not, and I repeat, do not turn in your dinar or your dong. Hold fast to it.

What Protections Are in Place for Delivery—
New Republic?
Anne: Zorra, may I ask a question? (Zorra: You may indeed.) Thank you. It's my understanding that when the release actually comes it must be protected as it is delivered. And that means that we should have a government in place that is friendly to our receipt of these monies. Are we to look first for a new governance to establish that would be the key to it being okay now?

Zorra: No. No it is not. (Anne: Oh really?) What is termed as trusts, what is termed as avenues of putting your funds into a protective account if you will and still be protected. So it matters not if the what it what is termed Republic government has fully seated itself or not.

But rest assured your money still will be protected from anyone to steal it because all of that is being dealt with as we speak. And what is termed as the peoples that were at one time in the position to, to take the funds, those peoples have been moved away from those positions. So you are not in any fear of losing your blessing.


Quazar: Zorra thank you so much. So America and Iraq are going around and around in a circle and I guess most of us don't understand what really seems to be the issue in terms of what are they doing, going around back and forth. What is the real big issue here that is obstructing?

Zorra: They're going back and forth and back and forth, trying to agree upon what is termed a set amount for the oil credits … request from the United States to Iraq about oil credits. That is part of it. They’re in disagreement as to the amount. Politics. In a simple way to put it is bureaucracy and politics and all that mess.

Dragon Families In Agreement?
Quazar: Well then what about the Dragon family? We heard it said that the Red Dragon family …

Zorra: Are not going to wait for the Americas or the Iranians.

Quazar: … for the rest of the families. It sounds as if the news that there's some kind of conflict between the Red Dragon family and the rest of the families. So how did

Zorra: The conflict there is that they do not want to combine all the Dragons together. That is the conflict. They are going to be joined; the Ambassador is going to bring them all together and this they are having disagreements with. So, but the Ambassador is the one in charge and they must abide by his rules. (Quazar: By the one.) By the one. And so they have no choice in the matter. It's just a matter of accepting what the inevitable is.

Quazar: And so you understand who the M1 is right?

Zorra: He is the one that is trying to bring the families together. (Quazar: The one that holds everything.) Yes, you term it the owner of the world's economy.

Quazar: Could you tell us a little bit about M1, the owner of all the monies?

Zorra: The owner of all the monies? Well the real owner of all the monies are St. Germain! [Laughter] In the form of a trust.

Quazar: Is that also included.

Zorra: No it is not.

That is something even M1 does not have control over. He has control over the monetary paper money; you term it fiat money. Anyway. He will be in charge of what is termed bringing the Dragon families into one rainbow family if you will. That’s what he terms it the rainbow Dragon: all of the colors together. And he says it shall be done. And they shall not have any control over it.

Quazar: Okay so what are we waiting for then? That will trigger this to come about? What are we going to know?

Zorra: More and more private groups are going to be exchanging. (Quazar: At a lower rate?) At the lower rates and some at the higher rates. But anyway you will begin to hear more of this. And when that transpires that will give what is termed the governments of America and Iraq, and yes all over, give them the understanding that whether they agree or not, it’s going. And it must go. And that will be the final straw as you put it. Okay. So look for what is termed private exchanges to take place, more of them.

Quazar: That okay so my final question regarding the RV Zorra is, do you think that we -- if we are in contact with any of these little private groups – do you think that we should give up our contract rates or whatever?

Zorra: If you wish to give a portion of your dinar or your dong to exchange at a lower rate so be it. But do not give it all, and do not double dip because you will be frozen. Your assets will be frozen so you do not wish to do that because that is not the way, Lightworkers are supposed to act! Indeed.

Quazar: Well I think we have a lot… (Zorra: Start asking!)

Singer and Lyricist (Mama) Cass Elliot
Well let's get started first, we have a question here from one of our HEN family and she was asking about Cass Elliot sang and wrote the New World Coming. Could you tell us a little bit about her and where she is and how she's doing?

Zorra: What is termed the entity known as Cat Elliott is in Hollow Earth rejoicing with the rest of us.

Quazar: I suppose she's singing her songs there.

Zorra: And she has such a wondrous voice as well. Sing along without the stringed instruments that we have in Hollow Earth.

She has a message for [you]. ‘Do not despair. Do not give up. Hold fast to your understanding and your world will be a new coming. A new coming for the New World. And the world will change.’

5D Thinking Will Bring About That Which We Want
It is changing now even now it is changing. People do not see it because they are thinking 3D. They are not thinking fifth dimension. They aren't thinking still in the three-dimensional understanding. And this is what, what is termed in a sense, perplexes me because I understand I see the future of this. And many peoples and I as I have said before, with the way you think that is also a factor in bringing about the completion of the RV. So think differently! Anyway. Think positive. Think as you already have your blessing and do accordingly. Go out and look for your new home, your new car, whatever. Test drive it. Own it within yourself as if you already own it. That's called manifestation.

When you do that you are thinking not third dimensional you're thinking 5D because you are already receiving your blessing in what is termed in the ether sense. It is now just an effort to bring it through. So.


Triangular UFOs Belong to Shadow Government
Are meant to confuse the UFO issue
Quazar: Thank you Zorra. A couple of other related questions: in the July 8 [2015] news. There was an F16 that scrambled to intercept a UFO over Washington, D.C. and the pilot was missing. Can you tell us a little bit about that Zorra?

Zorra: Well first off the triangle vehicles are not extraterrestrial and they are not terrestrial either. They do not come from Hollow Earth. They are man made by the US government.

Quazar: And so that particular triangular ship if it was able to move at super speed and you can't hear it, you’re saying then that the US government is already, that was a test?

Zorra: That is a test craft, yes, a prototype if you will.

Quazar: Interesting. And then they had one pilot that was missing from it. It was a pilot that was missing from it Zorra.

Zorra: Indeed. The loss of the computers onboard the jet and one of the vessels, one of our vessels that was cloaked in the area retrieved the pilot before the other craft broke up. So he is alive and well.


Exo Political News, Corey Goode/David Wilcock
Quazar: Thank you Zorra. Another question and perhaps Lady Nada can help me with his. There was a YouTube link regarding Corey Goode who is a representative to the Sphere Being Alliance. Do you know about that Zorra? I guess Corey Goode is making a movie with David Wilcock. Lady Nada can you give us since I haven't had a chance to see this one can you give us a little info about this for Zorra?

