Sunday, August 23, 2015

African Continent Site of the First Galactic Landing

If all goes well according to the Galactic plans, the continent of Africa will be the first location where the first batch of Galactics will land 'en masse' on Earth.  As told by some channelers and even by Zorra that Africa will be the first recipient of the official landings of the Galactics today in our time and age.

And based on this recent message from Ashtar dated yesterday August 22, 2015 indicating that some of them are indeed gearing up getting ready for the Mass Landing and that of course would include uncloaking their crafts which are just outside the solar system.  

The first Galactic team that will land are the so called: "Healing Team".  It comprised mostly of the Arcturians and some of their Galactic friends.  Africa is one of the most unfortunate regions of the world as they were ravaged by diseases that were unleashed to their society/environment by the secret governments of the world.  Recent revelations disclosed that most of the worlds diseases were actually created in a laboratory and was designed to subdue the world and bring profits to the pharmaceutical companies which are also owned by the elites. 

The Landings will bring the much needed medical mission and heal / cure the people of Africa of all kinds of ailments they have for FREE.  

According to the Galactics that they intend to land between 7 to 10 days after the official public announcements of their presence.  The one who might do the official announcement could be no other than the Pope himself.  And he might be doing that next month.  Unknown to most people, the Vatican holds a lot of records about ancient UFOs and ET visitations that actually landed and communicated to people.  They have a space observatory (Space Telescope) right on the mountains of Colorado.  And they have been observing the skies meticulously for a long time.   

Although, majority of the prophecies of the bible had been re-directed and or re-routed as the course of the worlds timeline had been averted and therefore it becomes null and void.  But still some or just a tiny few of the ancient prophecies are still valid.  Take for example, the prophecy in the Old Testament bible about the last days mentioning Syria and Libya.  Although, the circumstances that was mentioned in the book was slightly different but nevertheless the prophecy still somewhat accurate in the sense that we are indeed in the last days transitioning into a New Age.  And end of the age scenarios in the bible mentioned that something about Syria and Libya and that prophecy was indeed spot on!  As its actually happening before our very eyes.  

Now, what we can EXPECT in the near future is that there will be some initial Open Galactic Landings that will eventually commence.  Remember what was said in the book of Daniel that Ships from the North and South will converge  somehow in the regions of the Mediterranean Sea (southern Europe) and eventually in the Middle East. Folks, those ships that were mentioned in the book of Daniel are spaceships of the Galactic Federation of Light.  The month of June and July this year we saw the unprecedented "Crop Circles" in Europe mainly in England, Germany and even Italy.  And all those crop circles are all pointing to a possible landings of spaceships of the Federation.   

Just like the "Cloud of the Lord" that appeared on Mt. Sinai was a spaceship camouflaged with a cloud covering. The same thing with the Star of Bethlehem that appeared brightly in the skies; it was indeed a mobile spaceship that guided the Wise Men towards Bethlehem for them to offer gifts to the baby as Sananda incarnate that became Jesus.  And in the same manner the cloud that hovered above Jesus during the Mt. of Transfiguration was also a Galactic ship including the cloud that received Jesus was a SpaceShip during his farewell bodily ascension, camouflaged with a cloud covering. 

It's ALL finally concluding.  The Age of Pisces is over and done since December 21, 2012.  We are now into overtime, and they are using this intervening time to make the finishing touches like adding icing on the cake (so to speak) to prepare for the complete make over.   

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