Saturday, August 15, 2015

Commentary about the Latest Fighter Jets

The news about Americas best fighter jet F-35 didn't perform very well against an older F-16 jets spread so fast.  I think secretly the US Government (the private one) is developing an even more better than F-35 from Lockheed.  This secret aircraft is a hybrid of spacecraft based on ET technology.  And this advance aircraft is already built.  I think that is the aircraft I've seen four times in Dubai back in 2013.  It was so fast that you could barely distinguish the shape of the aircraft.  And it was so silent even when flying very fast.  The US military base in Saudi is only a few miles from Dubai. That is the reason why the US govt. is not bothered by the recent results of the exercises and simulations of air combat using the F-35 against other jets.

The Corporate government of America cannot disclose this otherwise they will lose the technological advantage over other developers.  As other nations will want to copy it.  The technology behind it is one that does not use the conventional/traditional engines coming from Rolls Royce and many others as it uses ZERO point technology.  It means it can go into space and back. And it does not use any fuel.

This technology was confirmed when I heard from some channelers back in the year 2012 that if the Secret Private Government of America went to war against the combined NATO and Russia they will win because they are more advance.  The ability to fly in right angle- able to turn at 90 degrees and the speed is beyond the speed of light.  It can defeat any of the latest aircrafts made by either the Chinese or the Russians as they can out maneuver them in realtime air combat. They are equipped with much better weapons than just bullets and missiles. Further more this secret aircraft can be made as a massive swarm of drones (no pilots) and controlled via computers remotely.  

The goodnews is that the Galactic Federation of Light will not allow them to start World War III and they have successfully contained them eversince.  All of their activities are in full check, strictly monitored.  All of their efforts to bring weapons in space have been thwarted.  The Galactic Federation of Light is present in our solar system since early 90's and has been here eversince.  The GFL is several million times more advance than the powers that be in this world.  They cannot possibly win against them. 

The GFL is here to stay until the creed and the plans of the Company of Heaven including the Prime Creator is accomplished; ushering the New Age for the Earth and its people towards prosperity, peace and joy.


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