Anne: Well it's not something that I follow. I make sure to know what's going on out there but it's if it doesn't fit into the Hollow Earth protocol of raising vibrations I don't splash it all over our pages. I don't want to distract people to other things that are going on outside of the actual ascension of the planet. And we've been assured by Commander Ashtar that our planet is sealed in a protective barrier. (Zorra: Indeed. That is so.)

However things are happening in the solar system outside of our ascension and this is ongoing challenges between alliances. This is going to come out on David Wilcock whether I post it or not. Our people, a lot of them, follow very closely.

Corey Goode I believe is quite a very sincere and reputable individual, he's been asked to represent the Sphere Being Alliance. There is also a commercial endeavor going on on Mars. And he and Col. Gonzales who represents the space society (another group) were – the way they got through the barrier was through transport in blue orbs up to the moon and then they took vehicles to Mars.

So this is all going to be coming out. This is activity that is extraneous to our ascension and nothing we can do about it but people are going to want to know. I just feel like we might as well just give a little quick acknowledgment that things are going on. That's why were being so well-trained here in raising this planet because the education we’re getting as we’re going through this ascension is going to be necessary and needed in other planets that are going to need our help.

So our focus remains on our ascension but people are going to … I don't want them to get sidetracked when this starts coming out in 52 individual weekly series. I know what they're going to be presenting and I know what people are going to hear and I just kind of like to put them at ease about it.

Zorra: Well we can assure you that we are monitoring what is termed as what is going on on other planets, in other planets I should say. And so we are quite aware of what is going on in Mars and we are also quite aware of what is going on between the Earth and Mars and Venus and all the other planets as well. And it is being observed quite fervently by Prime Creator.

And of course Prime Creator has assured us that just as there is not going to be a war what is termed a nuclear war on the surface of the earth, likewise there will not be any nuclear exchange between planets either. It will not be allowed.

So rest easy. And do not worry what is going on outside of your planet. Be concerned with what's going on here. Continue to raise your vibrations and your frequencies. Continue to ascend because that is what this world is slated for: Ascension.

Again, Edit Your Vocabulary
Now, another thing. As I said before remove the word fear and remove the word death from your vocabulary. Literally erase them. They are in no thing. When a person decides to move on they ascend. They do not die. The word die or death is ridiculous. You do not die, you ascend, period. So if you desire not to take your body with you, then you let the body go back to dust but you as a Being move on and ascend.


Quazar: Thank you Zorra. We hope that we get that message and let it sink into our brains.

Zorra: I will repeat it every call! [Laughter]

Ascending By One’s Own Choice
Quazar: Well talking about death, someone had mentioned that someone in her family had committed suicide. She wants to know what happens to those that commit suicide.

Zorra: They are beings that for one reason or another have decided to move on. They have made the decision/their Oversoul has made the decision that they are no longer going to be abiding on the earth so they by way of either what is termed natural occurrence or self inflict what is termed departure.

There is what is termed as an understanding in your religions that if a person commits suicide they are damned to hell or whatever. I will assure you of one thing. They are not damned to hell, they are ascending … period.

No Demons. No Devils. No Possessions.
Understand Satan, as you term Satan, is a non-existing being. Lucifer is an existing being and also is a child of God. Now get this out of your heads. Devils and demons and things of this nature are part of your imagination. And they were brought about by religion: duality. You need to understand that devils and demons no one can be possessed of demons because they don't exist! What is termed evil, that terminology does exist but not as a demon or a devil. That is a creation, a thought form put into manifestation by the beliefs of peoples. It is not a physical entity. Understand? [to Quazar] You understand!?

Quazar: As I represent most of us here on the surface Zorra we have always been taught that anyone who takes their own life, since life is so precious and is such is a gift, that if one did that it was basically an abomination. And when or if they passed on they would go to another level where they would suffer as part of their penance…

Zorra: Understand many peoples have stated that they have dreamed of being in hell or being tormented and things of this nature. This is a creation of their own imagination. It is not an actual place.

Zorra: Okay. I think what Zorra is really trying to tell us is that we need to move out of the mindset in terms of the duality that we have known in the past. Let go of all that we’ve known in the past because all of that had been programmed. All old stuff and that we need to let go of it.

And we know of people that actually have been in wars who have killed themselves because their suffering was just too much. Or for someone who is dying asks for help to die because they can’t take any more. So the other person who assists, does that constitute murder? And of course the person who asked for help in dieing, is that a suicide?

So all of that stuff we need to be able to let go of. Zorra says it’s not who we are. All of that is forgiven. It is love. It’s gone. It's what we're doing from our own minds on this 3D that makes us feel we have to do and we need to get away from that thinking and understanding. We have to come to a new understanding of what really is the truth. Zorra?

Zorra: Indeed. Anne, is there anything else you need to ask on that subject?

Anne: No I am in full agreement. It's just choices. And we've been imposed with restrictions to keep us in bondage when we want to be free. And it's not fair. We need to allow people their freedom.


Trees Make Us An Offer
Zorra: I have a message from Nature. Nature is giving a request to everyone out there that is listening to this call and all those who will be listening to these afterwards and also in your communication to others. The trees are saying come and visit us! Put your backs against us. Put your bare feet on the ground, ground yourself with us.

You wish the answers of all your questions? We have them. That is their request.

You are now having trees to ask you to come and commune with them. And that is going to become more frequent.

The more that you wish answers to the questions that you're asking, the answers Mother Nature has. So go out and commune with her and get your answers … and you will get your answers if you listen. By putting your back against a tree and your feet on the ground and ground yourself you become one with that tree. And you become one with the communication between you, your roots, and the trees’ roots they become one. So you wish to have answers? Go out in nature and get them.


Bible As History Lesson
Quazar: Thank you again Zorra. We have another question regarding the new and the old testament and everything that's in it.

Zorra: Understand the Bible was written by writers and they were being what is termed guided by what is termed as the Annunaki. Surprising, yes?

Quazar: We have Gospels according to Matthew and Luke and John.

Zorra: And yes they were given visions from the Annunaki. The Annunaki were what is termed a band of rogue extraterrestrial beings. So your Bibles and your what is termed many books of the past were influenced by them. And their way was the way what is termed as dominion over you. And they gave it in a way that would be accepted by you in religious writings.

