Saturday, July 25, 2015

When will the American People take a Stand against Tyranny and loss of Rights?

The following message was written by Joanne.  She asked a very interesting question about why there is no new american revolution?  Why no one is doing something? Why are the collective (large majority of people) allowing themselves to be taken advantage of?
Remember that quantity does matter.  There is more of you (majority) and there's only a very tiny fraction of the minority who is controlling everything.  If people are united; then the people will be a strong force to be reckoned with.  But there's got to be a peaceful way without resorting to violence.

Joanne writes:

When will the American people take a stand against tyranny and loss of rights? There must come a time when a line will be crossed and folks will have to decide what to do to stop the loss of rights and freedoms...the cruelty and indignity and injustices that many of us are being subjected to.

What will it take....our healthy children being dragged from our homes to be used for organ transplants? The horror revealed recently relevant to the fetal organs being taken and the Planned Parenthood scandal is bad enough.

Will seeing our grams/gramps being hauled off because they are too old or sickly or not always handling their money properly gonna wake us up? Having them killed because they own guns? Maybe seeing a cherished neighbor/friend being taken away for simply not saying or doing something according to PC mandates or for having the wrong flag or signage in their yard will get them imprisoned/killed.

Having our kids forced to fight wars or forced to take EVERY new med and vaccines that are fast tracked and experimental and watching them get sick and/or die....will that do it? Will giving up our guns really appease the govt. and make us safer. What pension/bank account or SS payment will be "held hostage" next when we do not comply to some new rule or reg.

There has to be a tipping point sometime/somewhere. How many loved ones have to have their lives affected, ruined, ended, endangered before we say "enough" and figure a way out of this quagmire of destruction...ruination of our rights and freedoms and health and money and property and more. Things have gone too far for too long.

I just hope there is a solution and it isn't too late for good people before we lose everything...our hearts/minds/souls/happiness liberties/lives.

Blessings to one and all. There is a dire need to push away from the tv and try and figure this mess out. Will the divide and conquer plans TPTB put forth win out? Will the media distractions and fighting amongst each other be the rule and not the exception?

We, as a people...citizens, need to come together and stop the madness. Things have gone past the "Twilight Zone" stage and we have to get back what we have lost...get back to the basics and regain our humanity and sanity. Mans technology HAS far exceeded his humanity. Enough is enough!

Thanx and much love.

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