Monday, August 17, 2015

Gold on the Rise

The market and demand for gold is steadily increasing despite of the fact that the value is getting lower.  I think most people who are aware of the fractional reserve banking and the synchronized manipulation of prices of currencies, commodities and precious metals (which is becoming very obvious) people are now bracing up for the big time - break away from fiat money production and into something more logically sound; as money backed by precious metals.  

The BRICS and even the Far East countries are stacking up their reserves of gold, preparing for the future.  Not only the nations are doing this but also individuals, businessmen such as:  Billionaire Donald Trump who is now demanding for gold bars instead of cash as payments for his real estate business.  Also Billionaire Stanley Drucknemiller is acquiring more gold.

So while the value of gold is low and continues to get lower - then buy more.  As the saying goes: "Buy when it's low and Sell when it's high".  Now is the best time to invest in gold as the future of currencies will now be valued and rated based on the amount of assets/gold a nation has in reserve.  This means the price of gold will surely quadruple in the future.

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