You will know the truth by discerning what you're reading. You ask the protection of protections and the protection of light before you even attempt to read the writings of the old books and you will get the true understanding from there, what is right and what is wrong

Quazar: Well I think for most of us Zorra a few things from the new and old Testaments are kind of always are part of who we are. You know the stories of Moses, the stories of Jesus, the stories of all the good things. Now those are not all written by man, I mean they are but they have been influenced by the Light.

Zorra: Yes there are parts of what is termed the Bibles that are what is termed good guides for you to live by, which is good. But totally and completely eliminate what is termed the devil, demons and things of this nature. That is something that was put in there to control you. And that is something you do not want.

Quazar: We have an individual from our family who asks about the tribes of Scotland, the tribes of various areas in Europe, and he wanted to know the tribe of Ireland is what?

Zorra: Not Ireland, England. [Zorra catches Quazar’s misreading of the question.]

Zorra: The tribe of Ireland is the tribe of Dan.

Yes England! Zuman [sp?]


Is Fukushima Still A Danger?
Regarding Nuclear Explosions of Any Kind: Any explosion on earth’s surface would eventually drift thru polar openings and poison the interior. They Will Not Allow That
Quazar: Lastly, talking about 3D stuff, many, many people read information coming from Zap. And Zap, one of our Lightworkers, has mentioned that Fukushima could blow up at any time; it only takes a couple of rods to touch each other and the nuclear explosion would be 500 times more than Hiroshima. Can you talk a little bit about that or put that to rest.

Zorra: What have we said before?! There is not going to be any catastrophe from nuclear waste, fallout, whatever, because that would put us in jeopardy as well. So why would we allow it. It would put the air going into the polar openings poison it and would cause difficulty in the interior. So why would that be allowed?

Quazar: Thank you Zorra. We all know.

But for the record, you didn’t hear it from Quazar!
Quazar: Next question. A person is suffering from Lyme disease and would like to know a cure for that Zorra.

Zorra: Soul.

Quazar: I thought you would say Healing Pulse.

Zorra: The Healing Pulse also does it and so does Soul, a product that is endorsed by myself and the Galactics. Understand that many testimonials stating that the Soul product eliminates the Lyme disease and it does.

My beloved child Quazar and Zaraya have been asked by what is termed the Rain International not to make statements to the effect of the healing; that it heals. Well I am not Quazar and I am not Zaraya. I am Zorra. And I can say whatever I please and they could do nothing about it. So anyway I will tell you this. Soul is the cure for many things including Lyme disease, including Alzheimer's, including autism autistic children. It is the cure and the answer for that. And I can say it with confidence because I know it is so.

Zorra: Thank you so much for that Zorra. Zaraya and I just love it. We really are so happy that it was brought to our attention through our beloved Lady Nada because it is our number one product that we use for us.

Who You Gonna Trust, Prime Creator or Doctors
Zorra: And another thing for people out there that have the misconception that everything they hear from their doctors is actual gospel, I have news for you. It is not! They do not have the final word on your situation. We do. Prime Creator has the final word on that, not your doctors.

Quazar: [Laughing] That was wonderful Zorra. Thank you.

Children are born with powerful gifts
Vaccines are designed to kill those senses
Zorra: There is a time approaching when many peoples, especially people with children, are going to be asked to inoculate their children. The answer to that is NO! Do not allow your siblings, your children to be inoculated. Because when you do so you are shortening their existence. Maybe harsh words but it is fact.

When you do what is termed as when you get what is termed as the flu vaccination or a vaccination for whatever disease you are giving your children the disease. So do not do it!

The second thing that occurs is that it nullifies their inbred abilities that they are born with, gifts that they are given, powers that exist. These empowering gifts and they are gifts are from the creator from Prime Creator: telekinesis, telepathy, psychokinesis, all of these psychic powers that you speak of are not evil. They are gifts. Use them for the benefit of mankind, not for the destruction of.

Fukushima Being Monitored By Galactics
Fukushima has a ship that is above it that is cloaked and if anything is to occur the ship would absorb it.

Quazar: Okay so we're not going to worry about Fukushima.

Arthritis Sufferers Receive Directed Healing Pulse
We have an individual who has been taking Laminine, Soul, and wearing the Encoder without any difference in pain. She is still struggling with arthritis and it's getting worse. So what is going on with this individual?

Zorra: Is this master listening on the call? Indeed. Well if she's listening, which I am quite sure she is, I'm going to direct a beam, if you will, of healing directly to you. I am going to use my beloved Quazar daughter as the vessel. So let us commence.

You may feel a little pressure upon what is termed your left arm up in the shoulder area and that pressure and heat is me.

Five, four, three, two, and one. This goes for everyone who has the same issue. Arthritis. Indeed.

Starting from the left shoulder. I'm starting to go down the arm, I am pausing at the elbow. You feel that energy you feel that pain that is slowly going down your arm into what is termed into the wrist area, the carpal tunnel area and then pausing there. And going down into what is termed the fingers and the joints and all of this. And all of that pain is concentrated now in the hand. And it is now being pulled right out through the fingertips. So be it.

Now the other. Starting at the shoulder, going down the arm, pausing at the elbow eliminating that pain. Coming down to the wrist, carpal tunnel area, down into the hand the fingers the joints. All of that pain is being pulled from the fingers now.

Now the legs. My hands are positioned above the knee now I'm slowly going down what is termed to the knee, pausing taking all that arthritic pain out the knee. Over the calf, down the ankle, over to the foot, to the arch, pausing. And out over to the toes, my hands are covering your toes and gone.

Same with the other. Starting above the knee, pausing at the knee, taking all that arthritic pain out of the knee. Down the calf to the ankle to the foot, heel, to the arch and over the toes and out.

You are now free of arthritis through your entire body. No more pain. Gone! According to your beliefs so be it unto you.

Quazar: I know we’re not supposed to ask any personal questions but I think that affects a lot of people, Zorra. (Zorra: Indeed)

For those of you who send personal questions, Zaraya and I will go ahead and see what we can do about emailing you the answers.

Powers of Lemurian Crystal Headband
One last question before I hand this over to Lady Nada. How do you know when your third eye is open?

Zorra: Trust me you’ll know. Five, four, three, two, and one. Open. That's for everyone who wonders if their third eye is open. I can assure you it just opened and you should realize a certain what is termed zap if you will, just received. Your third eyes are open.

If you have a headband wear it. Don't put it on the shelf or hang it on a wall. And those of you that have what is termed separated the coin or the silver or gold disk and cashed it in, that is your reality. But I can assure you, you have destroyed a wonderful device; a wonderful tool to help in your ascension.

