Monday, August 31, 2015

Hollow Earth Networks Blogtalk Radio Show - August 29, 2015

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Words from Hollow Earth Network:

Zorra thanks Anne for waiving her Ascension, which allows this call. - The forest fires? Our ships can put out the fires, but... you first need to ask! - HAARP has no control over the weather - Wake up Americans: your income taxes go to the crown of england - Where the RV exchanges are happening - What ARE the Pillars of Light seen worldwide? - Who Zorra met with instead of having our call last week - Personal Mentors for all Ambassadors are prepared and ready to take their places in governments - Big changes in Vatican - Queen stepping down - Galactics taking over - Pyramids stop tornadoes - Q & A: Why have the traditional morning and evening bird-song chorus' stopped?? -- RV will first be made public via YouTube - watch - Colored lights in her forehead are? - Exchange for the RV group joined by HEN members is imminent - Protocol for healing others - Rod shares Dr. Robert Morse as a proven and affordable healing resource. - Watch for Zaraya's public radio interview this Wednesday which will be posted - Saryya: You are at a point of experiencing chaos, emotions... a part of your Ascension process. - Healing for all
Telephone Replay: 1 857-957-1119 + 439724# Ref #126

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