Sunday, August 23, 2015

Ashtar: The Freedom of All Freedom ASCENSION - August 22,2015


The Freedom of All Freedom


August 22, 2015
9:22 PM Mountain

Transcribed through Pallas Athena

Greetings Family,

We are soo excited, we can hardly contain ourselves from letting you know, by giving another message.

This is the most joyous time of all times for you all on Planet Earth.

We can see and are watching from up here and seeing your world as the beautiful Blue Planet. There is a golden white light surrounding her, as bright as the noon day sun. She is glowing, like a big smile so to speak, with happiness.  She knows she has come to the end of her journey and is taking her children  with her!

This Wave, that is now sweeping through Planet Earth and you, is cleansing both of you. This Wave of energy is Love and will soon be reaching its peak; and when it does, you shall then be completely into your Light Bodies. This extra Light, coming from the great Central Sun, is your Creator, showering His love on all on Earth and your Solar System and beyond. You have come back to your Source!!

Dear Ones, we can see that you are changing from the inside out, wouldn't you say?? Haven't you noticed that just in the past couple months of your linear time, you are not the same person??  Remember Master Jesus saying, "Let Your Light so Shine among men?"

Dear Hearts, this is what you are doing and you are glowing and lighting up Gaia so that she is becoming the Star she was meant to be!

Beloved Ones, you are the ones who are completely honoring your mission and the reason you came to Earth. You are  assisting her with your Light of Love and she couldn't have accomplished it without you. You gathered this Light, lifetime after lifetime, to be here at this moment to shine your Light brightly and to help Mother Earth with her Ascension ... did you not??

Dear Ones, now you have earned your stripes and have won the battle... strong and ready for your Ascension, your Freedom, and Glory!!

We say, "Well done, faithful servants!"  With our love, we honor and bow to you,  our brothers and sisters, for a job well done.

We send all our love and shall be with you soon... to walk with you and party and dance and sing, together with our Twin Flames, to build New Earth Again!!

Your Loving Brother,


Thank you Ashtar,

Pallas Athena

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