People who are not wearing them due to the fact that it gives them a headache I will tell you this. That is only temporary. That is a temporary effect. Once it is acclimated to your system to your frequency and your vibration there will be no pain at all. So if you're not wearing it because it gives you a headache you can continue to wear it in small increments until your body and your vibration and frequency has been balanced with it. And then wear it continually because it will assist you in focus, in clarity, in what is termed in healing, and in seeing.

People who wear them go out on a clear day and look in the sky and desire to see a ship. You will see a ship. The headband device once wearing it allows you to see through the cloak of the ship. That's how powerful it is. It will allow you to see a cloaked vessel in a lenticular cloud or what is termed a cloud ship as you term it. You wear the headband you look into the cloud and you will see the outline of the ship. Try it. It works.

Quazar: Thank you very, very much Zorra for that. (Zorra: Indeed) So I think were going to hand this over to Lady Nada. Thank you so much for answering all of these questions for my part of the show.

Zorra: Goodbye.

Quazar: Oh! Okay.

Anne: I warned people that they would hear Zorra say ‘goodbye’ because Zorra is looking forward to Saryya joining us as she and Jane/Quazar trade bodies. And that’s what’s happening right now.



Mosquitoes Remind Us We’re Thinking In 3D
865: I was wondering if they have fleas and mosquitoes and such things in Hollow Earth.

Zorra: You wish to know if they have fleas and mosquitoes?

Yes but they do not suck on anyone. No they do not.

865: So what is their purpose here on the surface?

Zorra: On the surface they are just downright discomforting.

Fleas are a nuisance on the surface; part of 3D. But once you understand once you have an awakening a full awakening, all of these pests that cause difficulty to mankind will cease to do so. And so they are just feeding off of your negativity and your vibration. Once your vibration is raised to a level you will not be hindered by them anymore. You will not be, they will not be a pests to you any longer. Because when you raise your vibration to a certain level so does your animals and they will no longer be bothered by them either. So the answer to your question is you change, they change. Indeed? (865: Thank you.)

Anne: Hmm, okay. Thank you for that question. I'm getting a lot of people that are talking about the mosquitoes and the no see ums and so on.


Recommended Product for Bell’s Palsy
917: Hi Zorra I’m from NYC. I have a question about Bell's Palsy. Someone I know was just diagnosed with it. Which product would you recommend.

Zorra: Soul.

917: How many a day would you recommend?

Zorra: Three. Until it's gone. Until it is gone and then they continue to take three or four. And if you have what is termed the ability to have excess so be it. And help others as well.

Now understand the Soul what is termed will address any issue you may have. Any issue in your body that you may have Soul shall address it and Soul shall and will stop it.

917: How about Core.

Zorra: Core as well. Core is a detoxifier. Once you take it it detoxifies your liver and your kidneys and your digestive system. So it goes directly to the source of the difficulty. Symptoms and all. Take Core once or twice a day.

You want to take the Soul at least 30 minutes prior to eating. You want to take it on an empty stomach. You want to make sure it goes directly through your system.

Another one you could work with would be StemFit. Now there's another thing there is also you have another product out there called the Encoder. Do you have one of those?

917: You know I lent it to her, she’s actually wearing mine.

Zorra: Well you need to get another for yourself. Quazar gave hers away as well. Anyway you might want to do what is termed as to get another. And you wish to not put it on tightly but put it on your wrist and turn it over to where the disc and the lettering is up against what is termed the inside of your wrist. Understand? You invert it and you will feel the power coming from it. As long as it is on the inside of your wrist and it is touching the inside of your wrist, inverted. Many people wear it the other way and they say it’s not doing anything. Turn it over.

917: I didn’t feel anything until I took it off. Honestly. Then I felt the lack of it.

Zorra: If you let a child to wear it, they feel it immediately. And it will give them a calming. It will give them clarity. It will give them balance and they will excel in their studies. And healing.

917: And this will apply for lyme as well, what you just stated before. (Zorra: Indeed) Okay, well I really appreciate it.

Direct application of Soul recommended for skin
Zorra: If you have any skin issues, poison ivy, sunburn, what is termed psoriasis, shingles, put it on directly onto the skin [Soul] and rub it in for 10 to 15 minutes. When it dries and then reapply it for 10 or 15 minutes and you no longer have that issue.

When you partake, when you ingest the Soul from the package and then you do not throw the package away. You open it up three sides and open it up like a butterfly and then you apply the residue onto your skin and it goes directly to the skin to the issue and eliminates it.

917: So Zorra this would be also what she could do for the Bell's Palsy: put it on the face where it's affected. (Zorra: Of course.) Great, great. Okay. That's wonderful news.

Soul for sunburn
Zorra: Many peoples, especially in the cities, they go up on top of the building and put on a bathing suit -- or do not put on a bathing suit -- and they sunbathe. Whether it be nude or whether they put on a suit, and then they get sunburn. So if you get sunburned you take Soul and put it directly on the sunburn. It will not burn, it will not blister, and it will not peel. It eliminates the sunburn.

Skin cancer not from sun exposure
And I will also tell you many peoples are telling peoples that when they go out in the sun that they could possibly what is termed attract cancer, skin cancer. Poppycock! The sun does not give you cancer.

When you receive cancer from the atmosphere that is caused from the poisons that your governments have been shooting up there. It has nothing to do with the sun.

Understand What the Sun/Helios Actually Is
The sun is not hot. The sun is light. Plain and simple.

When you look through a telescope and you see the sun what do you see? You see a ball of light. Yes? You do not see what is termed as burning gases, solar flares. You see a ball of light. Yes? When you look through a telescope with a filter, very powerful telescope will you see solar flares? No. You see a ball of light.

Solar flares, if you are seeing on what is termed YouTube and things of this nature, they are an illusion. They are a holographic image that the people of the sun are giving to your astronomers and things of this nature so they don't come there! Because they are not of the higher frequencies to be able to withstand on the surface of the sun.

The sun is a planet. It is not a star. It is a planet. It is known as Helios. And it has a civilization living inside of it and it is hollow just like the Earth is. Now that is something you have never been taught before. You’re taught the sun is many, many billions of candlepower and things of this nature would be it would incinerate you if you got close to it. It will not. It is a planet. It is a civilized, populized [/populated] planet.

[Note: About 1 year ago Zaraya, after changing bodies with Zorra, found himself by the sun. He described his adventures to us when he returned to his own body and the call.]

Anne: Zorra, since we're on this subject, we're getting videos of explanation of ships coming and going into the sun. They don't know how to explain that but they're seeing large vessels attaching to the sun or going in and out. Do you want to make any comments about that?

Zorra: Of course. They are just landing. Or they are transporting beings from their ships. Beings that you see attaching to the sun, those are teleportation beings that are beaming peoples into the planet itself. It has nothing to do with pulling energy from the sun. [Quazar inaudible] Yes, Sirian as well. And the [???] that is positioned over the sun. (Anne: Elenin) Elenin, yes.

And you look in the evening time when the sun is beginning to set, and you look with dark glasses and you look at the sun will see a grey orb in front of the sun. The grey orb is a ship and it is known as Elenin.
It is a ship from Sirius and very soon it will be separating from the sun.

Anne: What will we see then?

Zorra: You will see two suns.

Anne: Oh really! It emanates its own light?

Zorra: Of course. You will see two suns.

And that is another thing that people are mistaking seeing, what is termed Niburu if you will, they are mistakingly seeing Elenin next to the sun and they're saying that is Planet X. Planet X does not move around. It is in an orbit, a precise orbit.

Understand Niburu in reality is Lemur; our planet. Niburu is the origin of the home world to the Lemurians. Now Niburu, as you term it, is another name given it Planet X, the 10th planet, or whatever. Your governments have been in contact with as you term it Niburu or Lemur for the last decade. Your governments have been communicating with the governance of Lemur and they know of its’ arrival and when it'll been coming back. But they also know, and had been given assurance by the Lemurs that their planet will not have any affect upon Earth. Only positive vibrations and frequencies will be emanating from the planet to Earth as it passes.

Anne: When is the next time it’ll pass, Zorra? People are starting to talk about it again.

Zorra: Oh they can talk all they wish. [Laughter] When it comes they will know. I’m not going to give you a time when it’s coming. That is giving prophecy and I will not do that.

Anne: Oh, okay. I thought they had a regular schedule.

Zorra: Well they have a regular orbit that they have, of course. Every 3,700 years or something like that. Anyway, but understand, the people of Lemur, when it passes again, are going to send many, many ships from Lemur to Earth when it’s at its closest point.

And there will also be, there are four what is termed four or … six. There are six termed vessels very large vessels that are stationed on all points all sides all points of the Lemur. As it comes and passes the Earth it will, all of the forces that would be pushing outward will be absorbed by the ships which will not allow it to have any effect on planet Earth as it passes.

So all of these doomsday sayers out there, at when Lemur passes by and it’s going to cause cataclysmic waves and things of this nature, then it's just a figment of their imagination. It is not going to cause any tidal surges upon the Earth.

So now you know Niburu is Lemur. Lemur, the home world of the Lemurians. It is not a planet of destruction or the end of the world. Indeed?!

Anne: I'm so glad you address that. Thank you so much. Thank you Zorra.

Zorra: Indeed! Peoples of other worlds love the Earth. It is a blue marble in the skies. That is why it is so attractive. That is why many, many extraterrestrial beings have come and visited her in your past and even now.

Another thing I'm going to bring to you is there are no abductions taking place now. You do have what is termed as an agreement between many of your governments and they are inter-exchanging. Not abducting they are interexchanging.

They are what is termed as giving of their knowledge to you and we have many on board the different vessels Earth peoples that are there learning and being schooled. Are they abducted? No. They have gone willingly because they wish to learn.

In the past you have what was termed as rogue extraterrestrial beings known as Zeta Reticuli. You term them The Greys. They’re a different sect of the Greys and they at one time were abducting what is termed peoples on the Earth … in complete agreement with your government.

Many said well they began to take more than their share. No. What they were doing was, they were doing what is termed as they were given a directive by Prime Creator. If you are going to take people on board do it as an education not as an abduction.

Many peoples have what is termed as experiences where they have been abducted and had experimentation done upon them and it was terrifying to them. In some cases they were taken but not as an abduction. They were taken because they were ill. They were taken because they needed to be ministered to if you will; to be healed of whatever illness or disease they had.

And the people that had this experience never bring out the part that they were healed. They just bring out the part that they were abducted. Because why? It brings the drama. It brings in some cases the excitement or the attraction. So many cases of what you term as the abductions were more of a healing if you will.

There have been reports of what is termed, which was false of course, body parts on board some of these vessels that they retrieved. That was not body parts as you term it. That information was given out, disinformation is given out to put fear, to bring fear into your lives. The peoples and the extraterrestrials that are on your planet now are not here to have you for lunch. They are not here to eat you. You are not their food.

Understand extraterrestrials that are of a fifth dimensional and above have no need for substance. When you reach the full fifth dimensional existence you will not need material substance. You will not need food because your body will be in a state of complete wholeness and you will derive your nourishment from the atmosphere.

So, it is not now.

You have what is termed on your planet a group of beings of peoples, they call themselves breatharians. They are foolish because they have not reached that level of full fifth dimension and they are putting their bodies in jeopardy. But once the full fifth dimension has been reached then they will be able to live solely off of the atmosphere of your planet. And that is why your atmospheres are being cleansed and being purified; for that sole reason.

You need to come to a state of understanding that you are fifth dimensional beings. You are not limited beings, period! You are endless unlimited beings. You do not have any limitations except those you put upon yourself. And my beloved is going to tell you more.


Saryya: You are doing so beautifully.

Zorra: I know but it is your time.

Saryya: We love to listen to you. They do as well as I.

Zorra: Indeed. Continue.

Serenity Now For We Are All In This Together
Saryya: Sometimes my beloved Zorra loves to talk and people just love to listen and he can do so for hours on end … your hours of course. (Zorra: Indeed)

My message for all of you, my dear beloved children, is to be calm. Learn what serenity and calmness is about. Still much fluctuations in the energies around you. Chaos still struggling, people still in poverty, people still thinking in lack. These are coming forth for you to know that you no longer need those vibrational negative feeling.

It is time at this time for you to let go of all the old programs and programming that you have known for thousands of years – I’m sorry, not thousands --hundreds of years or many years of your incarnation here beloved Terra.

We know and we see how magnificent beings you truly are. You are great! Most compassionate. Most kind beings, the bravest of all.

You have all come, as you know within your deepest knowingness, that it was your desire to come at this time. Let us say you came to save your world. And many that have are coming before you.

You are the blessed creatures that have said, ‘It is I. Pick me! I shall go. I would love to come to volunteer.’ And then you became immersed in all of what 3D is all about. Not remembering but being immersed in all of the drudgery all of the suffering all of you have gone through. And now you are rising about that once again to learn and to becoming who you really truly are: the beings of Love and Light.

You are all of you representing so many planets and solar systems and galaxies of this universe, and others as well. We respect and admire each of you for all that you have done, all of it that you are doing. So at this time knowing the great events yet to happen it is time to become calm and to know great events are yet to come. They are coming. But the great manifestation of them you shall know shortly.

Quazar has something she has had that she has been doing of late. You all know the saying when we say, and it’s said also by Zaraya and Quazar, “May harmony, peace, love, laughter, and much healing be with all of you.”

So Quazar now has picked up every day and she says, “I AM love and light and joy and peace and harmony.” And she says it with gusto. It becomes her mantra. I am love and peace and joy and love and laughter. As much as she says it her vibration increases. Her consciousness goes to where it needs to be at the higher consciousness level that is available.

All of you know what we speak of. When you continue to do this you then know the gratitude that comes behind it. The gratitude of what you have gone through in which you have learned, again, put in a 3- dimensional way. The rewards are so great you do not know what that means. You do not/cannot feel it yet although many of you are beginning to do so.

Be kind to each other. Be compassionate with each other. So the great beings that you are know these virtues so well. At these times it is needed most by those around you that are not awakened; that are not enlightened. It is still your mission to be truly who you are now as you move and shift into this higher level of consciousness and vibration that we need. When I say “we.” I say “we” as part of being a part of Terra, a part of your world, a part of this galaxy.

We do this all together. We love you most dearly and we thank you.

Zorra: Indeed. Next question.


Anne: Okay we’re down to 13 minutes and hands are coming up.

Have we been "implanted?"
818: California. I read about these implants in our physical body. I've read that millions of people are listening to this man and I would like Zorra to elaborate on these [???] implants. Do we still have it like in the brain, in the navel? And this man said these implants were before we were born. And this is why we have a mission we don't remember our past life. Can you elaborate on that?

Zorra: Many peoples are under the impression that they have implants in their bodies. Your bodies were made perfect. You were born perfect. If anything has been put in your bodies it was done without your knowledge and was done under the direction of what is termed Homeland Security I guess it is so termed for reasons of observation. However, you can nullify, deactivate anything that is put in your body by asking the Lord God of your Being to do so.

So if you think you have any implants within you, eliminate them because you are gods and goddesses. So yes, you have the ability to say “be gone implant,” at whatever you think you may have one. It shall be loosed and you shall release it through what is termed body waste. So you have your answer.

818: Right. But this is, my dearest Zorra, these is Archons. This are nonphysical beings that were doing this and this person says that they are still doing it. When people died or passed, they caught the soul and they are in charge where the soul would be incarnated or not and they, they erase the memories.

Zorra: No. No. Beloved master listen to my words. You are gods and goddesses. You are in control. They are not. Understand? (818: Yes)

They have nothing to do with your soul once you have left your being. That is your control not theirs. That is what you term as propaganda. So understand do you think you have implants within your being?

818: I don't know. That's what I would like to know. Can you see it Zorra?

Zorra: Five, four, three, two, one, be gone! If you think it. I can assure you you have none in you. (818: Thank you) And neither does anyone else. Many peoples do what is termed as proclaim themselves as self righteous what is termed know it alls and they know nothing but what they are taught. I can assure you you are much more knowledgeable than they ever dreamed of being because you know the truth.


Is It Inner Earth That’s Calling?
301: Hi I’m a first-time listener. Thank you for taking my call. My question is I'm intuitive channel and I asked one day where some of my information was coming from and I was told I’m connected to the Telos collective. I'm not quite sure what that means and I was wondering if there was any information that Zorra could give me.

Zorra: If you are connected with what is termed as the Telos connection then you are in what is termed as the Adama realm. Adama is the one that you would want to communicate with.

So what you do is ask the Lord God of your Being to bring forth the communications with Adama. Adama is the high priest of the Telosian population beneath Mount Shasta, California or actually within the earth’s crust. That is his domain if you will. He is the overseer of what is termed as the Agarthans and the overseer of all that exists beneath the Earth's crust. So that is who you would address.

And there is a being that should be on the call and … Zursta are you there?

Anne: If you are Larry, hit number one and I will see your hand up.

He's apparently not here now.

Zorra: Indeed anyway. So Zursta/Larry is a being that channels Adama and you may wish to communicate with him.


Changing Bodies and Cat Wackiness
910: North Carolina I am Zula from Arcturus. I have a question for Zorra. When I go out and sit in the yard on the ground to connect with the Mother or sit in my chair, the cats will come up and start digging in the crown of my head. I'm wondering why they're doing this. They’re scratching and biting at the crown of my head.

Zorra: Well what you do I would do the following: when you sit down to do your contact or meditation ask the Lord God of your Being to calm your cats. You will not have the issue anymore.

910: And I heard you say a while ago that people that are in fifth dimension, sometimes they don't need to eat. Because sometimes when my husband and I are outside we start belching and belching and belching and then when I eat later I feel really bloated.

I was under the impression that to be in fifth dimension I was thinking I would have to have all my memories. I'm not correct am I?

Zorra: No you are not. When you are in full fifth dimension, you will not need what is called food as you term it. You will derive your nourishment from the atmosphere.

910: So is that why were belching like were full when we are out there?

Zorra: Might be. Your bodies are changing.

910: Oh yeah I can tell because mine is sweating so profusely it’s like stain coming out from me Zorra.

Zorra: Your body is changing from a carbon base to a crystalline-based. Because

910: The sweat pours like I'm in the shower. Nobody believes how the sweat pours from me. (Zorra: Indeed) So it's just changing right? (Zorra: Of course) Thank you for telling me and letting me know Zorra. I love you so much. Thank you for everything.


703: Hi Anne this is from Virginia. Well my comment is that I've been studying this so-called --religiously -- this type of information that Father God shared with us today and I just want to say I got more information in the last two hours than I have I think in some cases in the 40 years I've been studying this.

I just want to say I'm so thankful to Father God for sharing all this information and Lightness and tomorrow Sunday we're going to have our usual meeting here with the quantums from the Tuesday night groups and we’ll be sharing this information.
(Zorra: Indeed)

And so it's such an honor to have this information after all this time and to enlighten us and verify come of the things we've been thinking about but really putting a nail in it so to speak to really drive it home. I believe the information you gave us today will help us in our ascension. (Zorra: Of course it does.) I love the way you answer. It just tickles me. I'm just so so appreciative of what you’ve been doing for the last five years now to help us with our ascension and to send the right energies to us and to clarify …

Zorra: Do you have what is termed the headband?

703: No I don’t. I’ve been wanting one for years. I have not got one. I know I should have bought one. I want one but they’re pretty expensive you know.

Zorra: Well they are on special now, you may wish to get one while the price is down.

703: What is the price right now does anyone know?

Anne: $149 I believe. You can go to the Headband link on our list of pages and it will pop right up for you. Just look for Headbands.

703: Yeah, I’d love to get one for myself and for my twin flame.

Anne: Well now is the time because of the summer sale.

Zorra: For the month of July and August I believe, yes?

703: I just wish I had the money now from the dinars and so forth but I'll pretend I have it I guess.

Zorra: Indeed.

Anne: Well it's great hearing from you. I’m glad we could slip you in.


Another Miraculous Healing
718: I'm calling from New York City. Hi Anne, hi Zorra. I am so disappointed because I couldn't get in on the beginning of the call so Anne my question is basically to you. Is this recorded anywhere? Am I going to have to rely on memory?

Anne: Yes, we record every call and as soon as it's done you can go right back to Breaking News for the instructions to listen by telephone or online. Go to HollowEarthNetwork.com and on the left there is a long column of pages. Choose Breaking News and it's the second or third link up there.

703: And in just the few minutes that I got to hear Zorra, you’re so fulfilling it's almost like drinking water.

Zorra: Do you have do you wish to ask a question?

703: You seem to have covered so much but my health is failing me. I’m doing what I can with the faith-based part of it. But I was just wondering if I'm holding on or will I cross over soon?

Zorra: What is your issue?

703: Diabetes which led to kidney failure, which led to diabetic neuropathy pain, pain in the legs, inability to walk and things like that.

Zorra: Oh you have an inability to walk?

703: Yeah I have difficulty. The L4 and 5 are gone so the ability to walk or stand is very, very difficult.

Zorra: All right, you are sitting now, yes? (703: Yes) All right I am going to do what is termed I am going to use Quazar for a proxy and we are going to address the lumbar area. We are going to heal that now and that is going to allow you to stand and we are going to work on your feet and your legs.

So first let us deal with your lower lumbar first. Five, four, three, two, one. Receive. Do you feel the warmth going through your body? (703: Yes) Indeed. What I am doing is I'm doing what is termed as replacing the discs that are gone. You are feeling a tingling in that area right now. Do you feel the tingling?

703: I feel the tingling from my waist down.

Zorra: Indeed. Now we are going to go down a bit to another disk area and we're going to restore it as well. All right now I want you to stand. Go ahead. No pain in that area.

703: I am standing.

Zorra: Good. Now we are going to work on your hips. Five, four, three, two, one. Starting at the hips you are feeling warm sensation through the hips. Yes?

703: Yes I am feeling inability to move the hip.

Zorra: Indeed. Now I am going down both sides of both legs right from the hips down the legs. You are feeling the energy emanating through the legs and pausing at the knees. And pulling all that discomfort and all that pain is being pulled right down to the ankles and out through the toes. One. Now walk.

703: This is real. Oh my God.

Zorra: Of course it’s real.

703: I feel it. (Zorra: Indeed) I’m walking. Oh my god I’m walking without this cane. (Zorra: And no pain) Just a warm tingling. (Zorra: Indeed)
It's not uncomfortable. Oh my goodness thank you so much.

Zorra: Indeed. And people wonder how I can heal.

703: You made a believer out of me just now. Whoa. Whoa.

Zorra: No sit back down and get back up. Sit back down and stand back up.

703: Okay sitting down. Standing up. Sitting down. Oh my god. Oh my sister’s got to be hearing this. Standing up.

Zorra: Now twist your body from side to side. No pain.

703: No discomfort at all. Is it gone forever?

Zorra: It is indeed. According to your faith be it unto you. Yes it is gone.

703: It is gone oh hallelujah. Thank you. Thank you. Wow. If you're ever in New York City please feel free to stop by here. You're welcome to my home any time. [Zorra laughing] I'll cook you a nice steak … well, maybe no meat. We’ll have a nice dinner. You too, Anne, by all means. Thank you so much. Oh this is oh … And I just I … and you said you had 13 minutes left when I got on the call. I was so disappointed.

Anne: We’re in over time right now but it’s being recorded. It just isn't available to those listening on the internet.

Zorra: Do what is termed as send your testimony to Anne.

703: I sure will. I promise I will. I assure you I will.

Zorra: Now what you need to do is go and see your loved ones. Walk in very briskly and they will see that you are no longer in pain. Tell them that you are healed and how you were healed and it shall become a permanent thing for you because understand healing is a three stage process. You receive the healing which you have done. Now you own it within yourself which you have done. Now you have proclaimed it to us. Now you need to proclaim it to others.

703: Okay. So I'll sashay into my mother’s house shortly and she’ll be like in amazement. That's what will happen now. (Zorra: Indeed) My sister's on the line I believe so she's the one that told me to call. So I'll hang up from you and I’ll call her and be in gratitude like I can't explain. I will send my testimony and I will find the website. (Zorra: Indeed) And thank you so much for your energy. Like I said it was like drinking water but wow! (Zorra: Indeed) What you just gave me this afternoon is … I believe! I'll just leave it at that.

Zorra: Indeed. And if any of the what is termed symptom pops up say, ‘From the Lord God of my Being be gone!’

703: Okay I understand fully. (Zorra: Indeed) Thank you for giving me this overtime.

Anne: Oh you're welcome. We’ll let Zorra close the call now.


HEALING PULSE -----------------------------

Zorra: Well we will do a Healing Pulse even though it is not being heard. But they will have it in the replay. I'm going to let my beloved do it all.

Saryya: Beloved we shall do this together. I shall begin.

Everyone sit in a chair comfortably or sit on the floor with your back against the wall if you wish. Take three deep breaths in, release, and out. Complete deep breath. Breathe in all this energy and then release. Exhale, relax, let go.

One more time breathe in through your nose and then exhale relax all of your muscles no more tension. Very. Very good.

This the intention of this healing is for all of you to know that you are completely well, completely healthy now and always. As you begin to breathe in, breathe in this light this golden white light of high vibration. And it goes in to your crown and all the way. Let it swirl about in your head and down your throat down your arms down your torso all the way down into your feet and let it land into Terra.

Do this one more time. As you begin to bring in this light you will feel your body getting warm. You will feel your body feeling lighter and lighter.

Bring it forth from your head down your throat into your chest down your arms into your belly down both of your legs, feeling it getting it lighter. Feeling the pain loosen up and feeling this light going through out all of the cells of your body. All of you should begin to feel much lighter much calmer much happier. So be it.

And now we shall do the healing together. All of you beloved master's, beloved gods and goddesses bring forth this light into your head area. What ever illness whatever disease is in the area of your head whether it is the brain or your vault of knowledge or whether it is within the eye area, inside your brain that is causing any discomfort or illness bring your energy to those areas and let those be gone.

Let the energy heal those parts of your brain. No more Alzheimer's, no more tumors, no more lack of concentration, no more migraines, no more anything that is affecting the brain. It is gone!

And bring forth into even anything that is paralyzing your face, inability to heal, feel your ears and heal your ears and hear that you can hear more. You can hear my voice.

And those that are affecting illnesses that have affected the eyes, whatever they are. Whether you are unable to see, whether you have any floaters as they say in your eyes, whatever it is that is causing pain or discomfort or inability to see, those are all gone. Completely healed. You are healed.

Anything that has to do with the facial muscles, anything that has to do with any facial problems, even into the head area of the physical side, people that are complaining that their bald, people that are complaining that they are losing their hair. I want you to know that all of the cells with in your head in your face are all becoming rejuvenated. They are healing. You're becoming more youthful. They are becoming more youthful. New hair is beginning to grow. Your face is beginning to get younger. So be it.

Bring this energy down into your throat area. Those that have difficulty speaking, people that have a tumor in the mouth, in the throat area. All of those are healed. See the cells beginning to be reborn.

All those areas that are affecting your thyroid all of the other glands that are there also are being affected very, very positively with light vibration to heal. Love vibration.

And now it is going down into your chest area and then down your shoulders and down her arms. And now I will have my beloved takeover.

Zorra: Indeed. Well we left off at the chest so any lumps on any breasts feel them. They're gone. Surprised you didn't it down there in New Orleans in Dallas Chicago New York Miami San Diego San Francisco Seattle Denver Cheyenne Wyoming Phoenix Arizona Baja California Mexico City. Thought I forgot you didn't you?

All of you who have issues in the chest, in the heart area are now receiving a new heart. Those who had clogged arteries are now open.

Those who have what is termed those who have the condition known as HIV positive: five, four, three, two, one, you are now HIV-negative. That's going to be a shock to many peoples and to many physicians as well.

AIDs no longer has a hold on you. You are now complete. Now whole. You are now HIV-negative so you can now enjoy your lives. Live longer.

Now the energy is now dropping down into what is termed as the solar plexus. Those who had the rotator cuff issues raise your arms above your head. All the way up. Just raise them straight up; not even thinking about pain. Raise them straight up. And as soon as you do the pain is gone. That’s how quick it works.

Those who have what is termed as the curvature of the spine, stand straight up now. When you do you will find you no longer have curvature. Your spine has been rectified and healed.

Now, the energy is now dropping down into what is termed the stomach area the digestive area down into in the case of females the ovaries and uterus are all being totally, completely rehealed. And those who have what is termed those women that had their tubes tied that desire to have children, lookout! Five, four, three, two, one. Your tubes are now restored. If you desire to have children have them!

Now those of you that … women out there that are pregnant and ready to give birth to children understand the following: Do Not allow your babies to be inoculated at all! No shots whatsoever. They have an immune system that is superior to all adults. They have an immune system that can combat anything that can be put upon them without inoculation, without vaccinations, without shots. To give them shots you are shortening their lives. Do not do this. Allow them to be who they are. Allow them their gifts to be manifested and you will be rewarded because of this.

And those that have been inoculated, give them Soul. Te Soul will reverse all inoculations that have been given. It will nullify them. It will return them back to pure health. It will allow them to develop their innate abilities of telepathy, of psychokinesis, telekinesis, and clairvoyance, and all of the gifts that they were born with. They will have been restored to them.

But understand, do not allow your medical facilities to inoculate your children. If they say you must have them inoculated in order to send them to school then home school them. Refuse to allow the educational system to harm your children because that's what they're doing. Do not allow it.

Send them to a private school that does not require it. If they still require it then home-school them. If you are not educated enough then hire someone who is. But do not allow them to be harmed by your medical peoples or your government.

Your government is afraid of your people. They are afraid of people that are not inoculated because they have inbred powers that they are in fear of. Peoples that are not inoculated are extremely intelligent and they show it. If you want your children to be geniuses then avoid the shots. At all cost avoid the shots. No inoculation. Just plainly tell them ‘No! I do not want my child to be inoculated,’ regardless what your government says.

Mandatory and inoculations. Poppycock! Indeed.

Now the energy is now dropping down into the hips into the reproductive organs and they are being replenished. Men that were impotent are no longer impotent. They now have the full capacity to create another life. Their prostate is normal, is now back to normal size. The uterus, ovaries, all of this healed completely.

Now the energy is dropping down into the hip area. People who have issues with the hips: rub your hands together, put one hand on one hip put the other hand of the other hip and say
From the Lord God of my Being I Am Healed. And it shall be done. Your words hold the power. As you say it is done, it is done. You are healed.

The energy is dropping down through what is termed the upper thighs down into the joint where the leg joins the hip where arthritic pain can originate. All of that has been done away with. No more pain. No more rheumatoid arthritis. It is gone.

Down to the what is termed the knees. The energy is now being pulled from the knees and all the pain is gone. Over the caves down to the ankles down to the feet the arches over the toes and out.

It is done. It is complete. It is finished. So be it.

And we hear a New World Coming!

Anne: Yes. It's on its way right now. Thank you Zorra and we'll see you in two weeks.

Saryya: We will see many people on Wednesday as well.

Upcoming interview
Anne: Oh yeah, you’re going to be interviewed.
3 PM PST Wednesday July 15th

[Anne: Coughing]

Zorra: Five, four, three, two, one, receive Lady Nada a healing.

Anne: Thank you thank you.

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